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7 stunning places to see a sunrise

A sunrise is a gorgeous vista in its own right. But some places make this view all the more angelic with their postcard-perfect locations.

While the list of perfect-sunrise destinations is humongous, we have picked the ones that top the charts. Check out the 7 most amazing places to soak in the golden scene.

1. Taj Mahal, India

They say nothing beats the beauty of natural vistas- sun rising behind an enormous mountain or may be over the sea. Well, there are some man-made wonders that are sure to break your myth. Taj Mahal- the symbol of eternal love will leave you entranced both with its natural setting and monumental marvel. The beauty of Agra reaches its zenith when the first rays of dawn glistens this pure marble spire. The white structure turns golden (just as it reflects blue color with the moon light falling on it) and leaves you speechless!

2. Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

For hardcore adventurers who prefer going the extra mile to catch the most spectacular views, Mount Kilimanjaro renders an ideal destination. Souls dedicated to their ascent to this majestic accomplishment soak in an unparalleled sight of the golden sun sparkling over the white, snowy horizons. The view only gets better with the height, when in the end, you can practically look the sun in the eyes!

3. Cappadocia, Turkey

To experience the strange city of Cappadocia at its best, crawl out of your cave (a lot of travelers sleep here in cave hotels, literally!) in the morning to fetch yourself an early Balloon ride. Dozens of balloons sail over the purple-pink dawn, and the whole scene turns into a flowery garden. As you rise and float over the valleys and spires, the pre-dawn darkness will skim through you as you encounter the most beautiful sunrise ever!

4. Tres Cruces, Peru

An undeniably long trek from the gateway of Machu Pichu, Cuzco, Tres Cruces can be reached with a six-hour bus ride as well. Situated in the Amazon basin, this mountain spot was held sacred by the Incas. Today, Tres Cruces is sanctified by visitors seeking a breathtaking sunrise. You can catch a glimpse of Polaroid moments and celestial hues from above the clouds; it’s simply wow!

5. Svalbard, Norway

Over the Arctic Circle is Svalbard, the northern most inhabited spot on the planet, a place where glaciers and mountains paint the horizon in white tincture. Svalbard features midnight sun, a phenomena where the sun stays in the sky continuously for 24 hours! That’s right…the sun doesn’t set here, at least not between mid April and late August. So those seeking a ceaseless, constantly magical sunrise, go Scandinavian!

6. Santorini, Greece

There’s something about white and gold. Crisp, white backdrops create the most heart-warming, serene vistas for our eyes when the Grecian sun shines over them. And the one place that pops in everyone’s mind when talking about White is Greece! Oia in Santorini is so full of such gorgeous panoramas; you point your camera anywhere and you will capture a scene so saturated in colors that it needs no filters! When the morning sun glistens over Oia, white limestone turns pink, the sky burns red and the sea turns indigo.

7. Orange County, California

The scenic suburb of Irvine in Orange County presents some wonderful locations for the perfect sunrise and sunset. A 10-minute, moderate hike up the Turtle Rock Hill is a pleasant alternative to the hustle bustle of the city. Apart from an amazing sunrise experience for your sore eyes, there is a bird’s eye view of the Pacific Ocean and the city of Los Angeles.

All these places and a hundred more give you a sight worth getting up early for. So stow down your late night party for once to experience the most fabulous vistas of nature!

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