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Top 15 places to visit in North America

North America is the land of Hollywood glamour; renowned casino hotels; the birth place of Macintosh products; outrageous and creative culinary concepts; a lengthy and fascinating history; the world’s best engineered theme parks; a multi-layered cultural atmosphere and an endless list of appeals, attractions and happenings that lure tourists in from the farthest corners of the globe.

This continent spreads over an area of little over 9, 50,000 mi² and is encircled by the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Thus, this region provides a tremendous number of exploratory opportunities and entertainment to its guests which often keeps them coming back for more.

Vacationists can meticulously design their itinerary based on the most specific set of preferences, such as traveling with kids or for solely adventure and adrenaline activities, and still have plenty to see and do, worth beyond the amount you intended to spend.

However, the vastness of this region can seem a bit intimidating and confusing when it comes to assembling the perfect holiday for you. Taxidio has put together a carefully selected list of the best places to visit in North America to help you plan your next best holiday.

1. New York

From Wall Street’s high rising building to the neon of Times Square to Central Park’s verdant ways, New York City beats with irrepressible vitality. History meets style in this worldwide center of diversion, finance, media, and fashion. Road life hums round the clock and rushes from one territory onto the next. Manhattan remains the lively center, the first among the Five Boroughs to consume your mind with its palpable energy. Stroll through its long, unending roads and you’ll see a cross-segment of the globe: the excited buzz of Chinatown, the erudite quiet around New York University and Central Park. Obviously, New York is in constant flux, with swanky new inns, eateries, bars, and attractions flying up constantly. Regardless of whether you need to look at the most sultry bars by widely acclaimed mixologists or top-notch shopping labels in the best neighborhoods, we have you secured.

New York’s ability to astonish and enliven visitors never waivers – this is a city which continually rehashes itself, setting patterns which other world cities racket to take after.

San Francisco, top places to visit in North America

2. San Francisco

With its huddled slopes and fantastic narrows, San Francisco astonishes with natural magnificence, energetic neighborhoods, and infectious vitality. From the fashionable Mission District to the cheeky Castro, from clamoring Union Square to the lively Chinatown, this dynamic town blossoms with an assortment of places to entice you. Seemingly the most picturesque, and presumably the most genuinely dynamic city in the USA, it stays consistent with itself; a unique place whose occupants pride themselves on their individuality. It is a surprisingly compact and amiable place, where downtown avenues ascend on outlandish angles to uncover staggering perspectives, and where mist comes in on a minute’s notice to wrap everything in fog. From nourishing comfort delights to Michelin-starred luxurious dining, there are restaurants for every palate. Culture and cocktails, a DJ twin spin or a jazz solo make up the nightlife which provide a fresh approach to having fun in this dazzling city. Be sure to leave some room in your luggage for all the shopping you’ll do.

3. Los Angeles

You can visualize the entire tour to Los Angeles around three chief spots – Hollywood, Disneyland and the beaches. However, there more to see and appreciate as Los Angeles is one of the most diverse and eccentric cities where you can find excitement and horror flicks at the same time and place. There are many curious facts that Los Angeles imbibes as the region will consume you with its diversity and maneuvers.

There are a number of places and marketplaces throughout the city such as El Pueblo, Avila Adobe and Olvera Street. The last is one of the most beautiful places across the city where you can find traces of Mexican grocery stores.

Apart from the popular destinations to visit in Los Angeles, the place is ranked at the number one position for an array of reasons. The Los Angeles port is one of the busiest ports in the entire nation. It has been ranked as the top entertainment city with respect to the number of movies, motion pictures and many more. The Getty is known as the best private museum across the entire globe. The freeway network and the training facilities offered to a range of sports have an extensive base here in the city of Los Angeles.

Most of the people think that Los Angeles is the busiest and hence, the most polluted city across the United States of America. However, there are many environmental protected areas that lead the way through the city. There are more than 520 Energy Star buildings. Moreover, the city ranked number one for the city that has incorporated the highest amount of solar power. The city is mostly known for the best doctors the nation can ever have. If you visit this place, you will be astonished to work upon your schedule multiple times because there are many tourist attractions that will leave you stunned with the beauty that the city withholds. Plus, game centers and a list of the top sports teams can make you go batter over the city for sports.

Los Angeles is a city where you would find a diverse range of multi-cuisine items. Right from street vendors to exquisite restaurants and hotels, you can find the finest accommodation options to live here.

Los Angeles, Hollywood, Disneyland & beaches
Washington, North America. Olympic National Park

4. Washington

A perfect blend of travel and leisure, Washington D. C. is a no-brainer option for spending blissful holidays with family or friends. Fitting the varied tastes of travelers that ride across the city, it is a bounty of many astounding places together. Any traveler who carries a deep appreciation for urban and historic places should take a trip to Washington D. C. Few of the best activities and attractions that will keep every traveler visiting the place often are festivals, concerts, theater, and dance. People who love outdoor activities can find many adventurous activities like backpacking, bicycling, mountain climbing, hiking, sailing, boating, skiing, rafting, downhill skiing, and cross-country skiing.

