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Private Islands On Rent

7 Exotic Islands You Can Rent For Your Next Holiday

Eat, Sleep, Relax, Repeat! That’s all you need to do on a private-island holiday. If you love exotic vacations but can’t afford to have your own private island, you can always rent one! And why not? It is always a great idea to escape to a secluded island and enjoy the sun, sand and surf with whoever you want.

If you are worried about the costs, then we’ve got some good news for you! Many of them cost you as much as the rentals of a mediocre hotel. Besides it’s ok to pamper yourself once in a while, right? So let’s look into the best private islands to rent across the globe.

1. Vesteroy, Ostfold, Norway

This quaint, two-bedroom cottage is blissfully perched on a private atoll in the Hvaler archipelago. In Norwegian weather diaries, this place presents maximum number of sunny days in the country. Swim off across the rocky shore as you sip in the Scandinavian charm of this place. There is a boat to take you to nearby islands, in case you are bored of having a meal in the same place. Sit near the fire pit as the sun sets to embrace the gorgeous vistas with your partner and friends.

2. Bird Island, Belize

Located over a teeny coral reef is this diver’s paradise that can accommodate 4 guests at a time. This gorgeous house circumscribed by the ceaseless sea is an excellent option to swim, snorkel, kayak or fish. If you are self-sufficient and demand complete privacy, nothing beats Bird’s Paradise. If you feel like grabbing your fishing rod and cast it over some cruising fish, the atoll around is considered one of the best for it.

3. Ilha Grande, Brazil

This two-islands-in-one atoll is connected by a bamboo bridge, with a luxe Italian styled 4-bedroom bungalow on one side and a smaller, 2-bedroom house on the other. This lush piece of land rests off the coast of Angra dos Reis, roughly 2 ½ hours away from Rio. There is hell lot to do here; hop into the canoe or paddle around the turquoise waters, take an excursion to their local oyster farms or simply relax and enjoy the chef-made Caipirinhas! It follows the 1-week minimum rule and is quite fancy with the prices.

4. Cavinti, Philippines

Thinking to surprise your partner with a romantic vacation? Book Cavinti, a one-bedroom bungalow nestled on an isolated atoll on Lake Lumot, in the shadow of Sierra Madres. It’s more of a digital-detox getaway- no Internet. But the endless mountain air and the whole aura of the place is downright romantic. There are abundant hiking paths, sand beaches and a rainforest to unwind.

5. Somerset Island, Ontario, Canada

This gigantic property can house your entire extended family (16 peeps that is!). the owners have the 7-nights minimum rule here, but no bank-draining involved since it’s dirt cheap! This 20 acres of atoll welcomes you with wildflowers during springtime, snowfall and ice skating during winters and plenty of fish during Fall. The natural beauty of this northern country is unspoiled, offering the most gorgeous vistas of a Georgian By sunset.

6. Susac Island, Croatia

Robinson Lighthouse Susac is now offered to travelers as a private island rental. This gorgeous property rests on the highest point of the steep southern face of the atoll, sprawling out numerous cliffs snaking out of the deep blue sea. This stone, ground-floor building offers two 4-bedroom apartments for a family vacation stay, while showcasing some most amazing vistas of the sea. Book a minimum 3-night stay to be able to enjoy this Croatian jewel.

7. Kakula Breeze, Shefa Province Vanuatu

This 36-hectare tropical paradise exhibits expansive 3 km of pristine white sand beaches. This postcard-perfect island fringed with coconut and palm trees is so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to leave! The luxury property houses 7 staff members to take care of you, along with other necessities like cellular phone access and Internet. It offers 6 rooms, a sun-filled lounge and a classic dining area.

Dreamy aren’t they! So start saving and planning right away! You never know when fate favors you and you go to one of these breathtaking islands!

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