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7 Hidden Gems in South America Which Are Straight Out Of a Dream

These small towns of America will make you want to visit them again and again.

From Brazil to Colombia, to Argentina and Venezuela, every major city is often said to have some majorly secretive gems. Yes, we are talking about the small towns and villages without which your brazen visit of the South America can never be complete. These hidden lands in America serve as the base of the civilization, offering the visitors a deep insight into the civil and cultural bent of mind of the people. A stay in these regions is sure to take you to a peaceful past or give you hope for a beautiful future.

To answer the question of your best choices for the said towns, here is the list of the 7 most beautiful small towns in South America that are all set to give you an unforgettable experience:

1. Cafayate Wine Town, Argentina

A small sandy village in the North-western Argentina, Cafayate Wine Town is a place circumscribed by multicoloured mountain ranges and red rock desert. The place is a living example of the contrast, complete with Vineyards, punctuated by tall cactus sentinels that stretch right into the foothills. This town is the residence of the delectable white wine Torrontes complete with alluring luxury wine lodges, a paradise for the wine lovers. All in all, Cafayate is ideal to cut off from the crowd and enjoy the joys of nature.

2. Villa de Leyva, Colombia

The hardest thing to do in America is find a more picturesque place than Villa de Leyva, literally! One of the earliest towns found by the Spanish, Villa de Levya at a 500 year benchmark, holds the initial charm intact through the ravishes of time. Complete with colonial-style churches, astonishing cobblestone plazas, marvellous bed-and-breakfasts, a brimming arts community, and untarnished countryside, a visit to Villa de Leyva is like traversing back to an upscale peaceful time in the past. Another fact advocating a visit to the place is that Villa de Leyva lets you unwind the beautiful Boyacá countryside.

3. Ollantaytambo, Peru

Counted as one of the major villages of the Sacred Valley of the Olanta (known locally), Ollantaytambo can be defined in one word- Spectacular! Placed near the Urubamba River, the place looks the kind of place, Belle from Beauty and the Beast lived complete with its agricultural terraces, and snow-capped peaks rising in the distance. Making it an attraction of the history enthusiasts, this place housed the ruins of the formidable temple-fortress overlooking the mystical old town, complete with a geometrical grid of streets built by the Incas, something unique in Peru.

4. Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Located a short ferry trip away from Buenos Aires, if you had to choose the best example of colonial life, Colonia Del Sacramento would easily win. The old city still retains the brilliant examples of colonial wealth in the form of many architectural wonders and old structures, dating back to the 17th century. One of the best preserved Portuguese settlements, this is one of the towns you cannot afford to miss. Though preferred by people for a day’s trip, Colonia de Sacramento offers a number of beautiful lodging facilities.

5. Mérida, Venezuela

Snuggled in the tapered valley right between the two immense mountain ranges of the regal Andes Mountains, this is one town brimming with life and energy. Providing adventure enthusiasts excellent opportunities for thrilling activities, Merida is one of the best places for people who admire outdoors. For the people who enjoy the colonial architecture, this town itself is a living example of the beautiful narrow streets and colonial architecture, thus creating a great spot to just sit or wander around to explore the buildings with a thousand stories to tell.

6. Pucón, Chile

If we have to pick the adventure capital in Chile, the name Pucón is definitely a premier choice. Blessed with a spectacular location right at the skirt of a smoking volcano and a glittering lake on the shore, Pucon itself is an eye candy. Though the town is a to-go place for the outdoor enthusiasts, if your idea of vacation is limited to plopping yourself on a beach with a lot of sunscreen, it hosts a number of low-key activities. All in all, it provides you everything without forfeiting the small-town charm.

7. Isla del Sol, Bolivia

Though there is a plethora of small villages on the Sun Islands, the population here is only a few thousand people. Without cars or telephones, this place is a living example of how the life used to be before the intrusion of technology, a complete digital detox! The town might not provide you with the obvious comforts, but you will get a deep insight of the colloquial beliefs and civil life of the place.

To experience America beyond the metropolis, be sure to make an informed choice from the aforementioned list.

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