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Top 50 Food Travel Blogs That Will Leave You Salivating

One Ticket to Food Heaven Please!

Food has the power to bring together people from around the globe. Fan pages, blogs and online communities dedicated to culinary escapades leave us salivating. While travelling in itself is infectious, travelling for delectable food is an unstoppable desire. Gourmets from far and wide are mapping the world one delicacy at a time. Driven by our passion for travel and gastronomical treasures, we went on a hunt for the best travel food bloggers who are living everyone’s ultimate fantasy- globe-hopping to gorge on delicious food. Here’s a roundup of the top 50 food travel blogs you must follow.

Warning: Readers can experience serious #FOMO and hunger pangs ahead!

1. Ayngelina and Dave - A delectable foodie bond

Driven by a love for by travel and food, she and her husband live to eat & travel, travel to live & eat. Today Bacon is Magic is about how a professional chef and professional eater balance their passions of love and travel. Creating a delicious life both at home and abroad and sharing their tips along the way. With the prowess to create an emotional rapport with her followers, Ayngelina is easily one of the most loved bloggers in the food – travel sphere.

Stalk Them: As they slowly build resource pages, culinary travel guides for aspiring culinary travelers and gluttons of all the nitty gritty details.

Follow Angelina and her husband on their trail to gluttony here.

2. Niamh Shields – Eating like a girl, ‘cause why not!

A scientist turned food writer, who adores travel and its stories, learning local recipes, eating out, wandering streets and London adventures. With try at home soul cheering recipes, Niamh guides you to a plethora of trustworthy restaurant and travel related recommendations. What’s more is, she hosts and conducts private cooking classes and tours.

Stalk her: For smart, inspired and realistic writing skills that made her pen down the book, “Comfort & Spice”

Catch her fun, short and easy to cook recipes and adventures here.

3. Amanda – A mother who plans her travels around food

This globe trotter lives to love the taste of amazing food. Her blog is a lens view in her life of all things lifestyle in Marrakech. MarocMama is a guide to an adventurous American dream in Morocco. Her familia and she also take bookings for food tours in Marrakech. Her traditional family recipes, valuable where tos, must dos, best dos, secrets, and listicles from around the world make her visually quirky blog rich and appealing.

Stalk her: As she lives her life vicariously through food.

Follow the Morocmama , MorocBaba , M & K for a peep into their adventures here.

4. Kirbie – From a hobby to a passion

Her blog is a collaboration of her and her husband’s eating adventures. They love to dine out, cook, bake and take food road trips. The blog revolves around food photography, recipe developing, and exploring different cuisines. They share recipes (ranging from healthy meals to easy desserts) and their dining out experiences (in San Diego and from their travels).

Stalk her: Her drool worthy 5 – Minute Mug Cakes and dump cakes from scratch [both of which are published cookbooks] are irresistible.

Find out more about Kirbie’s featured favorites here.

5. Michelle – Her recipes will make you hum with delight

A blog that was born as a self help aid for high – altitude baking, Michelle started out the blog as a record of her attempts, trials and (many) errors, and eventually, her successes. Her meticulously inclusive baker’s notes are immensely helpful through the baking process. Her mammoth of a selection of distinctive recipes by ingredients, gluten – free options, types, flourless options, liquor based, savory items and so on and so forth make the blog extremely resourceful.

Stalk her: To understand the dynamics of baking better, through Michelle’s chemistry of baking!

Follow this hummingbird’s flutter through various travels, eat outs, and much more here.

6. Andi Fisher – Supporter of green initiatives and good meals!

An expert combination of travel, food, French culture, and a fun lifestyle blog, Andi will take you on a roller-coaster ride of deliciousness. A former full-time corporate gal, just completed a yearlong RV trip with her hubby! A gypsy at heart, she is a storyteller, writer and a brand ambassador who loves to play tourist.

Stalk her: Her travels focus on local foods, eatery scenes and how much food she can stuff her mouth with!

Follow her to find out where her adventures take her, here.

