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5 Best Islands To Visit In Oceania

Award-winning islands of Oceania that will give you some serious beach goals!

A famous poet once said, “No man is an island”, but what he forgot to mention was no man could forego the beauty of the islands. Circled by water on all sides and oozing with culture from the center, a choice to be made among the islands of Oceania is truly a tough one. To help you take your most precious pick in the litter, we present to you the 5 best islands in Oceania. So settle in your seat with popcorns, as we take you through the virtual tour of some of the most beautiful slices of nature you have seen!

1. Bora-Bora

Crowned as the jewel of the South Seas, Bora-Bora is definitely one of the most celebrated islands in the south Pacific. With her regal charm and unwavering fame, Bora-Bora has definitely earned its name on top of the list. Ohh no, don’t worry, you wouldn’t need to travel to another planet to experience Bora-Bora, so you can stop looking at your wallet for the space ship costs. The island is located on the north-western side of Tahiti, just an hour’s plane ride away from Papeete. With beautiful accommodations from lavish floating villas with glass floors to homely cottages, you can surely pick a place to make you feel at home. One thing that the isle guarantees is the experience of this vacay cannot be replicated by any other!

Beach Resorts in Bora Bora

Bora Bora

2. Aitutaki

Curling gently around one of the most stunning lagoons in the South Pacific, Aitutaki is considered the second most visited islands in the Cook region. Another traversal portal of natural beauty, this atoll is just 45 minute ride away from Rarotonga. A slow, under-commercialised place, this holiday option will bring you a new definition of pious with itself. From broad sandy beaches to small deserted islets, you can witness the aqua water foaming breakers around the perimeter reefs from almost every place. The best place to visit on a budget,  Aitutaki is most famed for the bewitching sights from the air.

Where to stay in Aitutaki


3. Huahine

Immaculately tropical and effortlessly Polynesian, if an adventure is what you seek; Huahine is the place for you. Scarcely developed and almost completely untouched by the human hand, you will get the opportunity to witness the rawest face of nature and a genuine taste of culture. Replete with beautiful islands, azure lagoons and a serene get-away-from-it-all atmosphere, Huahine is actually a combination of two small islands connected by a short bridge. For the adventure junkies, cross out any other options you have and dedicate one vacation to this place offering you opportunities for diving, surfing, snorkelling, exploring top-notch archaeological sites as well as horse riding. By the end of your stay here, you will have a skin little darker and a smile a little wider.

Beachfront hotels in Huahine


4. Moorea

Tired of hearing about the stories of the hidden treasure and never been able to experience it first hand? Don’t worry fellow travellers! We have got you covered with the visit to this spectacular island. After the touchdown, you may have to rub your eyes a couple of times to get used to the surreal beauty the place is brimming with. Enlaced by a bright blue lagoon, the volcanically formed island is a hidden paradise in process. The perfect distribution of activity and peace in a small slice of land, some of the major outdoor activities include snorkelling, kayaking, swimming, hiking and deep sea diving, what’s not to love. For lodging, this place also offers a wide array of accommodation options to choose from. The only problem you will face is convincing your friends back home that the pictures you click here are not photo-shopped.

Top places to stay in Moorea


5. Kiribati

Often nicknamed as the Christmas Island, this place is already drenched in the holiday spirit. Posing an indelible option for the nature lovers, the mere location of the island will fill you up with excitement. From fishing and bird watching to diving and trekking, the place holds distinction in every field. For the people fed up with the normal world, this isle also offers a chance to explore the underwater world, practically overflowing with 200 species of corals, hosting a diverse range of marine animals. Whether you want to go on a camping trip with exploration of the jungles, or simply rent a cottage and sit on the beaches, this is the place for you this winter!

Best accommodations in Kiribati


If escape from the civilization is what you seek, it is only right to do it right here in Oceania. Choose from the options and you will not regret your choice!

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