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All You Need To Know About Japan’s Cherry Blossom Festival

The fast-paced vibes and rip-roaring cityscapes are testimonial to how Japan has resurrected from each of its catastrophic blows. Huddled in all this urbanisation, is the mesmerising Cherry Blossom Festival. It is a season which takes over the pulse of Japan, not to mention every part of its landscape. If a trip to Japan is on your list, there’d be no better time than visiting this country during the cherry blossom festival.

1. What is the Cherry Blossom Festival?

The Cherry Blossom Festival is called Hanami, which is the Japanese tradition of appreciating the beauty of flowers, particularly the cherry blossoms, aka, sakura. During this season, all of Japan looks like a flawless painting. During this season, no matter where you go, it will be all about cherry blossoms! The practicing of Hanami has been prevalent in the Japanese culture since centuries. There are songs, books, paintings, inscription and several other art forms that depict this tradition.

2. What is the best time to see the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan?

The best time to be in Japan for the Cherry Blossom Festival is between the end of March to the beginning of April. During this time, all of Japan has a beautiful pinkish splatter all over its landscape, making the city look like a piece of poetry.

3. Where can I see the cherry blossom trees?

While this is a nationwide occurrence, the best cities to enjoy the full bloom of cherry blossom trees are Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Nara, Osaka, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

You can visit temples, botanical gardens, parks, riverbanks and lakeside promenades to admire the cherry blossom trees.

Want a view of cherry blossom trees from your hotel window?


Cherry Blossom experience in Japan

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan is surreal experience. You will be surrounded by the elegance of nature in a city which is always abuzz. This contradiction is what adds to the charm of visiting Japan during Hanami. If you are wondering how to plan a trip to Japan during the Cherry Blossom Festival, feel free to get in touch with us. From the top things to do in Japan during the festival to finding the right accommodation for you, make your itinerary for Japan with Taxidio.

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