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Top 7 Cities with the best New Year’s Eve Parties

Vegas, Paris, London, Goa – these all clichéd places have righteously earned the accolade of being the best cities to party on New Year’s Eve, thanks to the abundance of debauchery offered here! But how about trying something new in 2018! Fireworks, booze and booty shake all night – ya ya, we know the same old stuff you’ve been doing since ages… but this year, you can stow the old garb and witness something else too, besides the glitz and glamour.

We’ve scoured across the globe and charted down the best, offbeat, top 7 cities to party and bring in New Years 2018. Check it out!

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

If you are not so much of a partier and would rather celebrate the advent of 2018 the old school way, hit Reykjavik. The tradition and loving dedication with which Icelanders welcome the New Year is downright contagious! Begin the evening with a festive family dinner, followed by a trip to the local Bonfire (Brenna) where friends and neighbors gather to celebrate. After this, the locals glue themselves to the TV screen and watch Áramótaskaup (New Year’s comedy), a satirical show. And finally begins a brilliant display of fireworks which pull out the entire population of Reykjavik on the streets. But in the end, if you do wish to shake a leg, hit one of the many pubs and bars that stay awake until early hours of January 1st.

2. Bratislava, Slovakia

A promenade across the historic Old Town and its various squares full of fun, Bratislava is one of the most insane party capitals of Eastern Europe. Open air discotheque that the Hvelzdoslav square converts itself into, the interactive digital fireworks of the Main Square and ticking the final countdown off with the giant lighted clock at Ľudovít Štúr Square- Bratislava has something for everyone. Midnight fireworks are lit up from a boat right in the middle of the Blue Danube.

3. Mt. Tremblant, Canada

The gorgeous Christmas town overflows with skiers and sports enthusiasts every New Year’s eve, with impeccable fireworks and special outdoor events. If you seek an offbeat welcome of 2018, register in one of the thrill-seeking events. This time of the year goes houseful for its beauty and charm. So make sure you book yourselves well in advance.

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

Hogamany is the Scottish word for a New Years Eve celebration. The city hosts a 3-day event to bring in New Year, with revelers carrying torches from St. Giles Street, North and South Bridge to the Holyrood Park- Hogmanay sets the sky ablaze at midnight. Sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in the loudest rendition along with the locals as you wander in the historic streets of Scotland. New Year’s celebrations are made to blast with ceilidhs, theatre and live music all over the gorgeous town. Hogmanay’s party is an act of luxury. So get set to sip in a fancy cocktail as you swarm in the most high-heeled gentry of all times.

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5. Jaisalmer, India

Here’s to partying the most traditional way possible. Be a nomad and begin your new year with arms open. The Thar Desert awaits you with ample camping and partying facilities right in the dense sands. Witness the authentic Kalbelia dance that is sure to set your emotions free, or dance with the hippies as your feet soak away in the sand. In the daytime, unwind the Rajasthani culture as you explore the palaces and Indian royalty.

6. Sydney, Australia

The iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House make a striking setting to display the most jaw-slacking fireworks. More than a million people attend the waterfront show where aerial acrobatics and an Aboriginal smoking ceremony is said to cleanse your bad spirits. The Harbor of Light Parade, a flotilla of more than 50 illuminated boats in the harbor will surely take your breath away!

7. Valparaiso, Chile

Welcome Año Nuevo (New Year’s eve) Latin American style, as you gawk at the most amazing and extravagant fireworks of all times! Nestled amidst the hills along the beautiful Pacific, Valparaiso gets the power cut for its waterfront area, so you can appreciate the spectacle from over the hills. This 3 day festival begins from the 30th December, and lets revelers party until dawn. If you wish to welcome the New Year like a true Chilean, wear yellow underwear, eat a dozen grapes or maybe munch on lentils to bring good luck ahead.

Guess that’s too much info for one New Year’s! Well don’t worry, pick each one of them every year and make every New Year’s eve more memorable than the previous one! Happy Holidays!

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