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The Top 7 Oceania Islands in the world

A vast, arbitrarily defined expanse of the world in the Pacific Ocean, Oceania connects the nations rather than land borders. Home to plenty of white beaches, beautiful coral reefs, coconut palms swaying in the breeze and rugged volcanic islands soaring out of the blue ocean, Oceania is definitely a collection of some of the beautiful islands and beaches in the world.

However, in a place so beautiful, confusion about what place to choose to visit can discourage the holidaymaker. But fear not, fellow traveller, as we have put to rest your confusion and gathered a list of the top seven islands in the Oceania region.

1. Mo'orea

From its turquoise lagoon to its vertical peaks, white-sand beaches and lush landscapes, to find an island better than Mo’orea, you may have to step off the Earth. Located at a mere distance of 20 km from its counterpart Tahiti, this island, spread across the ‘Sea of the Moon’ accepts the visitors so gracefully that a visitor can hardly call the place touristy. Complete with the high selection of the top-end resorts in the area to the best choice of the smaller hotels, this island will give you a wide variety of options you require according to your tastes. Besides being a treat for your eyes, the place will also provide with a plethora of activities you can pursue including hiking, kite-surfing, whale-or-dolphin watching tour, biking, kayaking or even horse riding. All in all, the one word that can describe Mo’orea is divine.

2. French Polynesia/ Tahiti

Lined with its vivid turquoise lagoons and sculpted by sky-piercing moss-green peaks, the surreal island of French Polynesia is one place to take it slow and bask in the warm, laid-back island culture. Just the word Tahiti can conjure up innumerable pictures including bronzed dancers, humid breeze running over the turquoise sea, hibiscus flowers and of course the coconuts. The slim stretches of the black, white and pink lead to the best place in the region: the lagoons, the place that is one of the biggest draws in the region. Most of the island is surrounded by the fringing reef, circumscribing the protected swimming pool in the region with the most intense aqua imaginable. Often overshadowing the rest of the country, the place is brimming with resorts, private overwater bungalows and spectacular views of the islands iconic over the square-topped peak. But if you don’t find this to be your cup of coconut, you can choose a humbler abode you can choose a place more suited to your budgets in the form of short cottages and hotels.

3. South Island

With the lush peninsulas and turquoise lakes to the sparkling glaciers and snow-capped mountains, the South Island’s regal topography is the perfect combination of awe and adventure in equal measure. With barely a million people living across the region of 151,215 sq km, this place will provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore the nature’s slice on the New Zealand’s ‘mainland’. The only problem you will find yourself in is the choice between the beautiful mountains, beaches, fiords, the sublime forests and the beauty overall in the air making the island count as one of the best outdoor destinations in the planet. The place will also provide you with activities such as short nature strolls, hiking and kayaking, or for the lethargic in you, simply lying down on the beautiful beaches. The thing that sets the island apart is its gastronomical wealth; from luscious berries and stone fruit to asparagus and root vegetables to the local sea-diet, beef, lamb and the plethora of the artisanal dairy delights, the place would surely be a tantalising ride for your taste buds. Another factor that is unique to this Island is its idiosyncratic wildlife constituting of fur seals, dolphins, whales and penguins habituating the coastal water in the Kaikoura region.

4. Bora-Bora

Constituting the place of dreams, the beauty of the view in Bora-Bora is something that words often fall short to describe. An innate combination of sapphire, turquoise and indigo all creating a mosaic of modern-art abstraction, this place is a live art. In addition to the beautiful palette, you will witness the rainforest-covered basaltic peaks and sand edged motu (islets). Though gifted with such a surreal backdrop, it is undoubtedly a honeymooner’s paradise, there is much more the place has to offer besides clinking your lover. The place will offer you a number of outdoor activities including lagoon tours, diving, parasailing and hiking, along with the choice to choose a slow-paced sun and sand type of holidays and the quietest nights you need to shed the corporate pressure.

5. New Britain

If we had to describe New Britain in just a few words, it can be described as a little bit of everything. From the colonial history to pristine wilderness to the remarkable traditional culture, this place will give you the experience of its all. The most distinct feature of the place is its Volcanoes, making the whole region to rumble and billow strings of cones and craters across its surface cloaked by the perfect combination of the virgin tropical rainforest. With a wide variety of every level of accommodation, tailoring your trip in the largest island of PNG wouldn’t be a task.

6. Magnetic Island

Lying within the earshot of Townsville, The Magnetic Island is counted as the most laid back residential area of Queenstown. The place will provide you a chance to experience its stunning coastal walk, witness gum trees brimming with the cute koalas, and the beautiful turquoise sea giving you the most enchanting backdrop. Profuse with its hoop pines, eucalyptus and the granite boulders in the region will provide you just the change you were looking for in the clichéd tropical-island paradise.

7. Kangaroo Island

This is one place you should only visit if you wish to witness the nature in its original, most untouched and unsullied form. The only way to travel to the island it by taking car ferries from Cape Jervis chugged across the swells of the Backstairs Passage to the Kangaroo Island. Devoid of tourist trappings, the place today is the best destination for wildlife fans and the spurt of a veritable zoo including dolphins, echidnas and kangaroos. The place remains an underdeveloped place, so you can’t expect to find resort, however with the friendly inhabitants, you wouldn’t have a tough time finding home.

Oceania or South Pacific, world’s biggest ocean, can confound even the cleverest of geologists with the splatter of isles sprinkled across! And amidst this confusion lays the most gorgeous spectacles of beaches and forests. So plan your travel days and book yourself a leisure holiday to one of the 7 best islands of Oceania!

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