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The Fabulous Five of 2016

Most-Visited Tourist Destinations of the Year

Bitten by the travel bug, millions of tourists embark upon journeys scrammed with stories and discoveries. With nations reinforcing the prowess of their natural and manmade landscapes, tourism saw a robust growth in 2016. With an influx of over 50 million international travelers heading out into each of these individual countries, creating memories etched by foreign lands, here’s a little throwback of the year’s favourite tourist destinations.

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5. Italy

A whirlwind of destinations, Italy is an invincible hotspot for every type of traveler. From the paradisiac Vatican City, to exploring the brilliance of Roman architecture through a myriad of churches, cathedrals and basilicas, every corner of the country resonates with its artistic valour. The maze-like Venice, romantic Rome and fashion-driven Milan, are tiny glimpses of the unfathomable diversity of this country. With the aroma of the Italian kitchen making your stomach growl, this majestic country will leave you craving for more.

4. China

The mammoth country of China impresses with not just its scale, but also with eclectic beauty. Sweeping you off your feet with its lingering charm of Chinese dynasties, archaic monasteries and chirpy markets, the country unfolds countless tales. From the sky-piercing towers in Shanghai and never-ending Great Wall, to the magnificent karst sceneries and legendary martial arts, China is a vast landscape of experiences.

3. Spain

Be it the balmy Mediterranean coastline or the stunning peaks of Sierra Nevada, Spain is undoubtedly Europe’s chromatic wonder. With its iconic La Tomatina festival and rhythmic Spanish music, the country surrounds itself with an effervescent vibe. From picturesque streets of Madrid and the vivacious nightlife of Barcelona, to a laid-back bicycle ride along the route of the Pyrenees and Costa Brava, Spain promises a vacation like no other.

2. United States of America

What more could be said about the world’s superpower, which leads not just with its economic supremacy, but also with its drop-dead-gorgeous expanse. No matter what kind of traveler you are, you will find your niche in the American wonderland. Breath-taking road trips, scintillating Hawaiian beaches, buzzing cityscapes of New York and Chicago, plush casinos of Las Vegas and dainty countryside panoramas across Colorado, are just a few nodes to begin with. The natural and cultural contrast, along with its vibrancy is what makes USA a prolific destination to visit.

1. France

No surprises here, since the scenic country of France has always aced in its beauty and hospitality. Roping millions of wanderers annually into its charismatic land of lavender vineyards, astounding architectural structures and cosy Parisian cafes, France makes rapid transformations into countless awe-inspiring backdrops. From Eiffel Tower, the quintessential landmark of the country, to the surreal shoreline of the French Riviera, lose yourself in the captivating aura of this exquisite country.

* Disclaimer: The above rankings are based on Taxidio’s independent research conducted through various travel reports and references, comprising of the number of foreign travelers, including business tourist arrivals.

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