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Top 5 National Parks in USA

National parks are every adventurer’s calling. Right amidst raw wilderness, you can experience nature in its most basic, virgin form. America, the king of National Parks (58 in total!), knows exactly how to pull the crowds and showcase its divine, godly allure to the visitors.

However, choosing the most ineludible ones of these can be a bit overwhelming. While most of you would have the Grand Canyon National Park and Yosemites on your bucket list, try some of these lesser known natural wonders too that aren’t exactly clogged with selfie-snapping travelers.

So hit the top 5 National Parks in USA- a few classic favorites and some secret gems; just the way it should be:

1. Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite, the one housing the toughest rock climb across the planet, is all about hanging valleys, giant sequoia groves, granite domes and intense u-shaped valleys that grants this park the international illustration for glacier preservation. Featuring the most spectacular glacier-hewn valleys, this National Park has most righteously been rewarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site status. This mile wide and 7-mile-long canyon was cut by a river and deepened by a glacier action.

With over 13 camping grounds, Yosemite can accommodate large groups all at once. For the most memorable view, reach the El Capitan meadow along the Northside Drive to get a picture perfect close up view of the El Capitan.

2. Glacier National Park, Wyoming

A pure hiker’s paradise, Glacier National Park lets you unravel 700 miles of trails into wilderness, one that is abounding with alpine meadows, dense forests and pristine lakes. The ancient hemlock rainforest can be unwound with a 400m broad-walk, this Park is euphemized as the ‘Backbone of the World’ and ‘The Shining mountains’ by Native Americans. And the park’s two mountain ranges feature the most active avalanche areas across the States. Sprawling over a million acres across Montana, Glacier’s Going-To-the-Sun Road stands out as one of the most gorgeous drives around the globe.

All in all, is the most postcard-perfect views of glaciers and alpine lakes are your affinity, then Glacier National Park is impossible to be overlooked!

3. Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska

Mt. McKinley, the centerpiece of Denali National Park and the tallest peak in North America brings it the accolade of ‘The Great One’. The diverse wildlife encountered here is unmatched, talk about grizzlies feeding on berries, white sheep grazing on the grounds or eagles far up above. Herds of Giant Caribou, parried Dogs, Red Foxes, even Wolves can be spotted easily on main hiking trails. As you go farther into the trails, you will find the subarctic lane opening up as endlessly as the sky, with the wild ones roaming casually here n there. The unobtrusive campgrounds can rent in hundreds of campers all at once.

Denali is all things divine and unfathomed! You will always fall short of time when in this area of the continent.

4. Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Those seeking an eerie, almost scary traverse into extreme wilderness should head on to this one. Home to the longest Cave System on Earth, Mammoth Cave National Park is a 400-mile subterranean passageway that’s still on its journey of exploration. A permanent residence to thousands of bats that are now endangered, this park shall remind you of The Mummy!

Taking a Walking Tour over the stairs and walkways built for the tourists is one experience. But if you are up for some more spine-chilling thrill, try its 6 hour Wild Cave Tour, an experience that lets you trek, climb and squeeze into the caves’ untamed sections!

5. Olympic National Park, Washington

The undeniable magic of this million-acre park offers raw, pristine wilderness that commences from the Pacific Coastline and stretches up to the Glacier capped peaks of the Olympic Mountains. Rewarded as an International Biosphere Reserve and a World Heritage site, Olympic doesn’t have a single road in 955 of its area! Containing three distinct ecosystems- Subalpine forest, Temperate Rainforest and wildflower meadow, the rugged pacific shore of this park is downright exhilarating. Regarded as the Gift by the Sea, Olympics have embedded many marine fossils in its mountain summits. However, wildlife seekers may not exactly like it here, as you hardly encounter any grizzlies, mountain lions or lynx in this region.

So if you are all set with your rucksack and adrenaline, hit these National Parks for a tete-a-tete with pure, divine nature.

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