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Top 5 Destinations for Solo Male Travelers

We know boys are always on a lookout for a quick escape; a getaway from mundane work and familiar faces. Imagine waking up in a new city, to a flavour of coffee you haven’t tried before, setting a pace for yourself, without having to wait for anybody else. Perfect, right?

We have a cluster of places that can help you break away from the mundane as explore life as it should.

1. Berlin, Germany

For beer guzzlers with an artsy inclination

Berlin is the nucleus of art, architecture, history and sophistication. The backdrop of the second World War setting a mood of the prime destinations of the city, there’s no way in which you can miss out on the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island and Charlottenburg Palace. Germany is said to be the birthplace of lager. So for all the beer-lovers urging to go for solo trip, you’ve found your perfect match. If your trip includes a weekend, make sure you spend your Sunday at Neue Heimat, a spot that is infused with street food, art and music.

Berlin the best place for male solo trip specially for beer lovers

2. Dublin, Ireland

For bag-packers who revel the silence in a crowd

If you’re yearning for isolation coupled with a desire to make Irish friends, Dublin is the city which will tick all your solo travel checkboxes. Ranging from a rich medieval architecture found in the cathedrals, churches and castles, to the adventure haven for adrenaline junkies, Dublin offers more than you can imagine. You can start with a pint of Irish beer and then gradually move across the modest diners and classic pubs. The Temple Bar is the hub of the city’s sprightly nightlife. To boost your excitement further, Dublin serves as a fantastic city break with its adventure sports like rafting, kite surfing and wakeboarding.

Dublin is the city which will tick all your male solo travel checkboxes

3. Lhasa, Tibet

For restless souls wandering in search of a spiritual release

Within the valleys of the mighty snow-laden Himalayan ranges lies Lhasa. As you may have already seen in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Tibet exemplifies paradise. Travelers whose idea of an escapade is to feel your heart thump in the silence of mountains, Lhasa is where you should be. With Buddhism being the dominant way of life, your thirst for inner peace will be satiated in ancient structures like the Sera Monastery, Ramoche Temple and Drepung Monastery. As you surround yourself with chilly breezes and tranquil stories, you may also opt for exploring Tibet on two wheels. Lhasa attracts many motorcycling tours that elevate the magic of this high altitudinal city. Also know as the Roof of the World, Tibet’s silent charm won’t disappoint.

Lahsa, an ideal place for male solo travellers

4. San José, Costa Rica

For vacationists looking for urban expeditions

The capital city is beyond just a crowded metropolitan making its way out of traffic jams amidst clichéd concrete structures. The city intertwines adventure and architecture so seamlessly, that you’ll often find yourself shuttling between there extremities. While you’re busy flyboarding on the Grant Lake or traveling to the Arsenal Volcano trying extreme sky adventures, you might also find yourself gawking at the marvels of European-inspired architecture. As you wander around the National Museum of Costa Rica and National Theatre of Costa Rica, don’t forget to grab a bite of their national dish, Gallo Pinto. If you’re the kind who thrives on an electrifying nightlife, San José is definitely a spot for you to dance the night away.

If you’re the kind of solo male traveller who thrives on an electrifying nightlife, San José is definitely a spot for you

5. Alaska, USA

For travelers waiting to unleash their fearless side

Alaska urges you to take the roads less traveled. The vibes of the north-western extremity of America, will propel you to embrace adventures not just in sports, but also in life. A scarce human population in contrast with an abundant wildlife makes Alaska one of the most sought-after destinations for solo travelers. The seclusion of this landmass adds to its bewildering nature. All you have to do is get a bag-pack, stuff it with warm clothes and embark upon a journey which will change your life. You can enrol with a trekking company and conquer the Alaskan mountains. If you’re in the mood to splurge, board an Alaskan cruise for an awe-inspiring experience. Like the travels of Chris McCandless in Into The Wild, Alaska will help you achieve newer depths of your being. Additionally, you can try fishing, hiking and whale-watching in Seward, or astound yourself with the volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands that form a part of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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