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The European Love Affair

7 Most Romantic Small Towns in Europe

Paris, Swiss, London, Venice, Ibiza- been there, done that! But did you ever try to seek the soul of Europe? Cobblestone streets, medieval churches, pristine shores and ceaseless nature’s bounty – you can’t ever hope for more on a romantic vacation than what these cute little Euro-towns have to offer. Unwind in the heart of the most beautiful continent with these small European towns that define romance:

1. Hall in Tirol, Austria

A 10-minute train from Innsbruck takes you back in time, practically the 14th century! Hall in Tirol, a Middle Ages establishment is way too wealthy for a small town, thanks to its salt mining and minting expedites. Nestled in the Alps all around, this place is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, giving you ample opportunities to explore innumerable cafes, shopping plazas and eateries. For keen walkers, there are the picturesque old town streets, while the Glungezer (Tirol’s landmark mountain) pulls in avid climbers and hikers. Don’t miss out the magical Austrian and Tyrolean cuisine served in this best preserved historic town of Austria.

2. Arild, Sweden

A peninsular fishing village stationed in southwest Sweden has the most breathtaking natural vistas you would ever find in Europe! Narrow streets snaking around beautiful homes with lavish gardens characterize this typically summer village bearing an informal lifestyle. You can try scuba or kayaking in the breakwaters or maybe, bike your way through the town; yes, it’s that small! Besides, there are a lot of walking paths in the woods and along the seaside.

3. Tisvildeleje, Denmark

On the Kattegat Strait shore is a serene seaside village displaying thatched-roof cottages along the white sand dunes. If Denmark wasn’t your beach bucket list, it’s time to change your mind. A holiday in the sunny enclave of Tisvildeleje is best planned by train. An 80 minute ride from Copenhagen to Tisvildeleje lets you tour through every nook and corner of Denmark, showcasing forested woodlands, verdant countryside and mystic suburbs.

4. Giethoorn, Netherlands

Befittingly the ‘Venice of North’ is this trifling town in northern Holland, that’s literally something out of a fairytale. Tranquil canals, centuries-old wooden bridges, lush boulevards and thatched-roof huts make this vehicle-free village an ideal getaway from big city bustle. And what makes it utterly romantic is that you can rent your own boat to row down its waterways!

5. Taormina, Italy

It’s impossible to imagine a seaside Italian town that doesn’t inspire romance and love, and Taormina would top the charts of such a list. Located in the island of Sicily is this dreamy clifftop town nestled between the ocean and the mountains. The hypnotizing vistas of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea render an ideal view from the ancient ruins of this chi-chi resort town. Its cobblestone streets are fringed with numerous cafes to get a taste of Sicilian Dolce Vita.

6. Colmar, France

Fringed with lovely pastel-colored towns and gorgeous vineyards is Colmar, a northeastern French town on the Alsatian Wine Route. Its spectacular bridges hovering over canals and renaissance architecture makes it an ideal European town to get gooey. And the wineries offer impeccable liquor besides being a quiet alternate to the raspy and congested wineries of Burgundy and Bordeaux.

7. Getaria, Spain

Fresh baby squid and turbot harvested from the Bay of Biscay and barbequed in a la plancha- this exquisite seafood is what brought Getaria to limelight; that and the fact that it is just 15 miles away from San Sebastian. This Basque harbor side village offers the most exquisite lunch- a leisurely multi-course cuisine coupled with bottles of White Rioja. Don’t miss out a weekend lunch at one of its asadores where you will find many locals dressed in crispy cream cashmere!

There is so much beauty hidden in Europe, it’s surreal! Make sure you unravel this heaven with all your might before it gets engulfed as a’ pesky tourist attraction’!

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