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Top 5 cruises in Europe by Taxidio

Sailing on a ship and exploring the infinite seas has been a childhood dream of many. Those eye-patched pirates and legless Vikings made us dream of the one important need of life in their legends, Freedom. Infinite blue skies and the voice roaring waves can titillate anyone. But the forthcomings of adulthood take away all the chances of a splendid expedition! Here’s where cruises will melt your heart out. 

Going on a cruise vacation in Europe will surely give you the wings of freedom you’ve always desired. Whether on a family trip, romantic honeymoons or a getaway with friends, cruises etch their memories in your heart forever. European cruises let you explore exquisite cultural diversities, astonishing architecture and the best cuisines of the world. They are the perfect combination of adventure of exploration and comforts of home. So here are top 5 cruises in Europe:

1. Holland America Line

Planning for a leisurely long cruise? Well there’s perfection for those boarding the Holland America Line. A 3-week midsummer cruise, departing from the Mediterranean western Rome, the itinerary of this dreamy wagon includes magnificent cities of Barcelona, Marseille, Florence, Monte Carlo and Palma. It also ticks off many smaller ports like Ajaccio from where you’ll experience the picturesque scenery of Corsica, Cueta, a Spanish enclave at the Morocco coast, along with many more. This cruise ship, Westerdam, has a culinary arts centre that is bound to the tempt foodies! From interiors to the insanely gorgeous deck, everything is beyond luxury on this one!

2. Costa Cruises

The cultural fiesta of Barcelona boasts one of the best cruises known for its fascinating settings of Italian Rivera. Costa Cruise is a 7-night cruise that visits Rome and Marseilles along with the arousing cities of Spezia and Savona. Spezia is known for its marvellous Cinque Terre villages and Savona for fortress of Priamar, dating back to 16th-century. If on a tour filled with exquisite food and wine, how kindling it would be to know the secrets of Cava Vineyards, the art of winemaking! A soothing stroll through the countryside with rich vineyards and admiring Poblet’s Monastery, Spain’s finest preserved Medieval Buildings will lend a new perspective to your travel.

3. MSC Splendida

The best family cruise, it has something for every kind of traveller in your family. Starting from Valencia, this enormous cruise has swimming pools, Tennis and Squash Courts, World Class Gym and even a Running track! A Balinese massage in a Turkish Spa aboard the cruise will channel a new energy in you. With stops at Marseille, Civitacchia-port for Rome, the Sicilian capital of Palermo, Cagliari in Sardinia and Palma, Genoa and Majorca, the cruise has no shortage of surprises. You’ll even experience wild casino parties, evening shows, swirling around in night clubs and multiple dine- ins, sure to satiate the travel quench of all you guys!

4. Oceania

Exquisite gourmet restaurants and vivid vistas are the USP of this cruise. It makes port at the Amalfi Coast and Positan, the two ports with the most dramatic sightseeing spots. While the former coast is adorned with an 11th century Cathedral, the latter has flower-varnished buildings on the mountainside that tumble down to the sea. The incredible coastal view from the hilltop Ravello is a must watch. This food fiesta of a cruise even has a cookery school exclusive for aboard traveller along with many gourmet restaurants. An incredible 11-day voyage, it stops at grand ports like Split, Civitacchia (for Rome), Kotor, Taormina, Marseille and Monte Carlo.

5. Disney Magic

This seven-night voyage from Barcelona calling at Naples is a fun house, not just for children, but the entire family. Going aboard with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters is a dream come true for every little one! It hosts the Marvel Avenger’s Academy for budding superheroes to go on covert operations aboard the ship. Fancy stage shows and fun-filled stops at Nice, Rome, Pompeii and Florence provide room for adults to explore cultural opportunities and go shopping! A family trip like this is perfect for both bonding with your people and relaxing.

Cruises are the only voyage where you’ll get to know various cultures with the feel of being at home. Fascinating colours everywhere, stunning architecture, a chance to bond with people from diverse backgrounds and a tete-a-tete with the sea is like being filmed in the most adventurous movie. So if you plan to be a part of this voyage of freedom and adventure, Bon Voyage!

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