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Why Taxidio’s Online Trip Planner Is All You Need For Every Vacation

A 5-Minute Guide To Taxidio’s Trip Planner

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when I say Trip Planning?

We asked a bunch of people around and got words like – “boring”, “time-consuming”, “chaos”, “tedious”, “complicated”, “worst part about a trip”, “research”, and everything that makes planning a holiday a repulsive task.

As exciting a vacation is, everything that happens before it often tends to be a mayhem.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  1. Gathering people who you want to travel with. Friends are the worst. There’s always going to be someone who backs out, someone who can’t make it, someone who has last minute cancellations or cribs about everything until they have actually boarded the plane.


  1. Selecting a destination is the obviously the most crucial of them all. So many little things need to be kept in before choosing the right place. Having more people on-board only adds to the confusion. Someone likes beaches, the other likes mountains, and if it’s a family trip then there are takers for amusement parks, shopping, museums and everything under the sun.


  1. Then comes the part when the actual trip needs to be planned. The flight bookings, accommodation bookings, travel itineraries, things to do, places to eat, places to party, things to not miss out, visa requirements, travel insurance, forex, transport, and all the back and forth that happens in the interim.


Here’s where Taxidio steps in to add a whole lot of method to the madness.

1. Recommending the best holiday destination:

Beaches, high altitudes, tropical climate, cold places, tight budgets or a vacation full of splurges – tell us what you like and we’ll suggest the best holiday destinations around the globe for you. Depending on the number of days you’ve chosen, we recommend single and/or multiple countries that you can explore.

2. Selecting a destination:

Once you’ve chosen the country/countries of your choice, we enlist all the best-suited cities in each of those countries. But it doesn’t stop there. You can add or delete cities to your liking. For instance, if you’re planning a holiday in Switzerland and the cities suggested by us are Geneva, Interlaken and Lucerne, but you want to replace Geneva with Gstaad, we won’t hold any grudges! Promise.

3. List of attractions:

You’ve finalised your countries, cities and dates. Super! Now all you need to do is close in on all the places you want to visit in each of these cities. Out travel itinerary planner enlists all the attractions based on your interest and travel preferences, so that they are all filtered down to only what is best for you. But say you picked Nature as one of your preferences, but don’t want to visit a garden, you can delete the attraction. Not only that, you can also rearrange the attractions to your liking and convenience.

4. Attraction descriptions:

As your vacation planners, we know how boring the research bit is for any trip. So we decided to be nice and do it for you. Click on any attraction and you’ll find an image, description, opening/closing time, entry fee and all the other relevant details, so that you don’t have to toggle between tabs while you plan your trip.

5. Book your attraction tickets:

You really want to visit an attraction, but it has an entry fee or requires you to purchase a ticket. You can buy it right then and there, at the best price. Time is money – and we help you save both! You’re welcome.

6. Book your accommodation:

Our hotel recommendation engine ensures you are given the best places to stay in a city. Most of your points of interest lie to the west of a city, so our hotel recommendations are also made keeping in mind its proximity to your enlisted attractions. That way, you’re internal commuting is reduced and you can make your bookings – from hostel, B&Bs and modest motels, to villas, apartments and different types of hotels – in just a few clicks.

Online trip planning has never been simpler and quicker. If you’ve been thinking of taking a trip somewhere, Taxidio is right here to help you plan it!

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