7. Jeanne Horak-Druiff- Food forms the backdrop to all the milestones

Once a criminal law practitioner, lecturer; present day freelance recipe developer, freelance writer, travel, wine blogger and photographer, Jeanne’s blog holds a world of delicious food and exciting journeys. The story of what she eats is the story of her life, and you shall find plenty of stories to be amused with on her blog. She believes that food and travel are a family’s extravaganzas. Her detailed restaurant reviews from across London, South Africa, USA, Dubai and Singapore are on point to satisfy any query.

Stalk her: She’s UK’s longest surviving food blog having started in 2004.

Get to know more about Jeanne as she shares her love for food and cooking here.

8. Sara Rosso – Constantly curious and seeking adventures

A creative outlet about cooking, exploring and tasting new specialties, and her travels in Italy as well as around the world (now up to 30 countries)! Ms. Adventures in Italy is an intentional play-on-words between misadventures and a gal who is constantly curious and seeking adventures. She also writes about technical how-tos and information for growing a business on her blog.

Stalk her: As she sends out a monthly newsletter with a mix of tips and links spanning all her “Renaissance woman” interests: technology, business, food, travel, and music.

Check out Sara’s blog for her published book and to follow her misadventures here.

9. Rachelle Lucas – She’ll help you plan your next culinary adventure

If your idea of a fun time is going on a cooking safari in Cape Town, hiking through the rainforest to harvest chocolate in Costa Rica, or dining at the number one restaurant in the world, then Rachelle and her travel buddies have a treat for you. Rachelle’s most prized collection of travel souvenirs are her recipes. The blog recipes also comprises of helpful travel tips and “bites” of information to help you plan your next getaway.

Stalk them: As Rachelle and her husband Pete will tempt your taste buds with globally inspired recipes

If you love travel and food, history and culture, and a bit of outdoor fun too, then you’ve come to the right place, check them out here.

10. Laura Iancu - Travel is a state of mind

Identifying with the travel more, live more phrase, the blog is brimming with tips, tricks, how tos about travelling internationally. The blog finds a dedicated foodies corner section with places from across the world! The accommodation sections find elite hand-picked collection of hotels. The gadgets section is brimming with posts relating to travel friendly utility technology when travelling.

Stalk them: Follow Laura to visually stunning locations, while she tells you about managing travel challenges.

If you are looking for a travel blog for travel addicts, photography lovers & foodies, it’s here.

11. Sabina – The leading lady of her own life

A lover of travel, fashion, food, “Girl vs Globe” is where Sabina shares her eco-friendly lifestyle – from responsible travel tips and sustainable fashion, blogging tips to veggie recipes from all over the world. With a passion for fashion & mood for food, Sabrina dreams of making the whole world her home and the blog is her progress report.

Stalk her: As an advocate of female empowerment, the twenty-something adventurer has already visited over two dozen countries.

Follow the young soul as she discovers the world one expedition at a time, here.

12. Jen – An experimenter by nature

Jen Che worked as a research chemist for years synthesizing new molecules in the lab. At home, she’s always trying new things in the kitchen, exploring fun, new creative ways to cook. She loves eating, and is very willing to travel for good food! Instead of watching TV to relax, Jen processes her pictures, cause she finds it oddly calming! Such is her love for photography! Many of Che’s recipes are step-by-step guides, missing exact measurements and suggesting that readers taste as they go, a little like her mother told her to do.

Stalk her: As Jen’s recipes are adapted from a trusted tome of delectable flavors.

Follow Jen and the chronicles of her Taiwanese traditional takes in her tiny urban kitchen here.

13. Christina Soong - The one with the food memory

For Christina, cooking is all about feeding her family and friends day in and day out. She addresses herself as not a food snob. She blogs about not remembering conversations with people, but always having a memory of what she ate with them. She’s constantly on the pursuit of a delicious life. Her contribution to hundreds of published pieces includes food, dining out, lifestyle, music and the arts.

Stalk her: Her food photography skills won the Gold in the International Book Awards ‘Cookbooks: International’ category.

Follow Christina’s blog if you enjoy eating and drinking well, fossicking around markets and exploring new places, here.

