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7 best train journeys across North America

1. Grand Canyon Railway, USA:

From Williams to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park, this terrific railway route flaunts the grandeur of the red rocks. The spellbinding landscapes of fir and pine forests, waterfalls, the Colorado river and dramatic terrain change, makes the 60-mile journey around this Natural Wonder of the World a spectacular one.

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes
Best time to travel: March – May
Cost: Minimum $32.5 one-way

2. El Chepe, Mexico:

Embarking upon a 418-mile long journey from Chihuahua to Los Mochis, the El Chepe or Chihuahua-Pacific Railway route crosses 37 bridges and 86 tunnels. Its emblematic feature of the tour is the Copper Canyon of Mexico, with stopovers to enjoy the magnanimity of nature. The waterfalls, hot springs and adjoining points of interest embellish the train ride further.

Duration: 16 hours
Best time to travel: October – March
Cost: Approximately $1700 one-way

3. Napa Valley Wine Train, USA:

The Napa Valley Wine Train is the ideal way to add a tinge of nature’s richness to your travel expedition. Starting from Napa up to St. Helena in California, the train trails through stunning vineyards and exquisite landscapes. With one of the best dining experiences, winery tours, rustic carriages and beautiful sunsets, this railroad journey preaches relaxation and comfort.

Duration: 3 hours
Best time to travel: August – October
Cost: Approximately $140 round-trip

4. Rocky Mountaineer, Canada:

The extravagance of the Canadian Rockies is something you can’t escape. The snow-clad mountains, flawless glaciers and blanketing greenery from Vancouver to Banff and Jasper, makes this journey an unforgettable one. Elevating the magic of the scenery, the Rocky Mountaineer train offers the GoldLeaf service exemplifying luxury through its fine-dining experience and glass domed coaches with panoramic views.

Duration: Flexible packages, between 1 – 24 days of travel.
Best time to travel: April – October
Cost: Approximately $1000 one-way

5. California Zephyr, USA:

Traversing through 7 states and multiple terrains, the train connects Chicago and California in the quaintest and most captivating way. Passing alongside the Continental Divide, mighty canyons, Colorado and Mississippi river, parched deserts of Nevada and Salt Lake City, the journey of 2438 miles depicts the magnificence of North America. The train provides accommodations in the form of roomettes, bedroom and suites.

Duration: 51 hours
Best time to travel: March – November
Cost: Approximately $150 one-way

6. Amtrak Cascades, Canada & USA:

Running across the Pacific Northwest corridor, the Amtrak Cascades shuttle between Vancouver in British Columbia and Eugene in Oregon. Surrounded by lush green landscapes, azure seascapes, alluring highlands, like – Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood and Mt. Baker, this 467-mile route will bring you closer to nature.

Duration: Up to 11 hours
Best time to travel: Throughout the year
Cost: Approximately $90 one-way
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7. White Pass & Yukon Route, USA & Canada:

Passing around cliff-hangers, glacial rivers, waterfalls and gorges of the bewildering Alaska, the train enters Whitehorse, the heart of Yukon. Constructed in late 1800s during the Klondike Gold Rush era, the train traverses through exhilarating locations and landscapes. The railways also conduct several excursions, such as: Bennett Scenic Journey, Fraser Meadows Steam Excursion and White Pass Summit Excursion, thus enriching this unique travel adventure.

Duration: Minimum 4 hours, depending on the Excursion and stopovers
Best time to travel: May – September
Cost: Approximately $120 round-trip

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