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5 Best European Destinations for a Solo Trip in 2019

Travelling solo is the new fervour today but think about how daunting it can be; it’s just you all by yourself! However, once you make up your mind and set out on this journey, there is no looking back. You may get lost somewhere but, in the process, you will find yourself. Such raw exposure and experience is priceless than any education. And what better way to start this journey by travelling to the safest and most gorgeous destination- Europe! If you’re planning to take a solo trip in 2019, these 5 destinations are something you mustn’t miss out on!

Europe’s post-revolution infrastructure and reliably extensive network of public transport makes it a popular choice for solo or group travellers alike; different countries and totally different cultures are just a train ride away! In fact, you may touch down here alone, but the odds of spending time exploring this beautiful continent with other fellow travellers are vastly high. Europe has so many culturally rich countries with magnificent architecture and world-renowned sights, so choosing between them will be a difficult task. Therefore, here is a list of 5 tourist-friendly destinations in Europe for a solo trip:

1. Amsterdam

The sin city of Europe is covered with such amazing, atmospheric narrow lanes that you cannot walk for even a kilometre without admiring the beautiful architecture, post-industrial houses with the gabled facade, coffee shops with wafting aroma of cocoa beans brewing in there. With its picturesque and extensive canal network and narrow lanes, the preferred mode of transportation is bike or boats. Rent a bike here early morning to unwind the streets with a different perspective, or you may take a boat out during the sunset and enjoy the blissful view while relaxing with a glass of your favourite wine. Amsterdambeing the hottest destination for travellers and backpackers, you get to meet many people from around the globe and hardly feel alone at any point of time. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the hottest clubs of the world the city has to offer. And if you are an Art lover, then the city is an absolute heaven for you! Enjoy the largest collection of art masterpieces by the art prodigy Vincent Van Gogh at the Van Gogh Museum.


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Beautiful sunrise over Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with flowers and bicycles on the bridge in spring

2. Budapest

Before you plan a visit to the East, you must know that Budapestis not exactly one of those natural endowments that render you things like lush jungles or simmering waterfalls. Mankind had a major role to play in forming this every architecture’s treasure trove. The city commands your attention at every turn with its neoclassical and eclectic infrastructure, most of which was built in the 19th century. Feel like you are in an old Hollywood movie as you traverse in the bridges connecting Buda and Pest. Talking about gastronomy, the city’s food supersedes its reputation. There is a lot more to Hungarian food than goulash that, for all the right reasons, makes the Hungarian cuisine one of the most sophisticated ones in the world. Budapest’s excellent wines paired with its decadent food are one experience of heaven. And if you get a bad hangover from too much wine, then your next stop should be one of its many bathhouses all over the city. The choices are plenty, you can choose among modern establishments, Turkish- Era or art- nouveau. Most Europeans visit these bathhouses to seek cure for different ailments.

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Budapest Royal palace with reflection, Hungary

3. Barcelona

This cosmopolitan city is perfect for a solo traveller on a shoestring budget. With its inexpensive food, hotels and transportation options, it is the ideal holiday spot for students and backpackers alike. Barcelonaboasts beautiful architecture, an abundance of culture, some world-famous avant-garde chefs, and ground-breaking art! If you truly seek to know the city inside out, ditch any mode of transport and travel by foot, take a day to experience the corridor styled streets with restaurants and bars, visit the architectural marvels such as Casa Batllo, and get your tan on at the sun-soaked beaches of Barcelona. While the day scenes here are bright, culturally vibrant and buzzing with energy, the after dark life won’t disappoint you either. Late dinners, flamboyant dance nights and super mega parties are sure to keep you engaged till wee hours. The city doesn’t sleep and makes sure that you don’t either. The ever-evolving gastronomy and fusion of international cuisines with Mediterranean cooking style will let you satisfy your taste buds. The Michelin Star restaurants here boast some of the highest quality and most scrumptious food in the world!

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A dream village in Barcelona designed by the architect Gaudi.

4. Prague

Are you one of those people who travels only to try every brew possible? Then Prague is just the place for you! The Czechs, known for producing the best beer in the world, only end up making the best one better! The pubs here offer such a wide variety of beer that you will have a hard time choosing which one to drink. But there’s more to Czech’s capital than just booze. One of the simplest and greatest joys here can be experienced just by taking a leisurely stroll on Charles Bridge, while admiring the view of Prague Castle against the night-time sky. Take a walk around the Prague’s Old Town Square, it’s renowned to be one of the most famous squares, almost like Disneyworld for the locals. Experience historical architecture with Gothic buildings and street performers, musicians and vendors selling local produce. The pride of Prague, The Astronomical Clock also puts on a spectacular show at the end of every hour; make sure to catch one when in Old Square. The city’s most popular attraction is definitely Prague Castle, an architectural wonder that’s sure to leave you breathless and wanting for more.

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Prague View from Charles Bridge to the mala strana with the castle in the background

5. Paris

Paris, one of the greatest cities in the world, has most righteously earned this reputation, with its seductive charms known to one and all! World-class museums, sidewalk cafes exhibiting delicious aroma to invigorate your senses, their flaky golden goodness also known as croissants- all this makes Paris the most adored city, always was and will always be. Few Museums in the world are as legendary as The Louvre. With the famous Mona Lisa hanging in here, it is every art lover’s paradise. If you are a budding writer or literature enthusiast, then Shakespeare and Company has to be on to the top of your bucket list. Just visiting this old bookshop with new and second hand English books will get your creative juice flowing and inspire the writer in you. Many street food vendors, small cafes along with some of the biggest Michelin Star restaurants are set to tickle your taste palette while leaving your hunger pangs louder than ever. And of course, there is The Eiffel Tower, the modern-day symbol of love. Just looking at its grandeur will definitely move something in you. Catching the glimpse of the whole city from the top of the tower will make standing in queues worth it as for a brief period of time you really are “On the top of the world”.

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Paris, Champs-Elysees at night.

If you are absolutely done with the boring office monotony and social obligations of laughing and hanging out with people, a solo trip is all you need! And what better place to unravel yourself that the most beautiful continent in the world- Europe. So include these 5 most tourist-friendly European destinations in your bucket list as you begin to plan your itinerary!

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