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Top 5 destinations to view the Northern Lights in North America

Enchanting, Stunning, Magical- there aren’t enough words to describe the Northern Lights. Also known as Aurora Borealis, it is a natural phenomenon in which light from the sun, when enters Earth’s atmosphere, disperses into the charged particles of vibrant colours- green, blue, purple, maroon. Etc, hues that shine and shimmer in the sky like a blanket of lights! Surreal isn’t it!

This picturesque beauty is a site not to be missed. Although chances of experiencing this phenomenon increase while going further north, there are many places in the upper region from where Northern Lights can be seen. So here top five destinations to view the Northern Lights in North America:

1. Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

Built back in 1917, this untouched National Park is a favourite destination for hikers, campers and trekkers because of its open fields, beautiful wildlife and mountains. Glaciers, mountain peaks and spruce forests residing here can be eerily cold and snowy between October and March. Due to the lack of light, it is the best place to see Aurora in U.S. Best time to visit the place is fall and August, but the place loads with visitors throughout the year. With a single road running throughout the park, all adventures like hiking, snowshoeing and snowmobiling are done in the same vicinity.

2. Aroostook National Wildlife Refuge, Maine

The sparsely populated area of Aroostook is a great place to catch a glimpse of these amazing lights. Spring and fall is the best as the magnetic activity is the strongest. Camping, cross country skiing, canoeing, kayaking and hiking in this land are some great outing experiences for thrill seekers. Comprising of grasslands, wetlands and forest, it is home to many mammals like bear and moose.

3. Idaho Panhandle National Forest, Idaho

Pristine waters, unscathed wilderness and incredible fishing experience make Idaho Panhandle more than a place worth exploring! The forest has something that makes viewing the lights from here even more amazing i.e. Priest Lake. During winters, the lights cast a reflection in the lake, provided a mirrored perspective of this Light show. It is a great place for photography due to mountainous background against the lake. With an extensive range of wildlife at display such as moose, raccoons, grizzle bear, coyote, black bear, black deer, bobcats, river otters and a lot more- you could spend all your time capturing nature in your shutter.

4. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

The most northern part of U.S., Michigan’s upper peninsula extends to Lake Superior, the largest lake of North America. Marquette Port and Keweenaw Peninsula are the best places to view the light show. Then again, the residents can see it even from their homes. The lights here reflect off Lake Superior to create amazing mirrored shows of the light. With unmatched attractions to explore, the Upper Peninsula lets you unwind the depths of a shipwreck, climb atop a light house or maybe shower under the roaring waterfalls. For extreme challengers, there’s ice sailing, ice climbing and snow biking.

5. Cook County, Minnesota

To have an ultimate trip up north, head to Minnesota! Along the shores of Lake Superior is Cook County, one that offers plenty of open spaces to watch the spectacular northern lights. This is also the home to Minnesota’s tallest mountains peaks and highest waterfall, both providing stunning backdrops for the lights of a multicoloured sky. Northern location and dark skies during late fall and early spring give Cook County an ideal setting for this divine experience. Other than that, there’s a whole world to explore here! No matter what time of the year you hit the place, the place offers you everything from agate hunting to zip-lining. For social animals, there’s music, dance and shopping!

The Aurora Borealis is an amazing visual gift to be seen and be dazzled with nature’s beauty and glory. Visiting these destinations will offer you a hell of trip.

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