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Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations of 2019

Pre-weds are a perfect way to capture your loved moments before marriage and etch them in memories forever. Exquisite places, dreamy sequences and your ‘one and only’ with you is an experience of a lifetime, one that perfectly blends theatricality and intimacy in your albums and social media.

It is any day a better idea to be done with your wedding shoots well in advance, so that you are free to attend your family and guests on the D-day. You can just be yourself, dress like a princess or act like a star, and be the runway model of your own love story. So to add some more charm to your portraits, here are the top 10 pre-wedding photoshoot locations of 2019:

1. Water Chapel, Hokkaido, Japan

Want to wed on ice? Hokkaido calls out to you! The northernmost island of Japan is a chapel made purely out of ice. Everything you see or touch- the altar, the pews, even the aisle you walk on is pure, unscathed ice. It is the perfect place for intimate icy photoshoot. You may want to pre-book it, since it is available only for a month’s time; that is when the snow is at its topmost beauty.

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2. Udupi, India

And by that, we specifically mean the gorgeous St. Mary’s Island- a surreal, tiny atoll just a short ferry-ride away from the main beach of Udupi. Transparent turquoise waters, offbeat geological rock formations and a shore that hosts more shells than sand, what more can you demand for uniqueness! The place practically defines heaven with such a magical charm, with waters washing off cute little starfish off the shore. Imagine your perfect moments beautified by such an untouched backdrop!

3. Crawley Edge Boatshed, Perth, Australia

This sweet little blue boat house on the Swan River is perched on the edge of a timber boardwalk on the banks of Matilda Bay. The place has already topped the charts on Instagram for being the most photogenic; so you can imagine the grace it will add to your album! With a beauty of remoteness that will give your pre- weds a romantic throwback, azure blue waters with light blue house render a serene atmosphere with some rocky surroundings for the upbeat required.

Chamonix Mountains Landscape France Nature Alps

4. Chamonix, France

What’s better than adventure to amplify love! France’s best ski destination is also popular for its pre-wed shoots, offering a plethora of locations to choose from like the high snowy mountains and cute little churches in snow. With the heights of Mont Blanc massif in the backdrop and the vast Chamonix Valley at your disposal, you will get the most dramatic pictures right in the lap of nature. This place definitely spoils you with choices to be clicked more.

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5. The Louvre Courtyard, Paris, France

The spectacularly eye-catching glass pyramid of the Louvre Museum would be the most unmatched scrim to get a pre-wed session you’d like! Especially if you are an early bird, the sunrise here is the dreamiest for photography. Or you can even plan a sunset visit, if you are cool with hordes of tourists gawking at you. To be in Paris with your loved one is in itself a dream come true! February is the best time for photoshoots due to less crowd and cold climate.

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6. Krabi, Thailand

Lush green jungle regions, golden sand and picturesque shipwrecks, Krabi will surely set the mood for a lovely pre-wed. This location is ideal for couples who love the sun and the sea. Be done with the shoot in the day time and hit the beach parties after dusk; what’s better than a double dose of vacation with your partner!

7. The Northern Lights, Porjus, Sweden

“For when you say, you make me forget this world.” The vibrantly coloured phenomenon in the skies of Porjus gives you a stunning photoshoot; a purely otherworldly experience! With both of you dancing under the stars with a breath-taking view of the Aurora in the scenery, the pictures are surely going to make your friends jealous!

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8. Santorini, Greece

The antiquated towns of Oia and Fira have become iconic for pre-weds of late. The charm of these little towns lie in the cubical houses made of lime-washed with volcanic ashes. Oia is a town with whitewashed walls sunken deep into the volcanic rocks and is famous for its theatrical sunsets, while Fira is a spot truly meant for couple shoot, with white cobblestone streets, overlooking the Aegean Sea. Another iconic place is the Black Pebble Beach of Kamari, giving the most offbeat setting for your memories.

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9. Disneyland, Hong Kong

For the couple preferring fun over everything, Disneyland brings out the inner child out of your beloved. The most enjoyable photoshoot, it is a light-hearted place for a pre-wedding photoshoot and is perfect for any couple who wants to lay back and enjoy having fun together, while the skilled photographer gives them most random and intimate clicks.

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Hongkong Disneyland Asian China Hongkong

10. Udaipur, India

Mixing the opulent charm, grandeur, and love in pre-weds is a proclivity for this famous city of Rajasthan. The majestic architectures of hotels and authentic tourist spots highlight your personality and give you the dreamy romantic photo session you’ve always desired!

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