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10 Best Yoga Destinations

For anyone who is a yogi, or endeavors to be one, the zest to travel comes naturally in his grain. Yoga travels are seeing an upsurge, thanks to the growing awareness about this ancient practice. If you live in or around India, the options are plenteous. But if not, there’s a lot you need to explore.

So we bring you the list of Top 10 Yoga destinations to unravel! These places are spread across the planet, so you can practice yoga while ticking off your bucket list.

1. The Ganges, Rishikesh, India

India, the birthplace of Yoga, is every yogi’s first pick. The Himalayas, where Adiyogi- the founder of Yoga, lived, is till today the epitome of mysticism. Nestled on the foothills of this divine mountain range is Rishikesh, stationed on the banks of the holy Ganges. The place is replete with temples and Ashrams that offer you intense Yoga programs and workshops.

2. Gokarna, India

This island in Karnataka is glutted with peaceful yoga retreats and ashrams. Some are stationed right on the shore, while others near the lush landscapes of the town. Take up a week’s course here and maintain your travel diaries alongside. You can reach Gokarna by taking a 2 hour train from Goa, the party capital of India.

3. Sedona, Arizona

Referred to as the sacred locale of spirituality and healing, Sedona is popular for its energy vortexes, aura readings, crystal shops and umpteen medicinal spa treatments. Take up a Yoga Hike in this Red Rock Country or may be visit during the Sedona Yoga Festival, held 9th to 12th March every year.

4. Hariharalaya, Cambodia

This little village dates back to around 800 AD and has been assigned the accolade of the Vedic capitol of Cambodia. Roughly a 30 minute ride from Siem Reap takes you to Hariharalaya Retreat Center. Practice Integral Yoga, Meditation and Conscious Living in an environment of absolute Digital Detox. On your way back, a visit to the legendary Angkor Wat is inevitable!

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5. Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

If you’ve read (or seen) Eat, Pray, Love then Bali would already be on your travel radar. Ubud, the name itself meaning ‘medicine’, is a gamut of Buddhism and Yoga. The city is bustling with Yoga retreats, meditation centers and full-moon fire ceremonies.

6. Alicante, Spain

Referred to as the Yoga capitol of Europe, Spain has many cities replete with yogic experiences, and Alicante tops the list. So bring your sunny side up while basking in the sun on one of the Alicante beaches. The gorgeous vistas coupled with abundant relaxing yogic practices are sure to make your vacation a fulfilling experience.

7. Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Not the side of Brazil you’ve seen or imagined! Away from the city’s hustle and party, this cute little village nestled in the island of Tinhare in Bahia. Imagine a yoga refuge where you could practice the asanas right on the beach, followed by a healthy, organic breakfast. The aura of this tiny village is so unruffled, like a constant meditation!

8. Tahiti, French Polynesia

A rather affluent pick for Yoga and Travel, Tahiti lets you practice yoga, but with a price. Plan a seven day learning experience in one of the Tahiti Yoga classes and enter into a world of heartfelt pampering. There will be 2 intense yoga sessions every day, not to mention your private bungalow, a treat by a private chef and a masseur.

9. Zakynthos, Greece

The crystal clear, cobalt waters of the Ionian sea couples with blinding white sand beaches are on every bucket list. And when you add a pinch of yoga to this, your spiritual revelations becomes all the more rapid. Purifying your mind and body in such a pure ecosystem is a breeze!

10. The Berkshires, Massachusetts

The otherwise Bostonian impression of Massachusetts, one with crazy nightlife and opulent shopping avenues is overrun by the Western end of the city. The tranquil landscapes and surreal mountains of Berkshires offer a perfect haven for Yogic peace. Kripalu Center, the largest Yoga center in the nation, offers over 600 courses to suit your needs.

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