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Bridging the Lesser-Known Gaps

7 Enchanting Pedestrian Bridges in the World

Bridges not only connect one piece of land to another; they connect the past with the present. You can never gauge their beauty from your ride when you cross them in haste. But on foot, you can experience how eternally beautiful vistas they have to offer.

You must have heard of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, or the Golden Gate in SF. But there are plenteous hidden treasures nestled in the Mother Nature that take you to another world.

Check out these gorgeous arches that mean much more than taking you from A to B:

1. Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Imagine a bridge not over the waters, but through them. That’s what the Moses is about. These spellbinding sunken, pedestrian bridge passes through the parted waters to take you to a magnificent fortress. The architects have used a completely waterproof wood, spreading forward like a trench. Named after the Prophet himself, you wouldn’t need to worry about the waters overflowing, as the height of the water is governed by dams on either side.

2. Trampoline Bridge, Paris

Truly contemporary and eccentric, the Inflatable Trampoline Bridge doesn’t really qualify for a pedestrian bridge, as it makes you flip and bounce your way through. The structure showcases three consecutive doughnuts with mesh trampoline spread across. You can exit by way of a staircase; or if the trampoline wasn’t enough of a joyride, use the slide.

3. Living Roots Bridges, Meghalaya, India

The most naturally built structure, sans any usage of concrete or steel, is a UNESCO site in the North East India. Living Roots Bridges are built out of the roots of the Indian Rubber Tree. Unlike the cliché concrete structures that take roughly 3-4 years to build, these took about 15 years to come alive. Nestled amidst the dense forests, they receive enough rain to grow longer and firmer and are expected to last 500 years!

4. Titlis Cliff Walk, Switzerland

If you are acrophobic, tick this one off your list. Titlis Cliff Walk rises 1500 ft. above a glacier in the gorgeous Swiss Alps; 9000 ft above the sea level. A huge snow storm in the mountains gave birth to this pedestrian bridge, back in 2012. Once the scariest bridge on earth, it is said to make the adrenaline junkies giddy.

5. Rialto Bridge, Venice

Enough of adrenaline and nature, let’s talk romance. And with this feeling in mind, Venice is the first place that pops in your head. The legendary Rialto Bridge sprawling over the Grand Canal demands a mandatory Venice photo for every tourist. The architect was laughed at for designing such a ‘dubious’ bridge as the people claimed it would fall down in no time.

6. Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

Ready for some ‘Game of Thrones’ like vistas? Here you go! Situated on the West coast of the Rain Forest atop river Capilano, this suspension bridge attracts millions of visitors every year. It’s a 450 ft long, swaying bridge, built 230 ft. above the river. Being the topmost tourist attraction in Vancouver, it attracts adventurers, nature lovers and historians alike.

7. Magdeburg Water Bridge

There’s water under and there’s water over! Magdeburg Water Bridge is a navigable aqueduct that crosses over the Elbe River to connect the Elbe-Havel canal and the Mittellandkanal. The idea is to transport commercial ships from Rhineland to Berlin. Nevertheless, it offers amazing vistas whether you choose to walk your way through, or take a minute to gawk at its beauty.

Bridges offer fantastic views especially after dusk, when the sparkling city life twinkles over the stirring waters. They may not be a nature’s gift, but are definitely mankind’s most spectacular invention.

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