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These Glaciers In Alaska Are Every Snow-Lover’s Paradise

5 Alaskan Glaciers That You Can’t Miss on your visit to “The Last Frontier”

The old adage, ‘nature wears white the best’, must have come to life with context to Alaska, also known as The Last Frontier, the most gorgeous snow-capped country you will ever come across! Got a doubt? Well a small vacation to the glaciers of Alaska will coerce you to believe it. A paramount gem of the cruising industry and a dream destination for anyone passionate to paddle a kayak, these glaciers spill out of the mountains, filling the seas with icebergs of all shapes and shades of blue. A dynamic habitat for whales, sea otters, black and brown bears, wolves, moose and mountain goats, they are every wildlife photographer’s paradise!

So whether going for Hiking, Cruise, Kayaking or a family trip, Alaska’s perennial white view will etch the most enjoyable moments for you. Sadly though, this gigantic, crisp white wonders of nature have begun to retreat over the last century. But before they run out of sight, create your memories with the 5 must-see glaciers of Alaska:

1. Mendenhall Glacier

When you visit here, either you hike or you float! This 13-mile glacier ensnares the senses with all the weathers surrounding you. One thing is for sure; when you hike here you’ll either bask in its rejuvenating sunshine or have one of those rainy days when you’re drenched in icy cold rainwater. Hence, carrying your raincoat and gumboots would be a good idea if the whether is anything but sunny. If you are a team player, then Rafting could be an excellent experience. The rivers possess Class II and III rapids that are just enough to topple you out and make your heartbeat go crazy! Once out of it, you will find heaven in exquisite dishes like the reindeer sausages which are native to Alaska.

2. Columbia Glacier

The land where you would like to write your most endearing novel, you will probably think of taking your wedding vows on a beautiful cruise in this dramatic scenery of the Columbia glacier. But you may need to hurry. Located at the west of Prince William Sound, this glacier is predicted to fully melt by 2020. You can see big chunks of ice larger than your boats dislodging in to the waters everyday, which further means getting near to it can be tricky! The 7-hour cruise gives some eye-catching wildlife views, so always, always keep your camera at toes!

3. Bear Glacier

If you’re looking for some wildlife photography, the longest glacier of Kenai Fjord National Park will serve you well. Surprisingly, it has a wide variety of animals living here, with most of them carrying the tag of ‘endangered’. Birds that swim better than they fly, Huge humpback, killer whales and mostof all, small, hairy nimble animals reside here like coyotes, lynx, beavers and Brown and Black Bear. And after all that, if you are up for some insane adrenaline rush, try paddle boarding among these soaring icebergs.

4. Matanuska Glacier

When you enter Matanuska Glacier, get set to encounter the site of dramatic visuals of the ice like one in an adventure movie! This is the most fun journey of your glacial tour, since it is always packed to capacity with tourists. There are ample of activities for visitors like ATV riding, witnessing the thunderbird waterfalls, visiting the beautiful Musk Ox Farm and Eklunta Village. Camp after dark by the tall old spruce at King Mountain Campgrounds; it is a once in a lifetime experience.

5. Exit Glacier

The only glacial area that can be visited by car, open almost all year round, Exit Glacier is the place where you can observe the changes of nature almost actively. The water recedes phenomenally, giving rise to vegetation in the previously rocky areas. An ever-changing landmark, it is the entrance to the Kenai Fjord National Park. Closed for cars during November when it can be accessed by sleighs by those of you who like to play with lots of snow near Christmas, you can also ride snowmobiles, dogsleds and go cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking here.

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