14. Lauren Aloise – The one with the lifelong love affair with food

Food fascinates Lauren because it transcends our simple need for nourishment. For her eating is so much more– it’s family, memories, and comfort. She writes, food is both essential and emotional, and that combination is a beautiful thing. When she realized she belonged nowhere but the food industry, she bought a one way ticket to Spain, to discover the country’s amazing cuisine!

Stalk her: Dive in to her delicious discoveries for everything and anything Spanish and beyond

Follow Lauren for her gastro guides, best bites around the world, culinary travels, here!

15. Billy Law – The one with the online gastronomic journal

Billy’s food blog features best eats in Sydney and around the world with drool-worthy food photography to salivate your appetite. He also throws in a smidgen of travel photography for good measure. Billy is always on the move, exploring cultures, submerging himself in the sights and sounds of the culinary world. Billy has two published cookbooks, “Have You Eaten?” and “Man Food”.

Stalk him: Master Chef Australia alumnus and cookbook author, Billy and his partner ‘The Pom’ will take you on a culinary adventure.

Follow this food dreamer, for his intimate celebration of flavors with his partner here.

16. Sarah McCleary – The one with the thunderbolt of an idea

The blog is an evolution and extension of Sarah’s beloved online dairy of restaurant adventures and shared travel tales, all with a good dose of humor, useful information and beautiful photography. The blog will help you find recipes by some of the world’s most prominent chefs and restaurants.

Stalk her: Her blog will either leave you salivating, or with the desire to get out there and explore our vast and wonderful world.

Get a taste of Sarah’s food feasts that’ll make your tummy rumble, here.

17. Bren Herrera - Pressure-cooking evangelist, she’s owns twelve!

Bren is a private chef, luxe life stylist, a sophisticated world traveler and writer. She makes all things come together in a fashionable form. Cooking, travelling, and Cuban espresso fuel her passion. Her culinary fêtes and global jaunts inspired the launch of her award-winning blog. There she shares her Cuban-themed and Latin fusion recipes mostly taught by her mother, but refined by her interest and work with other chefs; as well as her delicious travels. She officially brought back cooking with pressure cookers and makes it look easy and tasty.

Stalk her: For her take on flamboyant global and fusion cuisines.

Get to know more about this TV personality and cooking instructor here.

18. Edna – You don’t have to be rich to travel

Edna built a traditional career in a non-traditional way while traveling to 15-20 countries a year. She blogs about her passion for sports, travel & work, from a home based of Paris, and all the things she eats along the way. One can usually find her with a camera in one hand and a pint in the other. Currently, adventuring as a freelance writer slash nomad, traveling for as long and as far as her writings will take her.

Stalk her: To live vicariously through her Olympic dreams and hop the world one destination, one bite at a time.

Check out her blog for more of her itchy feet experiences, here.

19. Swah - The dessert loving mad graphic designer

Love Swah is a blog dedicated to life’s pleasures – baking, travel and design. Featuring delicious dessert recipes and baking tips, personalized travel guides for the savvy young traveler and design tutorials, Love Swah is an online hub created to inspire and inform. The blog is a collection of Sarah’s passions in a way to inspire everybody to yearn to travel, eat delicious food and enjoy life to the fullest. Love Swah’s uber chic aesthetics and creative recipes are due to the fact that Sarah is a working graphic designer, something that aids her creativity.

Stalk her: For a shot of positivity, a gorgeous splash of graphics and a sugar hit.

Love Swah is the right place to get inspired, get to know her more here.

20. Cynthia Chew - Prefers eating over cooking

Cynthia, Cyn to her friends, also known as TFP, suffers withdrawal symptoms if she doesn’t eat rice or noodles every few days. This passionate storyteller narrates through her camera lens, travelling and eating. Her blogs feature food photographs, travel stories, food events, markets and family meals.

Stalk her: For this ailurophile’s stomach rumbling feeds

Be forewarned; follow her if you can resist succulent culinary wonders, here.

