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5 Popular Countries That Have Been Prone To Natural Calamities

Traveling involves more than just an organised trip. It includes a tad bit of luck and an accurate weather forecast. As much as our planet surprises us with its beauty and magnanimity, it can also give us jolts through certain inevitable hazards.

We don’t mean to scare you. Instead, give you a tiny glimpse of nature’s not-so-beautiful side. So that when you plan your next holiday, you’re well-versed with the different hues and shades of each country.

Here’s a bunch of places that are most prone to falling in nature’s catastrophic hands.

1. Philippines

Despite its enthralling landscapes, Philippines is extremely vulnerable to recurrent typhoons. These severe tropical storms have been responsible for an immeasurable amount of damage to human life and property. Manila, Tuguegarao, Cabanatuan, Naga and San Carlos are few of the cities that are often caught unaware of these violent tragedies.

2. USA

This economic and environmental superpower hasn’t been spared from its share of woes either. The mammoth size of the country sees different types of calamities scattered all over its landmass. While hurricanes are a common affair in Florida and Texas, floods cause vast damage in areas of Arkansas, Mississippi River Valley, Louisiana and Utah.

3. Japan

Japan has been a witness of some of the most devastating manmade and natural disasters. How can we ever forget the Tsunami that shook the very core of human existence! But the misfortune doesn’t stop there. The country often falls prey to natural calamities like volcanic eruptions, specifically in Kyushu and Hokkaido. In addition to this, earthquakes and floods are also a common phenomenon in Japan.

4. Vanuatu

A swish of nature’s wand in the wrong direction is enough to disrupt the serenity of this island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean to the east of Australia. Deadly cyclones and frequent earthquakes often engulf this archipelago, making it prone to abject disasters.

5. China

The eccentric Chinese culture and bustling pace of life comes to a standstill when parts of the country succumb to environmental disasters. China faces gruesome landslides and floods, specially in Shanghai and the Yellow River. Tremors and earthquakes are known to haunt several regions of the China, leaving the country in horrific shambles.

Though the thought of such adversities may frighten you, it is essential to clear your mind off all negativities before embarking upon a journey. Nurture nature, and it’ll reveal its enchanting colours that will sweep you off your feet – not through storms, but through its sheer beauty.

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