Some of the most popular destinations of Washington D. C. are Leavenworth, Hood Canal, Mount Baker, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument, Mount Rainier National Park, Puget Sound, Olympic National Park, Spokane, Seattle, Whidbey Island and many more. With so many attractive places to visit while on a tour of the nation’s capital, there would be hardly any second choice to go for after this city.

The knowledge and history that the city reflects add great value to the visitor’s holiday. With a grand collection of museums and artifacts, there aren’t many any other cities that showcase such a rich inheritance. The horrific events that the district has survived are equally noteworthy. Showcasing arts and culture through various shows, plays and enactments have kept the rich line of legacy intact among the residents and tourists.

D.C. being a remarkably small place confines a great breadth of history. Even the Malls are unique in their own style. The strips that can be walked through while visiting the museums, steal the show. The underground galleries are free of charge. The photos of the people who have fought with their lives for the city will stir your heart and leave you feeling proud to understand the sacrifices the city has made to reach to the number one position.

5. Las Vegas

Las Vegas grasps what everybody needs and conveys it in spades. Mega resorts finance their 45-foot bronze lions, Eiffel Tower look-alikes, and towering glass pyramids with the desires and dollars of more than 30 million guests annually. While its eye-popping engineering, extravagant eateries, debauched clubs and dumbfounding shows offer an extraordinary experience, the real crux of a visit to Vegas lies in its gambling. The party capital of the world, the city is a focal point of wantonness and flamboyance. However, there’s a whole other world to the city, separate from the decadent dance club and blackjack tables. Wander far from The Strip, and Vegas has first class exhibitions, heritage centers and a stunning dose of nature and America’s most preferred culinary scene. It is said that the best time to visit Las Vegas is at whatever point you have the most cash to lose. On the other hand climate is not quite a factor, since most individuals invest their time and energy inside lavish casinos and clubs. A Las Vegas getaway perplexes and delights; when you arrive here, leave your inhibitions behind because as they say – “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

Las Vegas, known for casinos, gambling, Eiffel Tower.
Chicago, one of the top 15 places to visit in North America

6. Chicago

Chicago is ranked amongst the top cities in the United States in terms of the population, and with over 2.7 million residents; it is the most populated city in the state of Illinois. It is one of the most famous cities in the United States and the home of the Chicago Bulls. Chicago became a city in 1837 and since then it’s is the epicenter of technology, commerce, industry and finance on an international level.

Chicago is a beautiful place and has many attractions. You can visit it during any part of the year. The Willis Tower, earlier known as Sears Tower is one among the tallest freestanding structures of the world. It is stands at a height of 1400 ft. and has a total of 103 floors.

It is an alpha global city and owns the 7thposition in the world. It has many nicknames, like the ‘Windy City’, ‘Second City’, Chi-Town, the City of Big Shoulders.

Visiting Chicago is a wonderful experience as there is always some exciting events to attend. The Taste of Chicago is a famous festival which celebrates the great variety of cuisines in Chicago. Locals and outsiders get together for this massive food festival of the Midwest.

The Chicago Blues Festival and the Jazz Festival are free music festivals held in summer every year. The Chicago Marathon and the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival are a few other notable events.

You can take an Interior Architecture Tour which is a fun-filled, guided walking tour to explore history, culture and architecture. You can see secret indoor spaces and underground passages too.

For a fun-filled day out with your family, you must visit 360 Chicago, earlier known as John Hancock Center. Here you will find the well-known John Hancock Observatory besides some restaurants and shops.

If you like to explore the ancient cultures, the dinosaurs of Mesozoic Era and rare wildlife visit the Field Museum. To entertain children with educational and interactive exhibits you can go to the Children’s Museum or visit the Science Industry Museum which is an amazing historical museum that has 75 halls, a movie theater, a food court, and hosts more than 2,000 exhibitions.

The Shedd Aquarium has more than 25,000 mammals and fishes, like seals, beluga whales and white-sided dolphins. It hosts a large number of interactive exhibitions, 4D movies, and shows.

7. Toronto

Refined and metropolis, Toronto somehow manages to stay casual, bearable, and fun all at the same time. Canada’s source of amusement and adventure has many wonderful tree-lined avenues in Yorkville that are brimming with prospects of window-shopping and meandering; a large group of autonomous exhibitions in West Queen West with tense works; enormous music celebrations year-round; and a daring, always developing food scene. The city has its fair share of fascinating spots to visit, the most celebrated of them is the CN Tower, which remains alongside the present day position of the SkyDome stadium. The city’s other esteemed attractions commence with the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum. There is a radiant gathering of pottery at the Gardiner Museum. Spare some time for the gorgeous structures of the vivacious St Lawrence neighborhood and the Distillery District. Toronto’s highlights outline diverse aspects of the city, which combine together to portray the city’s complex and evolving personality. The city stays hazy and is too enormous, while evolving constantly, to take into account a fixed identity and this adds to the luring quality of its atmosphere and uniqueness.

