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Every Woman Who Aspires To Travel Should Watch These 5 Travel Movies

These 5 travel movies are just the dose you need to ignite that spark for travel in you

Whether its traveling solo or with a group of friends, for a woman setting out in the wide world as a traveler is still a big surprise for many. Breaking these stereotypes are many women of today who have surpassed, crashed and won over all of the obstacles and have traveled far and wide all around the world.

If you are that woman who loves the idea of traveling but has her mind full of doubts, here are some travels movies which have women as the central character and which help you understand or atleast make you wonder about how beautiful is the world we live in and it’s calling you out loud to be explored.

These 5 travel movies are such that they should be watched by every woman, traveler or not. These empowering travel films of women conquering their fears, healing themselves of the hurt, falling in love with life through travel are awe inspiring. Let’s have a look at these cinematic marvels.

1. Wild (2014)

Wild deserves to be on number one in this list. If you have watched ‘Into the Wild’ and have loved the film, then you will absolutely love Wild. As the name suggests, Cheryl played by Reese Witherspoon, sets out on a journey in the wild which changes her life forever. Divorced by her husband and not able to bear the emotional pain, she finds solace in travel. Cheryl sets out on one of the most difficult trails in USA; The Pacific Crest Trail. This film of self discovery through travel is one of the most soul stirring film ever made in the genre of travel movies.

2. Tracks (2013)

“Dear Sir, I am planning to walk across the Australian Desert from Alice Spring to the Indian Ocean, a distance of two thousand miles. When people ask me why I am doing it, my usual answer is , Why not?”

Tracks is a cinematic spectacle. Based on a true story, this film traces Robyn Davidson’s steps throughout the Australian desert where she is accompanied just by her dog and four camels. The film is a roller coaster of ups and downs which Robyn faces during her journey. Does Robyn find the solitude she is looking for, walking alone for nine long months through the desert?  See the film to know more.

3. Eat Pray Love (2010)

Before Cheryl hit the screens on TV, there was Julia Roberts as  Elizabeth Gilbert. Eat, Pray, Love is based on the book which goes by the same name and is a heart wrenching yet inspiring memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth’s quest to find everything, discover herself through travel is one tale you should definitely see. This travel movie takes you through some incredible locations which will make you book your flight right away. Follow Liz’s eye opening and spiritual travels through Italy, India and Bali and watch how her life changes for good.

4. Roman Holiday (1953)

If you have not watched Audrey Hepburn being her stunning self of all times, then this movie is one which you should see right away. Audrey Hepburn plays a princess bored with her royal life and who wants to breathe in some fresh air just like a normal human sans the tag of being a royal. As Princess Anne sets out on her own to explore Rome with a news reporter, a flurry of adventures unfold in this black and white classic film of all times. Roman Holiday is a rom-com just for the days when you would love to chill and relax with a tub of popcorn watching a film at home.

5. Queen (2013)

When it comes to travel movies with female characters, the list will always be incomplete if it doesn’t have Queen in it. Rani is a character many indian girls would relate to. A shy, reluctant and a doting 24 year old girl, about to get married. When her fiance calls of the wedding she decides to go on her honeymoon alone. As she takes a brave step of traveling solo for the first time in her guarded life, her travels make her an upbeat, chirpy and a confident woman , ready to face the world with all her might. The film is pleasing to the eye with stunning shots of Europe and obviously Mish Boyko 😉


So girls, sit with your homies and watch all these beautiful films and I am sure a trip will be in the making soon.

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