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Top 6 Hollywood Film Destinations

For people who are both travel-enthusiasts and movie-buffs, nothing beats a holiday to a dreamy backdrop from one of their favorite movie scenes. Talk about the legendary ‘Empire State Building scene’ from Sleepless in Seattle or the epic union of the Pretty Woman and her man behind Las Palmas Hotel, LA – these locations practically boosted the tourism harvest of these places.

So those of you who so wish to visit and live your most favorite movie destinations, here’s the list that commands attention! Check out the top favorites of Hollywood filmmakers from across the globe:

1. Hawaii, USA

With over 50% of the movies shot in the States, Hawaii takes the lead with its impeccable shore beauty and clear waters. The rib-tickling comedy of Jason Segel and Russell Peters in Forgetting Sarah Marshalls shot its major scenes in Oahu. Then there’s the figmental celluloid starring Pearl Harbor again filmed on this atoll.

The romantic settings of 50 First Dates, the prehistoric backdrop of Jurassic Park and the love triangle starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams- all the stardom puts Oahu in spotlight.

2. Vancouver, Canada

Despite the wide filming of the Great White North, very few can spout off the list of blockbusters shot in Canada. Big-name flicks that have swept the youth generation like Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey owe their awesomeness to Vancouver. Forks High School in the Twilight series is actually Vancouver’s David Fraser Senior Secondary School.

The landscapes of ‘Hollywood North’, a much earned epithet for Vancouver, served an ideal location for Jumanji, your childhood favorite. In Deadpool, you may recognize it by its skyline.

3. London, England

Greenwich’s almost-ancient Royal Naval College can be seen popping up in every flick from The Dark Knight Rises to The King’s Speech. The diagonals of Broadgate Tower posing as a Shanghai skyscraper in Skyfall cannot fool the Londoners with its digitally altered backdrop.

Other blockbusters include Love Actually, Shaun of the Dead, The Prestige, Mission Impossible, Shakespeare in Love, Sherlock Holmes, Notting Hill…and the list goes on and on and on!

4. Fiji, Oceania

This remote archipelago gained much limelight with the attention of the greatest Film industry ever. The postcard-perfect tropical paradise was captured in Castaway, The Blue Lagoon, Boot Camp, Mr. Robinson Crusoe, etc. Ever since its enactment in the Hollywood, Fiji has gained a lot of popularity and investment.

Castaway owed its stardom to Monuriki, part of the Mamanuca archipelago in Fiji, while the original Blue Lagoon starring Christopher Atkins was shot in the isles of Nanuya Levu.

5. Mumbai, India

While Bollywood directors head outside of India to incorporate the most ideal locations in their films, Hollywood people are turn to India when they wish to shoot ‘abroad’. The biographical sports drama Million Dollar Arm, popular for its interesting mix by A.R. Rahman was partly shot in Mumbai. Then there’s Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionnaire captured in the gigantic slums of the city.

The unheard real story A Mighty Heart, starring Jolie, displayed Mumbai and Pune in the scenes that demanded Karachi. Not to mention the phenomenal MI4 that was shot in the by-lanes of Bora Bazaar.

6. Dubai, UAE

Let’s get Fast & Furious! In the 7th edition of the movie, one can easily identify the skyscrapers of this beyond-royal city of UAE. Then of course there’s the nail-biting scene from Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise hangs off of Burj Khalifa.

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