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Winter Is Coming And So Is Wanderlust

Top 9 Game of Thrones Destinations

Games of Thrones, or the book ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ has evolved the world of travel for the true wanderlusts. Places that were hardly mapped on the globe have now become the ultimate tourist destinations ever since the fan following of GoT slapped on phenomenally. With HBO crews unraveling thousands of miles to get the perfect shots, here is what you need to know about these spectacular destinations.

The Croatian city of Dubrovnik is the legendary King’s Landing, while the Northern Iceland stands as the Wintery Terrain beyond the Wall. The high Atlas Mountains of Morocco are in fact the dusty terrain in GoT with the Scottish Highlands being Stark’s territory. What you perceive as Stark’s seat in Winterfell is castles in Northern Ireland.

But that’s about the main attractions. Now let’s chart down the other enthralling GoT places that you must be a part of your next holiday.

1. Northern Ireland

Carncastle and Castle Ward were the prime locations for Winterfell, while Magheramorne Quarry was used for both Castle Black and the legendary war of HardHome. If you are intrigued by the Dark Hedges – the road that leads to King’s Landing or the Greyjoy’s Iron Islands (Murlough Bay), visit Northern Ireland.

2. Dubrovnik and Korcula Island, Croatia

To explore the labyrinthine streets of King’s Landing, head to Dubrovnik. This enchanting seaside town offers you an insight into history.

The Southern Dalmatian coast of Croatia is all for idyllic sea-front views and Qarth-like architecture.

3. Atlas Mountains and Marrakech, Morocco

If you wish to follow the footsteps of Daenerys as she traveled through the desserts on to the Narrow Sea, visit Morocco. And if you are obsessed by the charm of cities like Westeros and Essos, unwind the dusty city of Marrakech.

4. Reykjavik, Iceland

The Land beyond the Wall is Iceland, where the spectacular Northern Lights and an expansive wilderness are waiting for you. Explore the thermal baths set amidst the snowcapped mountains here; it’s absolutely magical!

5. Calabria, Italy

Situated on the Ionian Coast is Le Castella Fortress, the doppelganger of Astapor. Calabria and Crotone display their sparkling presence right adjacent to the turquoise blue seas.

6. The Trossachs National Park, Scotland

Panoramic views, crisp and fresh air are an inherent feature of the Scottish Highlands, the place that marks Stark’s territory. This National Park is a happy place for those seeking peace or for families planning a picnic over the weekend.

7. San Pataleo, Sardinia

Petyr Baelish’s ships are well acquainted with the historic village of San Pataleo in Sardinia. This little town is nestled between mountains on all sides, overlooking the beautiful coastline of Costa Smeralda.

8. Rome and Venice, Italy

Rome survived the played and lost Game of Thrones of a whole civilization. The eerie ruins of temples and forts stand as a testament to the political struggles of the former emperors.

9. Malta, Southern Europe

You must have noticed King’s Landing using several present, popular spots as backdrops in GoT. One of them is the ancient town of Mdina, a medieval town that showcases robust Norman moats and fortifications.

The Azure Window of Malta can be spotted in the Dothraki wedding in the first season, a natural arch that came into being thousands of years ago when its many limestone caves collapsed. This arch can be witnessed in Clash of the Titans as well. Go scuba diving here for an amazing underwater experience.

Another Maltan spire seen in GoT is the holiest spot in Westeros, Sept of Baelor. It is actually Fort Manoel of Malta serving the purpose!

So witness these sweeping fantasy landscapes with your own eyes. You’ll realize the toil and effort put by the team of this epic series to create a masterpiece just for you!

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