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Top 5 Doughnut Shops In Canada Which Are Absolutely Drool-Worthy

Eating doughnuts at these top 5 shops in Canada is a delightful experience for a foodie

Canadians are the greatest doughnut lovers. Proof? They have the most number of doughnut shops per capita than any other country on Earth! And why not? This giant ring of absolute bliss has practically revolutionized the world of desserts across planets! Considered as the unofficial national food by the maple leaf people, Tim Hortons makes sure its people outrun everyone in eating doughnuts! And for the same, it has outlets in every corner you see, even Nunavut.

So whether you are up for some crazy flavored experiment, or it is the good old cinnamon-sugar that does the trick for you, try these top 5 doughnut shops in Canada:

1. Suzy Q Doughnuts, Ottawa

Not that old school like others on the list, Suzy Q has managed to stand tall, unbeaten, in Ottawa! Honoring the old Finnish authentic recipe of the Sugar Munkki, the store experiments with unique flavors all the time.

Classic combos such as Cookies n’ Cream, Maple Bacon, London Fog, Dirty Chocolate and Salty Caramel have managed to steal the show in Ottawa’s burgeoning food scene. Then there are seasonal decadents like Mango Lassi, Blue Vanilla Fruit Loop, Bumbleberry and Raspberry Lemonade too.

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2. Lucky’s Doughnuts, Vancouver

No shortcuts, no frozen preparations, at Lucky’s, you get the original, unharmed and traditionally prepped donuts. Debuted recently in 2012, the idea was to keep it simple; serve delicious donuts with a cup of searing coffee. A constant brainstorming of getting new flavors, Lucky’s is always found working on its ever-evolving donut menu.

Creative flavors such as Earl Grey, Lavender and Cold Brew Cruller, Crème Brulee, the naturally leavened Sour Cream Doughnut and of course the legendary Coconut Bismarck make this store stand out of the ordinary.

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3. Oh Doughnuts, Winnipeg

This ghastly popular store in Winnipeg uses all kinds of local, organic and Fair Trade ingredients, taking all in all 4 hours to prepare these mouth watering delicacies. They call themselves a labor of love, and believe in selling out every day, so nothing goes waste. Their classic bestsellers like Lemon Curd, Boston Cream and Chocolate Dip stand out as the best gourmet donuts in Winnipeg. In fact, their offbeat flavors like Pecan Pie with maple whiskey glaze and Lemon Meringue give these giant rings an entirely unique zing.

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4. Jelly Modern Doughnuts, Calgary

Canada’s authentic donut bakery café, these deep fried goodies hailing from Canada can pretty much take your breath away! What sets it apart from other counterparts is that Jelly Modern believes in prepping organic donuts with all the locally sourced ingredients. The infinite, delicious variety of flavors and toppings tempt even the non-sweet palates.

The hand dipped Nenshi’s Salted Caramel, named after the city’s eminent Mayor, is the one this store is most frequented for. Then there is the Peanut Butter Cup, the one decorated with chocolate ganache, peanut cream filling and topped with salted peanuts. Others high up the charts include Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and The Jelly Bear, the two novelty flavors even your little ones will love.

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5. Von Doughnuts, Toronto

Ever thought you could get drunk off of these fried delicacies? Well, Von Doughnuts brings the Wine-o all the boozy offerings, from its mulled wine glaze and red wine pear jam, to the Grand Marnier with pistachio crumble and orange butter-cream. And since you are in Canada, the Sappy Pig is topped not just with bacon, but with peanut butter and maple too! The donut gurus working here make everything from scratch, be it fillings, icings, custards or jams. And for health conscious folks, there is a whole range of trans-fat free; so go indulge!

The rotating daily menu brings you countless original flavors, including everything from Malt Vinegar to Blueberry Lime. Make sure you don’t miss out on Sangria, the ideal summer donut with a White Wine Glaze and Strawberry jam.

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With so much to explore, we bet you cannot make it through without drooling!

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