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Leave your mark at these 7 destinations around the world

While going around the world discovering and observing all things fancy, has the thought of leaving your mark on that place ever crossed your mind? If yes, then this article is especially tailored to your interests. Though, whenever we think about leaving a piece of our mind, heart and soul with some place we’ve been to, the thought of trespassing and vandalism often stops our inner creative animal from going crazy. However, coming to think of it, there are a few places that are made especially for you to leave a memory in, a piece of your time wrapped in that moment forever!

Surprised? Well hold the thought as we take you through the seven best places to leave your mark in:

1. Cadillac Ranch, Texas

A lot has been said about the road trip from the Route 66, but what people might have cut short of telling you is the presence of this wondrous place in the region. Located just off the highway, the place is home to 10 cars half immersed in the sand, with their exposed trunks being open for the visitors to spray. Invented by a bunch of artsy hippies who called it the Ant Farm, they has an under-table union with the then billionaire Stanley Marsh 3 to get the work done. Pick your car, paint your message and save your memory in the wallet of time to stay there till eternity. Don’t you think that is like experiencing subjection and liberation in the same place at the same time!

2. Great Wall of China, China

Imagine what it would be like to leave a mark on the place that already is an indelible mark in the course of humanity. The administrators in the Mutianya region in the Huairou district, located about 40 miles from Beijing, have been condemning and discouraging the writing or carving in the stone, claiming the fact that the act would destroy the integrity of the place. However, unable to do so, they finally settled on having a graffiti zone, limiting the marks and words to one area of the wall. So if ever you get a chance to witness this artificial beauty, be sure to make your attribute visible to the entire world!

3. Pont des Arts, Paris

In the city of love, on a bridge with water flowing beneath and the slight wind in the hair and the hands in the hand of the one you love. No, that’s not a Disney movie; it is the story of Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris. Initially known as the Love Lock Bridge, it was a tourist destination where people, especially couples, used to come to commemorate their relationship but locking a lock, a symbol of their togetherness and threw the key into the water symbolising the eternal view of their relationship. However, the bridge could not handle the immense weight of the love and started to collapse. Taking down the locks, the place is now replaces with graffiti of the lock walls where you can spray and take selfies.

4. Gum Wall, Seattle

This is one of the place that has self explanatory name, the Gum Wall in Seattle is one wall covered in chewing gum. Oh no, don’t be grossed out just yet, this is one unique and interactive place where the saliva of millions people on promotes the concept of unity on a wall. Okay, it does account for some level of grossness! The place has been gathering gums since the early 1990s has only been cleaned once in all these years! But what we cannot deny is this 50 feet long wall does pose as a colourful and unique background for a cool perspective shot with the gum sculptures taking up the backdrop and the foreground. Easily topping the top five germiest tourist attractions, the place is not for the ones who love cleanliness.

5. Charlie’s Bar, Aruba

Counted as a little Caribbean hole in the wall, Charlie’s bar holds the deception of being a normal place. But as you enter the place, the place will take you on a boat ride around the seas holding on proudly to the artifacts from around the globe. Each and every inch of the place is daubed with a mosaic of flags, broken old music instruments, ship parts, stuffed animals, old license plates and many similar trinkets. If you ever find yourself in this labyrinth of memories and remnants, make sure to contribute something of your very own; they’d never refuse to accept quirky gifts as these!

6. Western Wall, Israel

Counted as one of the most sacred sites for the Jews, the Western Wall in Israel witnesses millions of visitors every year. The place is crowded throughout the year and is known as an abode for the true connection with God. In order to communicate with the almighty, people write their prayers or wishes on a sheet of paper which in turn is wedged between the cracks of the wall. Twice a year, the wishes are collected, packed and buried on the Mountain of Olives. This place will give you the chance to leave the most holy mark in the world.

7. Juliet’s House, Verona

Unarguably Shakespeare’s most successful and famous heroine, Juliet is a celebrated name in the world of love. A Mecca for romantic tourists, the place is famous for people looking for romantic gestures and questions. Though Juliet’s House was very famous in the early days, too much fame brought a downfall in the authenticity of the place, leading it to be destroyed by gummed notes and graffiti in the courtyard. However, the practice was put to an end by Verona, and today the visitors can leave their messages and wishes on a special removable plank. The best part about the place is you will get a reply from the Volunteers in the Juliet Club. Aren’t able to find your life’s answers, maybe try your luck here?

Like you etched your names with your teenage love on that tree, it’s time to leave such memories across the globe! Know more about all the places where it isn’t illegal to write or mark a piece of your mind!

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