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The Top 5 holiday destinations in Central Europe

Central Europa- a perfect blend of nature and refined architecture, folksy charm and authentic culture- this face of Europe never lets you have enough of it! With each place in the continent having its own aura, the Centre would best be explained by the rustic mountainous vibe captivated in an old word magic.

With various countries exhibiting their own atmosphere of architectural wonders, natural beauty, music and food, that’ll keep you hungry for every ounce of art the places thrown at you, here are the top 5 countries to vacation in Central Europe that’ll entangle your senses:

1. Germany

From beautiful fairy-tale castles to remnants of World War 2, Germany has everything to lure anyone into its glamour. Known best to be visited in Oktoberfest, the land is a slice of heaven for beer lovers. One of the country’s most famous places to enjoy a pint is Hofbräuhaus, the royal brewery in Munich. Other than that, people find solace along the River Rhine, one that flows through a dramatic geological formation called the Rhine Gorge. This region features a spectacular landscape dotted with some 40 medieval castles, picturesque villages and terraced vineyards! Along the river, you’ll find a marvellously fabricated city of Cologne, which has an amazing nightlife with popular attractions like The Cologne Cathedral, a stunning Gothic Church.

2. Italy

Stunning landscapes, trendy fashion and a world class cuisine, Italy is the heart of the right brainers. If you’re a hard-core foodie, Naples is all you need to commence and rest your sojourn. Many Italian foods enjoyed all over the globe originated from here such as pizza, parmigiana and spaghetti. After you are done slurping, go explore the Bay of Naples and Pompeii after a delicious feast, followed by a visit to Italy’s most Romantic destination. Venice, an infinite archipelago of 118 islands that’s built on a lagoon is all about waterways. Analogous to normal city roads, these liquid lanes connect all the parts of city including hundreds of beautiful bridges and scenic canals. Of all the canals, the Grand Canal is most famous

After all this, your Italian vacation would still be incomplete without Rome, a city with a ceaseless network of both historic and modern times. From romantic plazas to magnificent Cathedrals, it has something for everyone’s desires. The Italian Lake District near The Alps has attracted tourists for 100 years, with Garda and Como being the best lakes to visit. And after this magnanimous package, if you’re still left with more stamina and are a Mafia movie Maniac, you shouldn’t miss Sicily, the birth place of many characters. Separated by the Straits of Messina and home to every Great Mediterranean Civilization, rich in Art and History, Sicily offers beautiful architectures like Agrigento’s Valley of Temples and Palermo’s Baroque churches. The city features its highest active volcano of Europe, Mt. Etna.

3. Poland

Having a tragic history in times Of WWII has not killed the Polish spirit. The capital of Poland, Warsaw, was pretty much destroyed during WWII. But the people have rebuilt their jewel into a thriving historical and cultural centre, complete with a restored Old Town. Once known as the “Paris of the North,” travellers of all ages enjoy a visit to the Copernicus Science Centre where hands-on activities are beyond abundant. Krakow, another city with a cinematic importance that has gone from rags to riches has now become the second most important city of Poland. Then there is Poznan, a second home to student travellers. Known as an academic centre and home to Poland’s third largest university, the city hosts many international events, including the Malta International Theatre Festival that takes place every summer. Enjoy a visit to the artificial lake of Malta, home to a ski slope, ice rink, and swimming pools.

4. Switzerland

A country so tiny with a tourism industry nowhere in adherence to its size, Switzerland is one of the most visited places in the world. The top Swiss foods make travelling around the country a regional surprise. One of the most photographed peaks, Mt. Matterhorn is a true wonder to watch due to its pyramid shape. Skiing, cable cars and snowboarding, it’s all fun up there! There’s Chateau de Chillon in Montreux, a delightful castle on the banks of Lake Geneva having a beautiful lakeside and 14th century paintings, subterranean vaults, weaponry and furniture that have been preserved in their original form. Switzerland’s only national park, Swiss National Park in Zernez, is a spectacle to be admired. A total of 21 hiking routes give visitors a chance to glimpse its majestic flora and fauna like the rare golden eagles, chamois, ibexes and marmots.

Going further, the cobblestone streets of Bern bring out the charm of the Capital of Switzerland. Its Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is ornate with sandstone facades, numerous fountains, boutiques, bars and cabaret stages that may be hidden underneath or within vaulted cellars.

5. Austria

Due to similar geographical and cultural heritage, Austria and Czech Republic can easily be covered in one vacation. Vienna is widely considered to be a cultural haven for music, fine art, and architecture lovers from all over the world. Known for the many diverse architectural styles peppered throughout the city, itinerants can expect to find numerous well-preserved examples of Romanesque styled structures. Apart from all this, the city is also celebrated for hosting about 200 balls a year, and a variety of classical music concerts honouring the many famous composers Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, and countless others who once called Vienna home. Salzkamergut, an Austrian resort area surrounded by serene blue lakes, verdant hills, and snow-peaked mountain ranges, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that for over a century, has served as one of the countries prime tourist destinations. Outdoor recreational activities can be enjoyed, including mountaineering, horseback riding, swimming and cycling.

As asserted previously, it is evident that one tour of these beautifully carved European masterpieces is surely going to make an artist of a person. So it’s time to Live Europe, leave Travel for later!

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