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7 Best Shopping Streets In The World

Streets That Will Make You Want To Shop Till You Drop

The concept of shopping may have revolutionized with the passage of time, but the essence of it has not worn out from the streets. Whether it’s window shopping with your girl-squad admiring the latest trends in the market, or making it solo to the shops and spending some ‘me’ time in front of the mirror – these are the best shopping streets that will put all the retail websites to shame.So as you scroll and splurge across your favourite shopping avenues, give a thought to what it’d be like to shop in the best shopping streets in the world.

1. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills

Matching the iconic Hollywood sign of LA is itself a biggie, and to do that while on ground level is almost impossible. However, the deed is done easily by Rodeo Drive, while maintaining its grace. Housing almost all of the major brands in the world including Tiffany, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Valentino and Prada, the place will give you an Europe-esque feel, complete with its cobble-stoned area,  the Torso sculpture the Walk of Style and many other similar quirky bits. Frilled with its palm-lined sidewalks and Ferrerai brimming curbs, this place definitely earns its place on the list of the best streets to shop in the world.

Best places to stay in Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

2. Bond Street, London

Making its way right from the 18th century, this street on London probably has more tourists and native visitors than any other place in the region. Running from Oxford Street all the way to Piccadilly, Bond Street, like the iconic character of James Bond is well equipped with almost all the brands, and is up to date with the latest fashion. Everywhere you look, the place is brimming with high end brands and top-tier shopping experience, making this area an indelible option while shopping in London.

Stay in the heart of London’s shopping hub

Bond Street

3. Fifth Avenue, New York

Even under a deep sheet of snow when everyone wants a blanket at their disposal, the street of Fifth Avenue is not empty- a fact advocating the superiority of the place itself. Spanning from the old brands including Tiffany, Saks and the kind to the latest and hip brands included Polo, Ralph Lauren and Apple, you won’t be able to name a single famous brand missing its spot on the avenue. One of the best times to plan a trip here is during the Christmas sale. Though Santa might not be for real, the view of the route is a wonderful gift in itself with shop window’s morphed into a more festive and sensory-overloading tableau.

Best deals on hotels in New York near Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue

4. Ginza, Tokyo

Starting from the swamps, this 8 block district today resides crocodiles only on the flipped collar Lacoste shirts. One of the best choices in Japan, Ginza is famous across the globe, thanks to the confluence of the tech icons such as Apple and Sony with the fashion icons like Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This perfect combination of both the worlds makes shopping on this street an adventure that no other place can provide you! So to experience a surprisingly interesting take on fashion, visit Japan today.

Hotels in Ginza, Tokyo


5. Laugavegur, Reykjavik, Iceland

Though this place cannot be counted as the biggest or the busiest shopping street in the world, however the charm of the downtown Reykjavik is something you can’t experience anywhere else in the world! Offering impeccable finesse in the shopping experience, it is made up of some of the most expensive brands and the most exclusive stores in the book from around the globe. Also one of the oldest shopping streets in the country, the place would whisper a story with every step you take and remind you a memoir from the past.

Where to stay in Laugavegur, Reykjavik


6. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Brimming with happiness and goodies, this Magnificient Mile is not just a collection of stores and restaurants, but also the essence of the culture and history of the place, thanks to its proximity to the landmarks like Chicago Water Tower, the Art Institute of Chicago and Millennium Park. So purchase a fleece by Neiman Marcus and walk along the street fighting the dropping mercury; after all who said being a shopper was easy?

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Michigan Avenue

7. Via Montenapoleone, Milan

Placed in unarguably one of the most fashionable cities in the world, you will not just be met by the factory outlets but the headquarters of a majority of the high-end Italian and non-paisan brands we love just can’t stop admiring! But that is not all, the street has in its merits; it is the history that makes the street what it is today. Even having lent its names from Napoleon’s Italian Republic, this is a shopping street in Europe where you will be met with fashion and culture in full swing.

Hotels near the best shopping street in Milan

Via Montenapoleone

So pick your bag and pack your snack while enjoying your time on the best shopping streets in the world. And to make sure you don’t miss anything elemental, save the above list!

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