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Top 7 Caribbean Islands you need to visit

Serenity, scuba, sports activities and sensational food-the insanely gorgeous Caribbean isles hardly miss out on anything to welcome their guests! Whether you are a bask-in-the-white-beach-sun kind of a traveller, or someone seeking some spine-tickling biking and diving activities; whether you wander for food, or simply to escape your tedious monotony- there is something for every type in the Caribbean. Choose the secluded beaches if you are looking for quiet and calm escape or try the more popular ones to bask under the glimmering sun with fellow travellers. Your options for an ideal vacation will surely outrun the length of your holiday!

So, if you are already jumping on your couch with excitement, buckle up! We bring you the top 7 Caribbean Islands that you need to consider for your next travel plan:

1. Barbados

This predominantly English speaking, neat and clean medium sized atoll is perched on the edge of the Atlantic. Unarguably the most multi-faceted Caribbean isle, Barbados is a hot favourite among Americans. Offering a multitude of accommodations and activities, it caters to all kinds of pocket sizes, diverse landscapes and cultural scenarios. Stroll around the vibrant city of Bridgetown or unwind the Harrison’s cave, the interiors of the island are as intriguing as the surrounding, quiet areas that offer sandy beaches, verdant golf courses and palatial resorts. Dance to the thrum of a Calypso song or indulge in the party-loving culture, Barbados is equal parts sporty and revelling.

2. Aruba

This one’s an absolute no-brainer. An endless ribbon of beaches frilled with the top-notch resorts that flaunt malls, family eateries and bars in the back yard define all things Aruban! With a wide assortment of casinos and nightclubs that parallelly cater to kids-friendly accommodations, Aruba qualifies to be the best Caribbean Island for all kinds of tourist-groups. Less forest-like and more on the desert side, this isle has an offbeat appearance compared to its other Caribbean counterparts. The Arikok National Park, covering almost 20% of the atoll’s landscape, offers lovely cacti-filled scenes to be unravelled. Lying outside the region’s hurricane belt, Aruba is equal parts safe and fun. The isle’s main town Oranjestad is chockfull with shops, landmarks and pastel landscapes, perfectly circumscribed in the quaint and gorgeous, and secluded beaches around.

3. Anguilla

Most famous for its white sand beaches, with over 30 to pick from, Anguilla is tiny enough to be unravelled in a short holiday. People seeking a peaceful and less touristy Caribbean respite are almost regular customers to the luxury resorts here. Rent a luxury villa and indulge in absolute decadence. The local culture is quite alluring, as is the stimulating nightlife. Lying north of the dual nation St. Martin, the food here is absolutely delicious. If you are a Grilled Lobster fan, don’t miss a visit to the Palm Grove, a seaside shack nestled in the crescents of Junk Hole Bay. Overall, this is the ideal place to stop, smell the roses and unwind.

4. British Virgin Islands

A rather less developed and more serene version of the US Virgin Islands, with over 60 tiny isles and more than 200 activities to try, British Virgin Islands define opulence in its most flamboyant form. Sprawling expansions of resorts, villas and restaurants invite all those heavy pockets who are seeking opportunities to rent a Catamaran and sail away. The calm easterly winds and changing tides on the mountainous cliffs and sugar white beaches on Tortola are surely worth an experience! Then there are The Baths on Virgin Gorda, the most picturesque shore here. For the ultimate seclusion, try Anegada, where sparkling sand lies on a flat terrain, taking life at the slowest pace.

5. Dominican Republic

This gigantic country with a dominant Hispanic culture offers everything from world class resorts on the finest of southern beaches to the sleepy beach towns in the northern side. The rugged cliffs and swaying palms of Los Haitises in the east to the old mineshafts and dust-filled trailheads of Siera de Bahoruco in the West, from surfing sessions in Puerto Planta in the North to the cultural overdose at San Doming in the south, DR (like they all say) can take up more than one vacation to be fully explored. The isle’s inland areas are mostly untrammelled, and house Caribbean’s 4 out of 5 forbidden peaks. Then there is too much of colonial era history to unwind too, for which you need to head down to Santo Domingo. Water activities are infinite, offering everything from windsurfing to scuba diving and more! DR boasts a perfect family/friends/couple vacation spot with all things touristy. Talk about the isle’s nightlife, the gorgeous beaches, fancy resorts, bank breaking shopping avenues or impeccable food- you will simply love this land!

6. Bahamas

This sprawling island nation is consists of 700 tiny atolls and thousands of cays, hardly at a distance of 60 miles from Florida. Spread out beautifully between the beaches of northern Cuba and the coastal reaches of the US, the place is mostly inhabited by the rich and famous, who have settled their yachts between the coves of New Providence and the beachfront villas at Paradise Island. Bahamas is host to every travel type, be it the ecotourists flocking to the reefs of Grand Bahama, the sports fishers and divers heading straight to the gorgeous coral gardens of Bimini or beach hunters looking for those isolated inlets at Long Island.

7. Cayman Islands

The most appropriate Caribbean getaway for all kinds of travellers, adventurous or touristy, Cayman Islands is a conglomeration of three isles- Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The first one, being the largest, has a cosmopolitan vibe to it, welcoming its guests with an array of shopping plazas, gourmet restros and the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach. With well secluded all-inclusive luxury resorts, this isle welcomes all those who wish to maintain a distance from the cruise crowds. Brac is mostly about fantastically serene trails and a vast number of diving sights. Then our cute Little Cayman offers unscathed, uncrowded beaches and that immensely large wall dive called the Bloody Bay Wall. Honeymooners hike up to the 200-year-old Mastic Trail while parents swing their kids to an interactive swim at the Stingray City.

Versatile, vivacious and winsome- the plethora of activities and leisure the Caribbean islands provide is absolutely unmatched to any other! So, whether you are heading for a laid-back vacay or seek some spine-tickling thrill, try our list of the 7 best Caribbean isles!

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