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Guidebook for a Wander Woman

Useful Tips for a Perfect Female Solo Trip

Irrespective of nationalities, cultures and ethnicities, women all over the world have craved for freedom. If not in all its entirety, they have secretly wished for a few uncaged and fearless moments all to themselves. And what better way of liberating yourself from worldly shackles than traveling solo! Strolling through unknown streets as you cross paths with new faces and embrace yourself like never before; solo travels are pure self-indulgence. Having said that, traveling alone for women can be a very daunting task given the looming threat to safety. But we’ll help you break down these barriers as you embark upon a much deserved journey of self-discovery.

1. Ace the Homework:

We can’t stress enough on the importance of proper planning. Agreed it’s in vogue to be a vagabond, leaving your worries aside and enjoying the moment. But most often than not, it leads to last minute anxiety as you frantically look for accommodation in an alien zone. Connect with people who have been to your desired destination before. If you know people who live there, don’t be hesitant to get in touch with them. Befriend the internet like never before and jot down all the things to do and places to go.

2. Detailed Itinerary:

It makes life a lot simpler to have your trip mapped. Sometimes things don’t go as per plan, but there’s a huge relief in knowing that you have a plan in the first place. Especially when you’re venturing out on your own, it is always the safer option to have an itinerary or a schedule you can stick to. That way, you won’t be listless and will make the most of your escapade. Additionally, store the numbers and visiting cards of the hotels you lodge in. It might come in handy.

3. Travel Light:

Women often fall prey to over-packing. Since you’re on your own, we recommend you travel as light as possible, because you have to lift your own bags! Also, the lesser you have the more room there is to shop. Besides, the last thing you want is to let your focus drift into worrying about your luggage. Carry a good bag or bag-pack with only bare minimums and a handbag to put all your essential documents.

4. Smartphone to the Rescue:

Before you begin your trip, make sure you’ve called your mobile network provider and got yourself a suitable international roaming plan, preferably one that involves access to the internet. Most of these plans are heavy on the pockets. A good alternative would be to purchase a local sim-card, so that you can be contacted at all times. In case of an emergency, you have your handheld device to rescue you. Store your important numbers, take photographs of your documents, etc. so that you always have a digital back-up.

5. The Power of Confidence:

Yes, it is a new country and you will struggle with the foreign language. You might lose your way or find yourself in murky situations. That is exactly when you put up your bravest face and keep your head calm. If you look worried and show signs of panic, chances are you will encounter trouble. So hold on to that confidence. If you’ve had the courage to board that flight alone, you definitely have it in you to overcome the other odds.

6. Social Media Presence:

A lot of people like to cut-off from social media and utilise their time away from its addictiveness. However, it’s a clever idea to post pictures or at least make regular updates, as in an unforeseen situation, your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account can help out in tracking you. A social media trail works brilliantly in keeping your closed ones in the loop.

7. Money Matters:

Money is by far the most vital element of your trip. Ensure you have more than sufficient money at all times, which is not stored only in one place. Divide your money in different ratios and keep it safe in multiple places. So that, in case your wallet gets lost or stolen, you aren’t left high and dry. Do your research on the exchange rates, and if required download mobile apps that’ll help you keep a track of all your expenditures. It’s intelligent to get a travel card, as it makes a good replacement for physical currency. Having more money on you is not just a safety net, but also a great way of splurging on yourself once in a while.

8. Attention Please:

Be alert at every given point. Even as you sit dumbfounded by the bewildering landscapes and manmade marvel. Don’t leave your bags unattended. Stay cautious of your surroundings and avoid getting drunk or high when you have nobody else to watch after you. Moreover, don’t be afraid of putting your foot down and saying NO when you feel uncomfortable with anything.

9. Surprise Yourself:

Remind yourself of the purpose of your travel. Leisure, self-discovery, learning, soul-searching, break from the monotony, business, or whatever it may be. Don’t let your solitude frighten you at any given point of time. Yes, you’re alone. No, you won’t get bored. There’s so much to explore in even the narrowest of lanes. Use this time of seclusion to enrich yourself with new experiences. Read, gallivant, try new cuisines, write, maintain a journal, make new friends, do what you would not do on an ordinary day. Make this opportunity worth all the stories you will narrate for the rest of your life!

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