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Best Casinos in the World

Gamblers can never get over their love for casinos no matter how much the online gambling industry grows. In fact, you will be surprised to know how much these snazzy gambling floors have upped the ante with extravagant amenities, glamour and atmosphere to pull in punters from everywhere. In fact, the rivalry is such that casinos have converted themselves into all-rounder rooms exhibiting Michelin-styled restaurants, crazy nightlife, infinity pools, grandiose suites and a lot of action for you to create your own Hangover diaries! So if you need a break and want to try your luck, check out our list of top 7 casinos in the world waiting for you and your money!

1. The Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA:

The legendary AAA 5-Diamond Casino Resort with its equally iconic fountain on the 8-acre lake is one of the best casinos in the world. This marvel lures cerebral cardsharps and highbrow gourmands alike. This opulent betting house hosts World Poker Tour events, attracting the highest stakes in its poker room. A personal favorite among the high rollers, you can win a jackpot of up to $2 million at one of its 2,300 slot machines.

2. Wynn Macau, Macau, China:

The first integrated casino resort patterned after the Vegas theme rests in a space measuring 205,000 sq ft. Wynn offers you 375 slot machines and 212 gaming tables to try your luck. Besides creating the perfect aura for hardcore gamblers, Wynn has become a show-stealer for its water-dancing show and famed fountain that makes the city’s centerpiece. This beauty is one of the best casinos in China.

3. Casino Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal:

With a gaming floor that covers 165,000 sq ft and over a 1,100 gaming machines on the gaming floor, Lisboa stands out to be the 9th largest honky-tonk in the world. Binge out on Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Banca Francesa and Poker on one of the 26 game tables. The booze is infinite here with 7 bars housed in this gigantic property!

4. Foxwoods Resort Casino, Connecticut, USA:

If you are on a hunt for the most famous casinos around the world, Foxwoods Resort Casino is a sure winner. Based on the Native American theme is this second largest Casino in America. Foxwoods is actually a complex of 6 individual casinos, covering 350,000 sq ft. of gambling space and owning 4,700 slot machines along with 380 gaming tables. Its enormous Bingo Hall can house up to 5,000 visitors to try their luck simultaneously.

5. Casino Baden-Baden, Baden-Baden, Germany:

Germany’s first entertainment spot rests in the serene neighborhood called the Black Forest. It is open throughout the week although some games are time-framed. For instance, slots can be played only on Fridays and Saturdays from 12 am through 3 am or on Sunday through Thursday from 12 am through 2 am. In their luxury casino room, you can try hands at Baccarat, Baccarat midi, Poker, Blackjack and Punto Banco.

6. Sun City, Rustenburg, South Africa:

Go safari during the day and gambling after dark at Sun City! Stationed two hours away from Johannesburg, it is actually in the middle of nowhere. Its progressive, close to a thousand slot machines, roulette, and card tables are presented in the glitz of Vegas-style charm. Get lucky with Craps, Stud Poker and Baccarat in this dreamy resort that is so much more than just a casino hotel. Golf, Parasailing, Jet skiing, zip lining, quad biking- spend your hard earned casino money on one of the umpteen options here.

7. Monte Carlo, Monaco:

Once responsible for supporting the nation and its ruling family, this 150-year old landmark of Monaco is adorned with impeccable beauty that stretches it its water features out front. Monaco being a tax haven has earned the reputation of a millionaire’s playground for its plush, charming dice joint that oozes elegance from every pour. Besides the cliché options like Roulette, Blackjack and Classic Poker, it boasts diverse table games like Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, Trente, and Quarante. Due to its unique features, this gambling paradise is counted among the world famous casinos.

If gambling for you is more of an obsession than plain fun, you have to visit these famous casinos around the world before all your money drains out! There’s a lot more for you than just Nevada!

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