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These 5 Eastern Europe Countries Will Change The Way You Look At This Continent

Top 5 countries for vacation in Eastern Europe

Though generally when you talk about Europe, the mind wanders off to the West and North. The Eastern part of the same however, should not be undervalued. With beauty in natural, architectural and cultural aspects, Eastern Europe should definitely be on your bucket list. The next question then lingers on which countries to visit and which to leave behind?

So to help you leaf through the beauty of the Eastern part of the great continent and help you find your dream destinations, here are the top 5 countries in the vicinity without which, your Eastern Europa vacay wouldn’t be complete:

1. Bulgaria

When we talk about first world continents like Europe, the exclusivity of concrete miracles, fashion hubs and a fast life comes to our minds. However, this is not all Europe has to offer. Bulgaria stands as a living example of the beauty of the laid back town havens and the calming effect they have on the traveller. Presenting you with a beguiling blend of nature and history, you will find the presence of soul-stirring mountains, golden sand beaches with busy cities and art all within the boundaries of Bulgaria. Besides all this, with the rising trend of tourism, modish facilities and luxuries are seeing an upsurge in this country. So to indulge yourself in an unforgettable adventure, Bulgaria would be the best pick!

2. Estonia

Estonia is spectacularly singular. Sharing a similar geography and history with Latvia and Lithuania, it is the culture of this land that sets it apart from its neighbours. If we had to pinpoint the closest ethnic and linguistic buddy of the place, it would be Finland. The major tourist attraction in the country is Tallinn, one of the continent’s most captivating cities. Other first-rate and most frequented attraction here is the Old Town. Replete with cobbled streets and rebuilt homes dating back to the 11th century, this UNESCO-approved medieval walled city is straight out of a Disney movie. Apart from this, the countryside of Estonia with a sparse population and extensive swathes of forests provide a welcoming change from the overcrowded metropolitans of Europe, especially for the spiritual sustenance of the nature-lovers.

3. Romania

A country which is the living example of elegance layered with history, Romania is a beautiful collection of rugged stone churches and enchanting monasteries settled on the rock-lined mountains and rolling hills. A country complete with ancient castles and medieval towns, a visit to this place will be like a traversal back in time. One of the most beautiful sights in the place however is Danube, the second largest river of Europe marking Romania’s southern border. The place provides you the perfect combination of serenity and enthusiasm with the wide variety of towns from Transylvanian towns to the vibrant Bucharest.

4. Montenegro

Complete with ancient towns in rocky embrace, along with rugged mountains and primeval forests, Montenegro is a perfect slice of Adriatic beauty. With Majestic Mountains, breathtaking beaches and bustling civil life, this small package is bursting with good things to explore. Considered as the new ‘in’ destination, with the 3c nature of the locals (candid, convivial and charming.), Montenegro is the new flocking point for the tourists. The most valued gem in the region is Kotor. Enhanced by the backdrop of the wide blue bay, Kotor is an enchanted little place complete with a parameter of ancient city walls encompassing medieval homes and historical monuments. One of the best selling factors of the country is surely its heart-throbbing sights of the wide expanse of blue gulf waters with steep mountains on the opposite sides. Truly a trekkers’ paradise, it will show you an experience unparalleled to any of your holiday travelling tastes.

5. Slovakia

An understated beauty, Slovakia, with its tranquil countryside sights, is a contrast of ages. Snuggled right in the heart of Europe, Slovakia is the land of castles and mountain, with an occasional interruption of concrete sprawl. Standing on the two decade anniversary of its Czechoslovakia’s break-up, Slovakia is witnessed as a self assured, independent nation by the present times. The major attraction in place is the capital city is Bratislava. One of the criminally under-visited destinations in Eastern-Europe, the place resembles the beauty along with, somehow managing its own charm. Apart from that you can choose from the profusion of the gingerbread-style villages, portraying the strength of the roots of the nation.

Though the beauty of the European continent is well evident around its boundaries, to make your Eastern trip a success, be sure to pick out of the list above. Happy Travels!!

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