Toronto, best place to visit in North America
Calgary, top place to visit in North America

8. Calgary

Getting to Calgary is quite easy considering that Calgary International Airport is serviced by both regional and international airlines at affordable rates. Traveling within the city is economical and convenient due to the availability of extensive public transit services, private shuttles, tour buses, taxis, cars and bike rentals.

Calgary is known for its panoramic landscape and stunning attractions such as parks, museums, towers, rivers and historic sites. There are several museums with contrasting exhibitions ranging from military and aerospace artifacts to art and cultural galleries. Other historical sites such as Fort Calgary Historical Park and Chinatown are exceedingly charming considering their ancient designs, tales and historical significance.

When touring Calgary, prepare to engage in some activities and sports whether indoor or outdoor. The expansive network of nature trails provides a good environment for walking, hiking and cycling. Adventure games such as skyline and escape rooms are a must try activities. Swimming, boating and kayaking are also common sports in the nearby rivers and reservoirs. Be ready to watch hockey, baseball or football matches in the various stadiums and sports venues around Calgary.

Calgary is a famous shopping destination with a lot of malls and shopping centers. The wide network of hotels, restaurants and clubs guarantees you quality and varied cuisines, drinks that combine to result in an unforgettable nightlife. Before you complete your vacation, make a point of visiting professional therapists in one of the many spas within the City to relieve yourself off the fatigue and stress from long days of touring.

9. Vancouver

Settled amidst the North Shore hills and magnificent Pacific coast, Vancouver is a heavenly contrast of urban refinement and wilderness. The majestic mountains, verdant rainforests and sparkling seascapes make the city an open air playground for climbing, skiing, kayaking, cycling, and cruising. A place where you can ski in the morning and sail under the scorching daylight, the city’s Oceanside setting continues to grab the attention of the Alaskan Voyagers. With an influx of more than 9 million tourists every year, Canada’s third-biggest metropolitan territory is dubbed to be the ‘Hollywood of the North’. The top notch shopping, gourmet dishes, green spaces, enticing highlights, diverse neighborhoods, interesting festivals and events, a variety of outdoor activities and not to mention the access to Canadian Rockies makes Vancouver a destination for every type of traveler. Beyond the museums and cultural institutions, and the culinary grub, lie the soaring Coast Mountains, the sparkling shorelines and the emerald Stanley Park, adding sides to this city of many landscapes.

10. Ottawa

Pleased with its capital status, Ottawa is an exuberant cosmopolitan city that is called home by nearly 1 million inhabitants. Though this administrative town is drenched in history, the development of different areas of the city has given its restaurants, boutiques and hotels a modern day magnetism. In this city, French-speaking Gatineau, over the stream in Québec, is lumped together with Ontario’s Ottawa hence, you’ll hear as much French as English. Discover the city’s rich heritage as you explore numerous national sites and iconic landmarks like the infamous Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that turns into the world’s longest skating arena in winter. Here, the cultural attractions like world-class museums, art centers and parliament buildings live in harmony with natural sites like parks, walkways and ski areas, making Ottawa a welcoming and uniquely beautiful city to live in. This city thrives on festivals that commence with Winterlude in February, followed by the Tulip Festival in May and continues up until the summer music festival. A place where farmers markets and trendy shops are the highpoint of the day while the classic pub grubs rule the night, the Capital city of Ottawa is a widely acclaimed city as far as the culinary scene is concerned. Drive by the rivers, canals and nearby hills and experience the essence of what is known to be ‘the Green Capital’.

11. New Orleans

New Orleans, the biggest city of Louisiana is situated along the Mississippi River. It stands as a true example of a melting pot of cultures. New Orleans is the home of jazz, Cajuns cuisine and Mardi Gras. A large number of visitors come to the city chiefly to attend the Mardi Gras. It is the greatest annual event in New Orleans which has parades and different kinds of festivities.

You can visit the French Quarter which is located on a crescent-shaped bend along the Mississippi River. Here the buildings are a few centuries old and carry a significant French influence. They have red tiled roofs, wrought iron balconies, arcades and picturesque fountain decked courtyards. There are a number of jazz spots which offer entertainment, cheerful cafes, well-known restaurants, galleries, souvenir shops and old hotels in the area.

