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7 Best Road Trips in USA

If roads could speak, these would have the best stories

The best way to explore an uncharted territory is to chalk out a good road trip. Appreciate the raw face of nature away from civilisation through the 7 best road trips in USA.

1. Pacific Coast Highway

One of the most beautiful roads in the region, the route 1 connects the 3 major cities of California, Oregon and Washington. If you happen to find yourself anywhere from Santa Barbara to the Canadian border on this route, you will be treated by some of the most bewitching sights consisting of the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mountains riding right up to the peripheries. Giving you a vast frame, this is one of the best places to experience the vastness of the Pacific meeting the land. Some of the things to look out for in the route are the mudslides, sharp turns and detours. This is undoubtedly one of the best road trips in USA.

Where to stay near Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

2. Route 12

One word to describe the Route 12 is “stunning”. Running from Capitol Reef National Park to Bryce Canyon National park, this road of Utah is one of the most diverse sights that US has to offer. Located on a significant altitude, this drive goes on for a good 124 miles, cutting through the forested mountains to the breathtaking bald mountains in Boulder. Hitting the road will make you want to stop at every turn and corner just to admire the beautiful rock formations.

Budget-friendly accommodations near Route 12

Route 12

3. Kancamagus Highway

If it is autumn and a drive is what you want to take, Kancamagus Highway is the ideal choice. Designated as an American Scenic Byway, Route no. 112 located in the Northern Hampshire region offers some of the most alluring fall foliage viewing opportunities. With a small brook accompanying the way, the road is one of the best places to witness the peaceful coexistence of manmade and natural.

Hotels near Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus Highway

4. Overseas Highway

Route 1 running from Key Largo all the way to Key West in Florida, is one of the best road trips in USA . Though some people may complain that the first part of the road running from mainland Florida to Key Largo is slightly boring or tedious, the following one is worth the tedium. Set between the Islamorada region up to the terminus of Route 1 in the Key West is the route leading you to the favourite romantic drives they show in movies. One of the most iconic parts in the road trip is the 7-mile bridge, a vastly popular onscreen destination where you will find yourself on the set of many famous movies including “True Lies”.

Low-cost accommodations near Overseas Highway

Overseas Highway

5. Beartooth Highway

If we had to pick the most beautiful highway in America, Beartooth Highway has high chances of victory. Route no. 212 running between the Northern Entrance of the Yellowstone right up to the Red Lodge Mont, and right through the Absaroka-Beartooth National Wilderness, this is one road trip you just can’t afford to miss. Located on an elevated ground, at one point during the journey, the road reaches the height of 11,000 feet, giving you some of the most breathtaking sights you will ever witness. A few things to look out for are proper attire and gear in chance of any malfunction of the vehicle as the road is not very well visited.

Best hotels near Beartooth Highway


6. Delaware Water Gap

Have you ever been so distracted by the surrounding beauty that you forgot to drive? If not, Delaware Water Gap is the road trip you should plan. Linking the major towns of Pennsylvania to New Jersey, this interstate 80 is surely going to make it a challenge to keep going. Once on the road, you would not want to go to your destination, instead you will wish that the way drags on and on! One of the must try places for the nature lovers, the beauty of the Delaware river can awe even the most concrete content.

Where to stay near Delaware Water Gap

Delaware Water Gap

7. Route 6 - Cape Cod

One of the most architecturally beautiful highways, this 117 mile route wending through the Cape Cod is one you wouldn’t want to skip. Taking you through forests, past saltbox homes in colonial villages, tidal ponds, and eventually ending up at the Provincetown harbour, this is one place you will regret if you forget your camera.

Hotel options near Cape Cod

Route 6 - Cape Cod

Excited to take a road trip? You’ll need to rent a car first! Don’t forget to read up on some of the basic car rental tips.

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