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Top 5 Chocolate Stores in Paris

Chocolate, the most guiltless addiction of all times, owes its fame to the umpteen humans with a sweet-tooth who would do anything for their dose of sugar rush. Paris – the city of love, is also the city of countless gourmet chocolate shops. From tiny, independent chocolatiers to high-end, designer chocolate boutiques, there’s something in every teeny stretch of neighborhood here. While it’s downright impossible to choose a favorite, we have a list of top 5 chocolate stores in Paris, arguably determined by sugarplum connoisseurs.

So get slurpy and discover all things cocoa!

1. Laduree

Dating back to 1871 is Paris’ first tearoom that still stands out to be a symbol of class and indulgence. Laduree’s most eminent invention is the Double-sided Macaroon, i.e. two almond meringue biscuits brought together with a smooth ganache filling. Light and crisp on the outside and creamy and soft on the inside, these delicate treats come in a wide variety of flavors like bitter chocolate, licorice, coffee, rose, caramel with salted butter, orange blossom, black currant velvet, praline, lemon cedrat and many more!

Besides these, the company sells chocolates, pastries and other baked items in its three exhibits across Paris.

2. Angelina

Presenting you the most lip-smacking desserts is Angelina, an elegant tearoom just a few steps away from the Louvre. The company’s greatest trademark since its establishment in 1903 is the African Hot Chocolate – a velvety potion so thick and creamy that you might need a spoon to glug it. Then there’s Mont Blanc, an epicurean delight serving a ball of meringue wrapped in sweet chestnut and whipped cream.

Angelina has now expanded over 30 boutiques all across the globe in large metropolitans like Hong Kong, Tokyo, Dubai and Beijing.

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3. Jacques Genin

This top-notch chocolatier exhibited his creations in first-rate restaurants only, in the early days of establishment. But today you can taste his delicacies and take some back home at his impressive boutique. Voted as ‘the best chocolatier in the world’ by many eminent cocoa connoisseurs, Jacques showcases his signature tarts and éclairs in glass cases. The Millefeuilles are made to order to ensure perfect freshness. Menthe Amante, the boutique’s velvety chocolate ganache is a two phase taste sensation that ends with mint leaves bursting on your tongue!

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4. Michel Chaudun

At Michel’s cavern of cocoa, everything is contagious, from his enthusiastic smile to the sweetness of his chocolates. Try Fidgi, a dark chocolate filled with a passion fruit ganache, or its square truffle, or a Veragua that’s a heavenly praline-chocolate-caramel layered bon bon. Everything is chocolaty here, from the scrumptious servings to the epic chocolate sculptures.

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5. Un Dimanche a Paris

Opened by a French family of chocolatiers is this spacious concept shop cum tearoom combined in a full-scale restaurant to savor all things chocolate. The place serves an upscale brunch on Sundays- a mix-match of Poilane Bread, Bordier Butter and Iberian Ham, foie gras with pear and a glass of Champagne. Try Madeleine, a mini éclair served with a slice of cake and the best Hot Chocolate in Paris, prepped with real melted chocolate, cream, milk and a tinge of vanilla and cinnamon!

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Mouthwatering, ain’t it? So before you grow old and get diagnosed with diabetes, head straight to Paris!

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