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Top 10 Bachelorette Locations of 2019

The thought of a bachelorette party brings ‘The hangover’ scenes to your head. The location you pick for the ultimate party of your life determines the level of fun you girlies are going to have; hence, has to be thought over thoroughly. So here are some most partyholic places where you can safely blackout with your besties, without the fear of safety or bankruptcy. Bring in the wedding season by taking the bride-to-be on the best bachelorette trip ever! Here are the top 10 bachelorette locations for 2019:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is fun-filled inside out! Whether you wish to go biking with your gang, enjoy a fancy boat cruise, go clubbing at night or organize a private party over, Amsterdam arranges it all for you. And when you are done partying, go splurge some more at the Nine Streets.

Make your craziest bachelorette ideas come true by taking a look at our guide to the best areas to experience the hangover style nightlife in Amsterdam.

Beautiful sunrise over Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with flowers and bicycles on the bridge in spring

2. Cinque Terre, Italy

Go beyond Venice and Florence to satisfy your girlie vacation. The Ligurian coast offers many amazing nightclubs to satiate your nocturnal buzz. Monterosso particularly has many hippie hangouts for the night owls. But all in all, Cinque Terre offers you a perfect haven to spend some quality time with your best friends, before you head on for a busier life.

Book an exclusive hotel in Cinque Terre to surprise your mates with the absolute sea views of the Riviera.

3. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Beside celebrity spotting, Cabo is a great party place for large groups. Organizing a bachelorette here is a breeze, since this city’s whole MO is based on such parties. You can find abundant eye candies here, for it is the party Mecca for college students. Go swim with the dolphins and get some gorgeous tan in the sun

4. Goa, India

Don’t let your budget interfere with your one and only bachelorette party plan. Goa offers the most pocket-friendly party spots to have a gala time. There’s infinite nightlife at Baga beach that goes on till dawn. So you can grab a nice omelet for an after party. For the peace seekers, there’s Morjim Beach and Chapora Fort.

Put an end to your singlehood and go wild at your hen in Goa by booking the best hotels or apartments.

5. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Nothing beats the Full Moon party happening on this atoll. Terrific white sand beaches, powerful music, overflowing music and hordes of revelers- all this till the wee hours in the morning; what more is needed to have fun!

Get the best deals and discounts on booking the top adventure sports and activities in Koh Phangan

6. Boracay, Philippines

This place has action for both daytime and night. Get your thriller out and partake in water sports and other adventure activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, jet skiing and a lot more. Make sure your girl squad goes for the Banana ride; it’s crazy! Then there are ample night clubs in Boracay to get some male attention before you rest your case with that one man forever!

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! This adage has everything to do with the crazy bachelore/bachelorette stories people share (or don’t really share) post their Vegas sojourn. There’s dancing, gambling, buffet and all-male revues taken to next level! Hire a Limo if you are a rich kid and go club hopping, shopping and spa-pampering. Security factor could be an issue. So better be safe than sorry.

Heading to Las Vegas before your big day? Check out this handy guide to find the perfect spot to stay for an unforgettable Vegas bachelorette party.

8. Buenos Aires, Argentina

This place is Europe for a fractional price. Drink all the Malbec you can, learn some Tango and slurp on the best Gelato ever! Rent yourself and your girls a nice, furnished apartment in the bohemian Las Canitas district and live at the center of BA nightlife.


If you wish to plan a bachelorette in style in a Latin American town with a European flair, then explore and book the top things to do in the Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. 

9. Budapest, Hungary

If you are one of those backpackers’ girl gang, Budapest would serve your calling. Take your girls to a Sparty at the Szechenyi baths and wait on for a crazy night! There are plenteous opportunities for party and after party, not to mention the amazing food. Don’t miss out on the world famous Ruin Pubs to complete your last spinster vacation.


Have you been entrusted with the responsibility of throwing your best friend a bachelorette party? We have put together a list of unique things to do in Budapest to have an awesome time on the bride to be’s special night. 

10. Montreal, Canada

Quebec is replete with old-world charm and great restaurant scenes. With abundant nightlife and festival and events happening year-round, Montreal serves as the best place for your foodie fellows. It’s almost a mini-Paris, sans the class. So you can dance on the table and have your tipsy walk without being embarrassed.


In charge of organizing an original French Bachelorette party? Here is our guide to the best neighborhood to stay when you are planning a memorable bachelorette party in Montreal.

This party between your two lives- before marriage and after, should guarantee the best time of your life. So take your pick wisely, ensuring that everyone who’s on board with you, enjoys. Bon Voyage!

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