21. Amber & Eric – Experience the world by sharing unique destinations

Amber’s a recovering tax lawyer, travel writer, social media consultant, speaker, and professional eater. And, she travels with her Husband In Tow (Eric), together as they seek new adventures in food, wine & luxury travel. Together they have covered over 70 countries and counting.

Stalk them: to be inspired to try something new, and to escape the comfort zone.

If you love to eat as much as they do, follow their blog to find the best food stories, here!

22. Revati & Charles - Not your regular travel guide bloggers

The couple hails from Mumbai, India. They’re advertising experts by profession, cooks by passion, and travelers at heart. They believe in travelling close to the ground, not signing up for travel tours, living like locals as far as possible, making detailed plans (and throwing them away when they need to), diving into research, living it up when they can, living it down when they need to, finding rarely visited secrets, experimenting with food, learning a little of the local cuisine and travelling slow.

Stalk them: For new ways of discovering even the most popular and mainstream destinations.

Discover lesser known, interesting things along with the couple on their blog here.

23. Kyspeaks – Dive into Malaysian food adventures

What started off as a way of remembering interests so he didn’t forget them, progressed into a full-fledged blog about his favorite interests ranging from the likes of food, travel, diving and other tit bits he feels would benefit his readers. Ky’s beautiful adventures and drool-worthy pictures will leave you awe struck and itching to take a bite from his adventures.

Stalk him: Just because he’s been adventuring in culinary blogging since 2005.

Follow for his take on Malaysian food, travel, divining and more here.

24. Mayssam Samaha - Food is her OCD

Mayssam’s suitcase and her passport are never tucked away and her wanderlust spirit never satiated.  Having worked as an interior designer, a graphic artist and have even dabbled in catering. She has since then reconnected with her true passions: food and travel. She dreams food, lives food and loves food, all day, every day. From Michelin-starred restaurants across the planet to the latest hole-in-the-wall down the street, she wants to taste it all!

Stalk her: She is travelling the world in search of the next culinary discovery.

Follow her along as she maps out Montreal’s must haves, here.

25. Jessica van Dop DeJesus – The one who chronicles her adventures

A travel media specialist with a focus on food and attainable luxury travel, Jessica began traveling as a young Marine almost 20 years ago and has been to 45 countries on and off duty.   She has fed elephants in Thailand, hugged Koalas in Australia, fished in Dakar, sang schlager songs wearing a Dirndl in Munich, and loved every minute of it.

Stalk her: Because her goal is to find and share efficient travel experiences.

In addition to her travels, she blogs about the local food scene and explores the best attractions the city has to offer, check her out here.

26. Amanda Mclnerney – Encourages local food production and producers

Amanda’s blog’s specific focus is upon food security in general. No matter where she is in the world, Amanda McInerney aims to find the best local food and eat it with locals; her blog is full of recommendations and tips. From Varenna (Italy) to Vancouver and San Francisco to South Australia, she shines a light on some of the best local produce.

Stalk her: Learn how to eat food around the world and get tips to use on your travels and in your kitchen.
Follow her blog for baking, condiments and preservers, desserts, mains, sauces and more, here.

27. Mei & Jo – A Malaysian adventure with C&C

Two thrill seeking, adrenaline hungry travelers always looking out for their next, big adventure. The blog is a compilation of the couple’s personal adventures and experiences throughout the course of their travels, as well everyday lives. For these thrill and flavor seekers, food and culture always go hand in hand.

Stalk her: To enjoy a journey of gastronomy and travel.
Follow their blog for their food escapades, travel tips, product reviews and much more here.

28. Kim & Phil – The street food lovers

Authors of “Food Truck Road Trip: A Cookbook.” Winner, of the Saveur’s Best Culinary Travel Blog, the blog is a personal project born out of their love for food. They frequent food carts and trucks often and wanted to tell stories not just on the amazing dishes people are producing from these mobile kitchens, but the passionate people behind the scenes who made it happen.

Stalk her:For street food stories and delectable food pictures.

Check them out for over 100 authentic recipes, stories, and photos from amazing street food vendors, here.

