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Top 10 Destination Wedding Locations of 2019

Marriage is an extremely personal, most cherished commitment of our lives, but the joy of it is ghastly incomplete if not shared with our near and dear ones. However, often noticed in local weddings, the guest list is always more swollen up than the initial plan. But the good news is that the generation of today has found a perfect solution to this lasting problem. The concept of wedding cum vacation has taken one and all under its wings; instead of planning a wedding in their own city, couples now gather all their peers and family and plan a trip to a beautiful destination, ensuring that their wedding indeed is an event to remember! Here are 2019’s top 10 destination wedding locations for you to tie the knot:

1. The Big Island, Hawaii

Being the largest island in the chain, the Big Island is a place that will render one of the best views in the vicinity, making it reach the list of the best destination weddings. Boasting an immensely dramatic topography, you will notice a varied landscape as you move around, giving you an option to choose the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding. If you want your marriage to be in a lush and warm background, the best choices are north and east coasts, whereas the Kona coast will give you an experience beyond the earth; a lunar-like landscape. Though the place is enchanting throughout the year, you can save a little capital by avoiding the transition phase of winter into spring.

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2. Door County, Wisconsin

Snuggled up between the waters of Lake Michigan and the Green Bay, Door County is often dubbed to be the “Cape Cod of the Midwest”. Located at a distance of three-four hours from Chicago, Wisconsin is the best destination for the people to take out a little while especially for your marriage. The place is full old farms and wineries, offering you a bucolic landscape along with the best and fresh menu for your first dinner after ‘I do’. The best time to pick this place is during the foliage season, complete with brilliant autumn shade and fewer crowds.

3. Bermuda, Caribbean

A place away from the rest of the world, Bermuda though geographically separate from the Caribbean, still shares some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. So, if a beach wedding is what you desire, Bermuda is the paradise for you. Profuse with tranquil pink-sand beaches, the proper British history and the iconic pastel hued houses, making it an excellent location for a destination wedding. Guests can plan to spend their days playing golf on one of the eight golf courses, botanical garden, and scuba diving, or simply stroll around admiring the beauty.

4. Nevis, Caribbean

If there could be a heaven for the nature lovers, Nevis is the place to be in. Also known as the “Queen of the Caribbees”, Nevis has some of Caribbean’s best-preserved beaches, reefs and some of the most beautiful rain forests. If you are worried that the place could turn boring, Nevis is bound to let you down on this one! Complete with the exploration the rain forests and the climbing opportunities; make sure you plan your wedding in a place where you find you belong.

5. Tulum, Mexico

The best place you can choose for the typical tropical wedding, Tulum is one of the most diverse seaside locations with good networking, making it easily accessible for the public. The idyllic place for beach lovers, this choice can prove to be the road not taken for your wedding, setting you aside from all of your peers. Complete with a number of luxury resorts and spas, you can ensure that the wedding can be varied from as extravagant you want to as simple as possible.

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6. Switzerland

Counted among some of the most romantic countries in the world, a wedding in Switzerland would surely be a pilgrimage for your guests. Replete with jaw-dropping scenery and exciting recreational activities, this is one of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to walk down that aisle in such a setting. Though a delight in both winter and summer, people generally prefer the foliage season.

7. Udaipur, India

The place which is a living example of Royal pre-eminence, the city of lakes will provide you with the best place to settle your wedding. The famous big-fat Indian wedding destination, Udaipur is so famous among the natives and people around the globe that the place is booked for months in advance. The most unique features complete with the best of resorts and the beauty of the architecture, this place will give you a chance to witness the royalty of the place.

8. St Petersburg, Russia

Though generally separated from Russia, St Petersburg remains one of the best places to experience the real grandeur of the place. Placed in the heart of the place, it is well connected and you can arrange for accommodation, florists, caterers and a hundred other professionals that will make your wedding a success. With the beautiful canals and the alluring architecture, this is one place you can count on to place to be a unique experience.

9. Sri Lanka

An island down the southern India, Sri Lanka is one of the most culturally beautiful places in the world. Counted among off-grid options, this one of the best places for the luxury wedding you always dreamed for. Featuring countless beautiful villas and luxury hotels to the exclusive beaches and private chefs, this place is the destination for the type of wedding they talk about in the novels.

10. Amalfi Coast, Italy

Known as the city of love, Italy is one of the places, no wedding destination cannot be complete without. Giving your wedding a background of a citrus grove overlooking the Amalfi coast, the work of your wedding photographer would be reduced to the minimum. Boasting a dramatic view of the sea, excellent cuisine and well connectivity, there is not one thing that can possibly go wrong in the Amalfi Coast. The best times include the months from April to June and September to October.

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Weddings, the fanciest feast in anyone’s life, surely demand loads of cash and months of planning. And when you finally prepare yourself for the big day, might as well do it in style! Try the top 10 destinations to commit to your beloved for a lifetime! Here’s Taxidio’s list of the 10 best locations for a destination wedding.

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