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10 Best Cities for Street Art

There’s no better love affair than the one between the art and the artist. From being a compelling voice of action to a downpour of emotion, street art has always been a creative mode of self-expression. Walk through some of the most kaleidoscopic lanes in the world and explore the tryst of several artists with their imagination.

1. Melbourne, Australia:

Melbourne is all about scenic contrasts. On one side of the road you will find the historic Flinders Station and a few steps away, you will enter the psychedelic Hosier Lane that is an extravagant celebration of colors. Known as the “Stencil Capital of the World”, the city organizes the Melbourne Stencil Festival and several other workshops and street art tours. Celebrating murals and music, places like Centre Place, Croft Alley, Finlay Lane, Blender Lane, Fitzroy and Caledonian Lane are few other gems that are all about murals and music.

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Sao Paulo has been an unmatched cultural hub of Brazil. Needless to say, the art scene of this city will cast a spell on you with its explosion of colors and gripping artwork. Os Gêmeos, Nunca and Cranio Nina are supposedly the city’s most renowned street artists that are known to spunk up every dull nook and corner. Batman’s Alley and the Liberdade neighbourhood display some of the best graffiti in the world.

3. Berlin, Germany:

Bagging the title of being the world’s Design Capital, every crevice of Berlin resonates with artistic vibes. Remarkable street artists like Roland Brueckner, BLU and MTO are few of the names that are scribbled under most of the city’s iconic graffiti. Berlin is the prime example of how a creative splatter of paint can turn into a hypnotic piece of artistry. East Side Gallery, Schlesisches Tor, Kreuzberg are few of the most vivacious places in the city that ooze with eccentric art.

4. Buenos Aires:

Set out on a life-altering modern graffiti art tour within the bounds of Buenos Aires to acquaint yourself with some of the best street art you will ever see. The enchanting neighbourhoods of La Boca, Barracas and Monserrat are famous for their gripping murals and artistic intricacies.

5. Cape Town, South Africa:

Amidst all the adventure and wildlife, Cape Town finds itself on the urban art map of the world. Graffiti was used as a medium of political expression and awareness right from the Apartheid Regime. From gigantic paintings of legendary figures like Nelson Mandela and Steven Biko to surreal brushstrokes of contemporary work, this city is a paradisiacal destination for those who have a penchant for art.

6. London, England:

Shrug aside all your opinions about the dapper and daunting Englishmen; you will be in for a surprise when you discover the exuberant art splashed around the crevices of London. Ebor Street, Mayfair, Shoreditch, Heneage Street are drenched in some of the most unconventional street art you will find across Britain.

7. Lisbon, Portugal:

Doused in paint and patterns are most Lisbon’s buildings and streets. No matter where you go, the city’s deep-rooted visual culture will follow you. Find yourself on one of the most amazing street art tours to discover all the creativity that always stays afloat here. Calçada da Glória, Bairro Alto and Alcântara are few of the streets that have the most beautiful spread of murals in the city.

8. New York, USA:

Brace yourself from some funky roadside visual art while you are busy walking around the alleyways of the Big Apple. New York is always brimming with a fusion of color and culture and the flamboyant street art keeps pace with its upbeat energy. Houston and Bowery, Freeman Alley, East 106th Street and Park Avenue, and 118 Orchard Street are few places you must watch out for.

9. Moscow, Russia:

The capital city of Russia is known for its defiant street art that submerges the walls and buildings of different crannies with abstract, yet spellbinding murals. Set out on a long stroll while in Moscow without a map and watch brick and stone edifices transform into canvases.

10. Istanbul, Turkey:

The walls will talk to you when you are in Istanbul. Bold and beautiful, the murals and graffiti of the city are smeared with every color of the spectrum, leaving you with a sight that will have an ever-lasting imprint on your mind. Kadıköy, İstiklal Street and Karaköy are some of the streets that exemplify the artistic prowess of the city.

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