29. Annette White – The world on her bucket list

Annette is a serial adventurer and passionate about dedicating her life to living her bucket list. She’s eaten insects in Thailand, swam with thousands of jellyfish in Palau, rappelled down a hundred foot waterfall, fed a stingray, kayaked with beluga whales in Manitoba, fed some swimming pigs in the Bahamas, hiked an active volcano in Guatemala and bathed elephants at a rescue in Chiang Rai. When she’s not traveling, she can be found creating delicious food at her Italian restaurant.

Stalk her:To get wow-ed as she ticks off one adventure at a time off her bucket list.

Follow her picture perfect dream adventure here.

30. Katie McGrain – Don’t just see the world, explore it!

Katie is an active traveler, food enthusiast and a trip planning expert. On her blog you will find itineraries, destination guides, food spotlights, activity round ups, and inspiration, all focused around getting active, eating well, and connecting with the local culture.

Stalk her:She wants to help her readers to travel for an experience

Follow her for an adventure that informs and inspires active, authentic and immersive travel around the world, here.

31. Ishay Govender-Ypma - Delving into a fabulous, often complex world

Ishay Govender-Ypma is a South African journalist and writer. Ishay’s blog showcases a world of travel, food and culture as she explores the deeper connections between them. She took the plunge and transitioned from the corporate world as a commercial law attorney towards devoting her time to discovering travels and cultures. Her pages contain images and stories about locals, cuisines, travel guides, and reports about current and topical issues inspired by her interaction with the world. Her blog talks about how food bridges the gap between exploring the unknown and understanding cultural behaviors.

Stalk her: For off -beat but delicious content.

Fuse the connection between food, culture and tradition, by following her blog here.

32. Kristin – Takes multiple pictures of food

This New York native began traveling throughout the US in an effort to eat at and write about every single all-vegan establishment she could find. Eighteen of those early consecutive travel months were spent living out of a renovated sports van. Almost immediately after beginning her journey, Kristin discovered a deep passion for nomadic and unconventional living, and has since chosen to maintain a mobile lifestyle, indefinitely.

Stalk her: This lifestyle strategist will guide you to turn your passion into a profitable career.

Follow her travels and business adventures on her blog here.

33. Natalia – The one who tastes life

Above all, a traveler, Natalia always finds a good culinary reason to visit anywhere in the world. She’s always looking for small gaps among those never-ending professional commitments. Gaps that allow her to “steal” a couple of days and go somewhere for a short break or longer, both in Poland and abroad. Natalia is ever seeking some delicious tastes and getting to know places by their cuisine. 

Stalk her: For her travelling mom Intel on picking destinations, taking and organizing vacations with children tips.

Follow her and her little family as they explore and seek new tastes here.

34. Nelson Carvalheiro - Luxury is through simplicity

Nelson is passionate about people, food and travel. As an engaging storyteller he dedicates his writing, photography to the soul and sense of the locations he visits, the people he meets and the food he tastes. A believer of the notion, that the best way to get to know a city is through an insider. He works on the dream and planning stages of travel, when a traveler is seeking inspiration for his next voyage.

Stalk her: For his ability to be able to be to transmit a sense of the place to the reader.

Follow him for his travel and people moments here.

35. Dave Cole – Jump at any chance to move to a new part of the world

Dave founded Cook Sip Go after practicing law for several years in New York. Always eager to learn about and experience a new place, Dave is passionate about capturing the spirit of new destinations and exploring local cuisines. His posts chronicle his interactions with the local life and cuisines of destinations worldwide.

Stalk her: For his photography that captures a wide range of subjects, from the barren landscapes of Djibouti to portraits of friends made while traveling.

Follow his trail through his current home base – Nairobi, here.

36. Valen Dawson- Let’s go exploring!

Valen’s blog shows you not just where the best places in the world are to eat and drink, but also what foods you shouldn’t miss, the best markets to shop at, and the most interesting stories to go along with it all. Menus are her maps and she’s ready to show you the way.

Stalk her: She’ll give you news of great restaurants, both fine-dining and the hole-in-the-walls.

Follow her for best street foods, amazing recipes and travel advice, here.

