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Most Thrilling Adventure Sports in New Zealand

For most of us, it’s lying by the resort pool, sipping some Pina Colada that qualifies for a perfect holiday. But there’s another section of travel bugs who love to break the office-home monotony by getting a lot of adrenaline pumping through their veins, doing stuff to feel ‘alive’ and not just survive!

For such thrill junkies, there’s no better haven than New Zealand. The kiwi nation is so full of adventure and hullabaloo that you hardly need to look anywhere else on the world map.

So ruling the charts of the umpteen thrills are these top 5 Adventure Sports that are a must-try in New Zealand:

1. Sky Diving, Queenstown

Unarguably the adventure capitol of the world, Queenstown is home to a bunch of amazing thrill sports including Sky diving. Jump from 9,000, 12,000 or a whopping 15,000 ft above the earth to go down at 200 kph while gawking at the most spectacular views. The skydiving agencies offer you an intensely safe experience by keeping their security standards up to scratch. The tandem instructors are vastly experienced people having thousands of jumps under their belts. Don’t fall for their teasing when they tell you, “I have a really bad feeling about this!” or ‘I don’t know if I can handle it!” And yes, make sure you collect a DVD of your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Stunt Plane Piloting, Abel Tasman National Park

Experience New Zealand’s best weather and a great selection of adventure activities at Abel Tasman National Park, home to some most wild thrills across the globe. In Motueka, take to the skies at U-Fly Extreme with an instructor in a stunt plane. With no previous experience, you can actually fly the plane yourself and spin the shiny Pitts Special in loops, figure eights and twists. We rate this 4000 ft above the ground Aerial Acrobat strife as the number 1 adventure sport in New Zealand.

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3. Glacier Hiking, Fox and Franz Josef

If you are one of those intrepid explorers who love to wander in search of untouched lands and natural marvels, hike up the incredible twin glaciers on the South Island. Circumscribed in enormous mountain ranges and rainforests, walk on ice as you put on some crampons and explore the white beauty. The dynamic glacial formations have natural caves and tunnels to slide on and go deep into the ice-blue glacier. In five hours, you will find yourself shuffling down the vertical ice walls to finally, take a break and enjoy your meal!

4. Bungee, Queenstown

The notorious Kawarau Bridge rising over the picturesque Kawarau River lets you have the most heart-throbbing Bungy and Zipline experience ever! The place tops the charts for it was the first commercial bungy jump setup ever. What sets it apart from other Bungy companies is its offbeat ways to push you off. Free-fall as you sit on a chair, or maybe hide in a barrel and you shoot your way for a dip in the river. You can go solo or share the ride with any of your family or friends in tandem next to you.

5. Sledging

You could call it the most offbeat adventure of the country. Some call it Riverboarding, some Hydrospeeding; it’s a new sport that involves lying on top of a float with handles as you let the river rapids drag you downstream. Easier said than done, you can’t imagine the amount of physical strength and balance it demands to keep with the float. And if you try to be a free bird and don’t follow the instructions, it can be downright fatal. But don’t be scared; once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty smooth to surf the rapids as they try to spit you out or suck you under.

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And after doing all this, if you have enough energy, money and time left, invest these resources in Canyoning (Auckland), Jetboating (Westport) or even Caving (Waitomo Caves)!

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