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6 key steps that will simplify your trip planning process.

Planning a trip can be very tedious, given its complexity and countless factors you need to keep in mind. Since the selection of a destination is generally the first step, it is essential that your choice of place is not based purely on hearsay or an image you have of it. It is a mammoth task to plan your trip effortlessly. Although there are some helpful pointers you can consider while planning. Here is your ultimate trip planning guide for a fun-filled vacation!

  1. 1. Destination Selection

Whenever you are pondering about how to plan your trip, the destination is the first task to tackle. But if only selecting a destination was as easy as throwing a dart on a map and going exactly there! A lot of factors come into play, such as: Budget of travel including – accommodation, attractions, food and expected travel time from source to destination. Additionally, the month of travel and preferred weather conditions, accessibility concerns if any, etc. are all the criteria you cannot miss.

Every country or city has its own defining elements. Therefore, other supplementary aspect you need to make a note of is the genre of travel – whether the destination is suited for children and elderly, does it have a buzzing nightlife etc. Such attractions vary on the basis of different age groups and the type of travelers. Once you’ve identified your preferred genre, move on to the next step.

  1. 2. Itinerary Planning

Depending upon your travel niche, put together the key site-seeing and adventure spots, eateries, etc. and make a chart of things you want to do. Not every site in the city will suit your taste buds. Choose the sites you are interested in seeing first and then organise your day accordingly. Lastly, based on things to do, plan the number of days you wish to spend in each city.

  1. 3. Bookings

Booking are primarily divided in 3 parts – accommodation, transportation and attractions.

    • Accommodation :Choosing the right location of accommodation is as important as selection of the destination. Travelers often choose a location that cuts down their cost of living. The underlying assumption is that the time spent in an enclosed room will be much lesser than the time spent outside. However, there is a thin line between the two. Opting for a cheaper accommodation away from points of interest could be more time-consuming and thereby tiring, even unsafe, and could come with high cost of internal transportation. We recommend you to weigh out these factors before booking the accommodation. Another crucial aspect is choosing the right type of accommodation. With augmentation of lodging options such as Airbnb and Homestays, the process of selecting what is right for you has become rather confusing. Options such as homestays, give you the benefit of living like a local, which at times also helps in reducing costs.
    • Transport :The last thing you want to do is waste your limited time in a place unnecessarily hopping on and off different modes of transport. Hotels in different cities vary in their check-in time hence it advisable to choose your flights or trains accordingly. In case you arrive few hours earlier at your hotel, request them to allow you to store the bags in their luggage room and they will be more than happy to oblige. Picking the proper mode of transport forms a major part of planning. There are cities which offer travel cards and passes with options of single or multiple travel days. Such cards can often be used across buses, trams and metros. Get yourself the right card or before starting your day in your new destination.
    • Attractions :When you plan your trip, don’t forget to create a well-planned itinerary. This would make it easy for you to know which day you plan to visit which site. When on a tight schedule, buy tickets to well-known sites in advance, as it helps you to save time and money. Online agencies such as Getyourguide, offer you fancy discounts for buying advance tickets of key sites. Waiting in long queue for significantly important sites, like The Eiffel Tower, Anne Frank Museum etc. isn’t the best way to travel. Booking attraction tickets solves a lot of last-minute chaos.
  1. 4. Packing list

Let’s jump back to Step 1. Now that you know your desired destination, and what time of the year you are scheduled to travel, get your packing checklist in place. Start with checking the weather conditions at least a week prior to the date of travel to ensure you are carrying the right clothing as per the seasonality. Pack light, as not all places are well connected with Elevators and Escalators.

  1. 5. Basic Information and Updates

Yes, you are on a desperately needed holiday. Yes, it is necessary for you to be alert. Despite your urge to break away, it is imperative for you to gather basic information and stay abreast on the happenings of the place you are visiting. If it’s an international location, plan well in advance for your visa, since cancellation of trips due to delayed visa processes is a common affair.

Check for information on vaccinations, if any, and pet policies, in case you are planning to travel with your little friend. Additionally, look for information on currency, custom rules and so on.

  1. 6. Essential Papers and Sharing Plan

Last but not the least – Always carry an extra copy of your important documents, such as passport, international medical insurance, visas, itinerary, booking receipts, etc. Also store them in a digital format on a cloud system or on your smartphone to ensure anytime access. Always share your itinerary and plan with a close family member or friend.

There are two ways of going about with these 6 steps. Follow them manually or sign up with Taxidio. With our technological expertise, we take care of your complete travel journey.

Still wondering how to plan your trip? is your ultimate trip planning guide!

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