37. Janice Leung Hayes- Hong Kong’s food blogging queen

Janice is an independent food writer and social entrepreneur with a deep love for food – its sources, makers, sellers and eaters. She also runs a food sustainability platform. She addresses her blog as her “playground-slash-sandbox”. She also says that her blog includes all the fun-stuff that’s food related.

Stalk her: She launched Tong Chong Street Market, Hong Kong’s food-focused farmers’ market.

Follow her for incredibly specific places to eat lists and other food related fun stuff, here.

38. Lena Tachdjian- Inspired by nutrition

This blog chronicles finding that balance and includes recipes, articles, vegan inspiration, substitution ideas, nutrition tips, reviews and much more! It also features travel stories – mostly because she enjoys writing about being in different and interesting environments, and also because she includes snack and food ideas for activities like hiking, camping, running, and general traveling!

Stalk her: As she finds a fine balance of adapting without compromising, while traveling and being out of the comfort zone.

Follow this Certified Nutritional Practitioner for more healthy and wholesome take on food here.

39. Stanislaus Hans Danial Subianto- Nomadic at heart

For Stanislaus life has been like a box of crayons and he decide to pick his own colors, but always ended up throwing the crayons and picked up the spoon, fork and knife and dug into food! He has been dishing, documenting and publicly published his love for food since October 2012. What started out as hobby is now an obsession.

Stalk her: For his food fetish and interesting journeys.

Follow Jakarta’s beloved food blogger here.

40. Mark Wiens- Connect with people through food

Mark Wiens is a full-time travel eater. Along with delicious, authentic food, restaurant recommendations, his goal is to inspire readers to get out of their comfort zone, set goals, and pursue what they’re most passionate about. He is also an author, blogger and video host. Migrationology is where “people who love to eat and travel” come to experience and get a flavor for delicious food from around the world and from across cultures. He also has a fun YouTube channel you will definitely love.

Stalk her: For information on genuine mouthwatering food from around the globe.
Follow him and his wife on their eating adventures, here.

41. Patti Londre- Traveled to all 50 U.S. states, and all 7 continents

She shares good eats, useful tips, fresh ideas & bucket list travel destinations. She’s enjoyed riding in vintage Chevys in Cuba, bungee jumped in New Zealand, fed sharks in Bora Bora, slid down a glacier in Antarctica, got up close and personal with Sphinx, banged around in a Kenyan safari van, recently drove Historic Route 66 — Chicago to Santa Monica.

Stalk her: During her career, she’s worked for more than a hundred of America’s favorite food brands.

Follow her for the amazing cooking and travel stories, here.

42. Gwen Prastesi- Fills her free time immersed in Travelling

Gwen is a food and travel writer, and coauthor of, where she shares the stories of her international food and travel experiences. She turned to cooking as a way of dealing with the catastrophic events. She mentions on her blog that cooking was therapeutic and medicinal for her and her husband.

Stalk her: For an insight in to the food, travel, and the culinary world.

Follow the Prastesi for the on- going adventures of the food community here.

43. Marie- Food and travel adventurist who mostly bakes

Marie is a food writer and translator, recipe developer, and food stylist. Her blog is for those curious about the why’s and how’s of cooking and baking success. Dishes from around the world are taken apart and their creation is explained in detail, along with helpful pictures and videos. Her goal is to empower food lovers to make these dishes at home. She writes on her blog, one doesn’t have to hop on a plane to enjoy gelato in Rome; one can churn some easily in their own kitchen instead. A firm believer that no dish is too intimidating with the right recipe, tips, and guidance to understand the process.

Stalk her: As this graphic designer turned baker, now a mum, strives to create and make luscious dairy free desserts.

Follow her chronicles on travels, discoveries, and cooking experimentations here.

44. Giulia Mulè- The coffee and brunch queen of London

A global destination blog for all things baking, coffee and travel; combining her passion for food, photography and travel all in one delicious space of the web. Giulia provides curated brunch inspiration for her followers, one tasty post at a time. Expect to see wanderlust-inspiring pictures of cafes and restaurants around the world, from San Sebastian to Brittany. Giulia’s passion for culinary creations sees her leading bespoke recipe creation for global brands to regional favorites.

