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7 Most Terrific Road Trips in Europe

Scattered with surreal visuals and strengthened by meandering highways, no travel expedition in Europe is complete without a road trip. The polarity of this continent’s backdrops will fuel your adventure with breath-taking moments, making you wish your Europe road trip never ended.

1. Trollstigen National Tourist Route, Norway

Surrounded by the mesmeric Norwegian fjords, cascading waterfalls and jagged mountains, this stunning stretch falls between Valldalen and Andalsnes. The road traverses the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Geirangerfjord and throws open an unparalleled opportunity for landscape photography. Known for its 11 exhilarating hairpin turns, the Trollstigen national tourist route is every road-lover’s dream.

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2. Ring Road, Iceland

Almost running across the whole perimeter of Iceland, the Ring Road or Route 1 epitomizes the idea of a stupendous road trip. When you embark on an Iceland ring road trip, you will realize it connects 7 major cities and a myriad of towns and villages, the route navigates through extreme topographies, which include lava fields, volcanic mountains, hot springs, deserts and lagoons. The seemingly endless stretch of over 1,330 kilometers is panoramic wonder of its own.

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3. Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Undoubtedly a gem of Ireland, when you take a Ring of Kerry trip, you will spot landscapes that make your heart skip a beat. Being a circular route, the quaint town of Killarney is its start and endpoint – with contrasting scenic stopovers like the Killarney National Park, Rossbeigh Beach, Torc Waterfall and several churches, cathedrals and castles.

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4. Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

A paradise for every car and motorcycle enthusiast, the path of this mountainous route traverses the country’s highest pass, which is over 2,500 meters. A drive along the High Alpine Road encompasses thrilling hairpin curves, the pristine glacier of Pasterze, Hohe Tauren National Park, emerald meadows and dramatic cliffs.

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5. Basque Circuit, Spain and France

One of Europe’s most beautiful routes, a Basque circuit road trip along the Basque Circuit is a scenic splendour. The Basque Circuit road trip starts from the lyrical Spanish city of Bilbao, the road leads to the famous town of Pamplona, exceptionally picturesque foothills, archaic structures, finally crossing the jaw-dropping Pyrenees into France. Shuttling between laidback stretches and tyre-screeching turns, this circuit will leave you awestruck.

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6. Black Forest, Germany

There’s something enchanting about the Black Forest, which makes it one of Germany’s favourite road trip tracks. Traversing melodic farmlands, forests, castles, gorges and bridges, the Black Forests gives its travelers an option to choose between different routes; the popular ones being the Panoramic Route and Route 500. The pleasurable drive is a brilliant way to experience the German countryside.

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7. Transfagarasan, Romania

The bendy Transfagarasan Mountain Road travels along the southern rim of the hypnotic Carpathian ranges. Connecting the iconic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia, the winding roads of this route pass through daunting heights, beguiling landscapes – especially of the Balea Lake, Poenari Castle and dainty Romanian cities.

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