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Around the World in Rainbow Colours – Best Pride Parades

10 best LGBT Pride Parades in the world

1. São Paulo, Brazil:

The São Paulo Gay Pride Parade is undisputedly the biggest LGBT pride event globally. With over 4 million people participating in the liberation of the LGBT community, the Parade has made its mark in the Guinness Book of World Records. The mega annual event starts from Avenida Paulista, the landmark avenue of the city, to the iconic Roosevelt Square. The grand festivities involve loud music, concerts, debates on select themes and cultural fairs gripped with flamboyancy and unfathomable euphoria.

When: Round about June

2. Berlin, Germany:

Popularly known as the Christopher Street Day, the Berlin Pride Celebration is a month-long event that takes place yearly in the remembrance of the Stonewall Riots. The last week of this carnival is the Pride Week. With close to 7,00,000 participants celebrating the victory of the invisible war fought by the LGBT community since time immemorial, CSD Berlin is one of the largest Pride Parades in all of Europe. Comprising of exhibitions, films, debates, concerts, and a month long of partying, the event consists of 2 main segments – The main march (CSD Demo) and the breath-taking rally (CSD Finale). The Demo begins from Charlottenburg and ends at Bradenburg Gate. The Finale rally happens in front of the Brandenburg Gate with eclectic celebrations.

When: End of June, carried on till July

3. Sydney, Australia:

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is a spectacular affair directed towards the emancipation of the LGBTQIs in the Australian landmass. Drawing a crowd of thousands, the Mardi Gras throws open a beguiling line-up of events to give a voice to the community that has been suppressed for years. Starting from Oxford Street, the parade marches in colours of equality up to Flinders Street. The event moves into parties at the Bondi Beach, Mardi Gras Film Festival and Fair Day, to name a few.

When: Beginning of March

4. San Francisco, USA:

The San Francisco Pride is a glorious two-day event that interlocks fun and frolic with a purpose of echoing the identity of the LGBTs in USA. Over 1 million people flock together at San Francisco’s Market Street and begin the parade in a high-spirited and vivacious manner. The parade comprises hundreds of contingents that bring the effervescent flavour in the Pride celebrations. The contingents include people on bikes, families and friends of the LGBT community, affirming religious groups, and interestingly, a bold Leather contingent that forms a part of BDSM groups.

When: End of June

5. Tel Aviv, Israel:

A week-long festivity with the rainbow flag furling high, the Tel Aviv Pride is said to be the biggest pride festival in Asia. Over 2,00,000 people assemble at Meir Park to represent the LGBT community in an atmosphere that is filled with buoyancy. The Parade terminates at the Charles Clore Park, but the party still continues with drag shows, music and speeches. The Pride Week and Pride Parade is known to attract a huge number of tourists worldwide.

When: June

6. Paris, France:

The city of love hosts a mammoth of a Pride Parade known as Marche des Fiertés LGBT. Starting at Tour Montparnasse, more than half a million attendees come together for the cause of promoting equality and love. Drenched in the rainbow colours, Paris transforms itself into a platform for social and civil rights. Parisians and their love for parties is well reflected during this season, where bars, pubs and restaurants open their doors post the Parade.

When: June or July

7. Toronto, Canada:

Canada is a host to yet another enormous LGBT event, known as the Pride Toronto. Featuring countless participating groups and entertainers, Pride Toronto tops many charts for its magnanimity or extravagance. With a Trans March, Dyke March and Pride Parade, the festival lasts for 10 days, pooling in over a million people. As a fallout of the Toronto Bathhouse Raids, Pride Toronto aims at standing tall for the rights of the LGBTs all over Canada and the world.

When: End of June

8. Taipei, Taiwan:

A revolutionary event in East Asia, the Taiwan Pride is distinct in its nature. While many LGBT Pride Parades were the outcome of a commercial or political agenda, Taiwan Pride etched its name as a social movement. Targeting multiple issues faced by the community in the country, the Pride Parade is supported by thousands of people, as they gather in the capital city of Taipei.

When: September or October

9. Cape Town, South Africa:

The Cape Town Pride is aimed as uniting Africans for the purpose of creating awareness and celebrating the LGBTs. The week-long Pride is driven by the enthusiasm and motivation of a large number of participants who work towards establishing equality. With a wave of colours and their vibrancy, Cape Town protests against legal and social discrimination against the community.

When: Round about February

10. Madrid, Spain:

Locally known as Orgullo de Madrid, this Pride Parade takes the city by storm. The merriments last for 5 enthralling days, starting from Plaza de Chueca. The vibes of the event are far reaching, and therefore gather millions of people, including tourists. The LGBT community embraces freedom, equality and social acceptance, as Spain boasts about being the most advanced legislation, in terms of LGBT rights.

When: Last Wednesday of June

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