Stalk her: As she shares each experience in style with wonderful insights to each post.

Follow her blog for bespoke recipe creation for global brands to regional favorites, here.

45. Corinne Mossati and Kevin Burke- Experience amazing food around the world

Gourmantic is an online magazine with a focus on restaurants and bars, spirits and wine, food and travel. The digital magazine appeals to discerning diners and social drinkers, independent travelers, consumers and industry professionals who are interested in quality articles, experience-based reviews and independent recommendations. Gourmantic was founded by Corinne Mossati and Kevin Burke. They also have regular contributors who provide content on behalf of Gourmantic.

Stalk her: They are dedicated to the cocktail culture and the discerning drinker

Follow this lifestyle media space here.

46. Stef- The one wants to make experiences

Stef, a twenty-something globetrotter from Germany started the blog after her immense wanderlust and curiosity for new food, experience and cultures over took her. She blogs to inspire others to overcome their fears, to tell them that to make dreams come true is worth it. She writes that she wants to help these people find a way and give tips on how to be able to travel long-term.

Stalk her: To get long term travel advice through the eyes of a foodie and travel enthusiast.

Follow her for her travel tips and reflections on related topics here.

47. Aleney de Winter- Gallivanting glutton mothering two tiny legends

Travel, food and parenting writer Aleney is a mum to two frequent-flying tiny travelers, son Raffles, 5 and daughter Sugarpuff, 2. She shares her top travel tips and tales of adventure. BoyEatsWorld is all about serving up Aleney’s family experiences as she introduces her children to a world of customs, culture and cuisine with a side order of fun. Whether it’s on an international adventure, a local break, or simply by stepping into another culture through food and community at home, they’re venturing on a gourmet safari for the kindergarten set, in a bid to raise fearless foodies who are happy to taste other ways to live.

Stalk her: For their international escapades – kid style.

Follow the blog recipes, tips and family adventures with a hefty dose of humor, here.

48. Tim & Nat- Culinary storytellers

 The blog aims to provide its readers with tips and inspiration to not “go mad” in the kitchen or on the road. The blog is about their obsession with food, its preparation and consumption. The idea for them is to travel with a chef’s stomach for a compass, and document their findings with a photographer’s eye. The blog will possibly tantalize the readers with some mouth-watering food and inspire them to get off the couch and get into the kitchen or start their own adventure.

Stalk her: For honest food and delightful scenery

Follow them to get an idea of the food adventures they’ve had, here.

49. Tommo & Megsy- Find it, photograph it and then eat it.

Tommo & Megsy are two roaming food and travel photographers & writers with an insatiable passion for seeking out culinary deliciousness. They’ve visited 85+ countries during their quest to find the ultimate food worth traveling for. They have discovered hidden gems, to help you plan your next perfect foodie vacation.

Stalk her: For weird and wonderful foods of the world, degustation meals, food guides, food tours and cooking classes.

Follow them around the globe one eatery at time, here.

50. Daryl & Mindi Hirsch- Your trusted culinary travel influencers

The 2foodtrippers are Daryl and Mindi Hirsch, a married couple globe-trotting one meal at a time. They gave up on the 9 to 5 grind to explore other countries and cultures while eating lots of scrumptious food. Their take on travel is simple- food is one of the best parts of travel, if not the best part. The 2foodtrippers will help you discover the not-to-miss foods to eat when travelling.

Stalk her: To know where to find the best pizza in Italy? Or maybe to know what it’s like to eat at world-famous Mason Bras?

For in-depth take street trucks to Michelin starred restaurants, follow them here.

These were some of the amazing food travel blogs from around the world. We are delighted if our list of food travel blogs left you with an uncontrollable urge to get packing and hop on the first flight to find the best gastronomical havens.

Before you leave, let us know if you enjoyed our round-up of food-based travel blogs? Have a favourite food travel blogger in mind, tell us in the comments.

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