The renowned Preservation Hall is located at The Bourbon Street. The place is even home to the Old Absinthe House (1807). It is a place of great historical significance because Pierre Lafitte and Jean, the guerrilla leaders, along with Andrew Jackson and guerrilla leaders made plans for the decisive battle with the British forces. Visit the Audubon Park which has the Audubon Zoo, the Audubon Golf Club, hothouses, some small lakes, and a lot of open green space.

New Orleans is also known as the ‘The Queen of the South’ or ‘The Big Easy’. New Orleans is also known as ‘The Most Unique’ in the US.

12. Orlando

Including a wide and prolific breadth between the east and west drifts, the majority of Central Florida was a cultivating and farming nation until excursion fever struck the state’s beach front strips. From the 1970s, a disarray of parkway trades, motels and announcements now curve around the sprawling city of Orlando, which invites the greatest number of guests to this city, in comparison to other places in the state. Be it a family holiday, couples getaway, single voyagers or companions plan, you’ll discover an array of things to do at this Theme Park Capital of the World. Offering exceptional encounters for each guest, regardless of whether that implies seven days spent at amusement parks or an end of the week playing golf, an Orlando occasion is whatever you need it to be. The lush green parks and wilderness areas, art and culture spaces, shopping, amusement parks and lively clubs fabricate your ideal ‘to do list’. Spend your days and nights with one of a kind experiences at places like Madame Tussauds, luxurious resorts and entertainment at this power-packed destination that promises to take your vacation higher than ever. Orlando is about urging the individuals to face extreme thrill and entertainment, whether that is Disney, Universal or in the downtown area itself. It is a city inspired by dreams and wonder.

13. Miami

Miami is critically wonderful, with palm trees dancing to the breeze and South Beach’s well known Art Deco structures gleaming in the warm daylight. All things considered, it’s the population and not the atmosphere, the scene or the money that make it so imperative. From Miami Beach to the couture-filled avenues of the Design District, it is a city that stays on the bleeding edge of what’s next. A play area for the world’s pioneers for almost a century, they don’t call it Magic City for no reason. Great Miami is the result of the coming together of multiple destinations. It offers an unparalleled multicultural ordeal including melodic Latin and Caribbean tongues, worldwide foods and cultural occasions, and an unmistakable joie de vivre, all against a wonderful shoreline background. Downtown Miami is a position of sparkling glass and sky-piercing structures, while Little Havana is home to a thriving group of Cuban folks. There is no lack of things to do outside Miami either. On the off chance that the shorelines lose their allure, travel west to the Everglades, a sprawling overflowing wetland which is home to a huge number of wild crocodiles. A Miami outing can offer the nation’s best snorkeling and scuba diving experiences, with a clear window to the marine life and coral reefs, and additionally lavish tropical vegetation in nearby areas like the Coconut Grove.

14. Boston

Boston is one of the most historically opulent cities in the entire country. The city is synonymous with the “Cradle of Liberty” and is packed with a great array of fascinating sites, museums, venues and activities. It is claimed that a chain of events that occurred in this very city initiated the American Revolution which in turn molded the modern day persona of the entire nation.

The vast number of museums strewn across this city carry chapters of details of the many pivotal occurrences throughout their history, such as the Boston Tea Party Museum and ships. Another globally acclaimed site in this city is The Freedom Trail that educates the large numbers of tourists visiting this city about the ancient history of the country. Dazzling bygone structures and gleaming examples of 19thcentury architecture are positioned beside magnificent modern sky-scrapers which expose the city’s pride in the old and willingness to adapt to the new.

Boston is further reputed for holding over 90 of the top-ranking universities in the world, such as Harvard, thus deeming it as one of the leading educational hubs.

Apart from the concrete wonders, vacationists should take the time to visit the many public parks, such as Boston Common, that feature a wide selection of serene and pleasing activities that include swan boating, long relaxed walks through the vivid scenery, bike riding and plenty more.

Holidaymakers should also indulge in the nightlife of Boston that comprises of various theatre acts, colorful and refined bars, raging nightclubs and joyous pubs—depending on your mood and nature of your company. Finally, Boston serves up delectable culinary treats that are representative of the country and can be appreciated by individuals that come from all walks of life including parents and their children, young couples, solo travelers and so on.

15. Seattle

The land of many names, Seattle is a melting pot of diverse cultures and a generous cup of finely brewed, delicious coffee. Situated on the far west of The United States, the city is an assortment of experiences. From encapsulating history in its museums to its celebratory stance as a mecca of technology, exploring the city is resembles time-traveling. Feast on some flavor-packed food, shop at one of the indie boutiques, get a bird’s-eye view of the city from the Space Needle observation deck and watch the famous fishmongers do their tricks at Pike Place Market; there’s never a dull moment here. With a glinting skyline of cloud-piercing buildings lacing the city, your tryst with Seattle will prove to you that you don’t just fall in love with people, you can fall in love with cities too.

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