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Top 10 Beer Gardens To Celebrate Your Love For Beer

10 Best Beer Gardens in the World

Striking aroma, smacking taste and a touch down the throat, every beer lover can relate to these awakening of senses while drinking beer. Beer is arguably the most sought-after beverage around the world. The only alcohol to even be prescribed by doctors as good for health, it gives excuses to every person the exotic blend of grains and water that has been an asset for human civilisation since its inception! Here’s a list of the best beer destinations in the world for everyone who loves a cold pint of lager.

1. Munich, Germany – Best beer destination in Europe

The country is known for its delicious beer, with most beer lovers around the world prefer to drink only German beer! To talk about beer and not to assert the biggest 16-day beer festival, the Oktoberfest would be a sin! Held at Munich during Fall, it is the home to more than 7 million litres of beer servings per year. A true heaven for brew buffs this place is. If you cannot make it to the festival, Munich will still not disappoint you as it is home to the oldest brewery tours, Augustiner-Keller Biergarten. While there, soak up some Bavarian sunshine outdoors cheering to delicious pitchers among friends! Then there’s Hecker-Pschorr Brauhaus that lets you grab a pint under one of its umbrellas in the beer garden. You can also try Haufbraukeller across the Isar River, or Olympiapark in Munich Olympic Park.

Take the best beer tour in Munich and visit the Oktoberfest Museum

2. Montreal, Canada – Best city for beer lovers

Known as the mecca of brewpubs, Montreal is home to one of the finest handcrafted beer places, Le Cheval Blanc. The Montreal Beer festival, more popularly known as Mondial de la Biere is a famous festival that presents Many Canadian and International brews along with several seminars, and pairing workshops for the intellectual beer buff. Then there is the everlasting Beer Garden culture that lets visitors of every month enjoy some fine booze. Brasserie McAuslan is an excellent pub that transforms itself into a beer garden every summer. Le Saint Sulpice is another very popular spot that turns into a nightclub in the late hours. Vices et Versa, The Bier Mrkt and Das Bier are other interesting, Bavarian-kind spots.

Try the Food and Drinks Tour in Montreal

3. Milwaukee, USA – America’s favourite beer hub

This city is crazy for its beer. They even have a baseball team called The Brewers. You can dive into their rich brewing culture by visiting some of the best brewery tours MillerCoors, Lakefront and Sprecher microbreweries; a good way to get pints of beer as sample and glasses as a souvenir. The Palm Tavern has been named one of the best American Bars, known for its about 250 beer tastes, some of which are rare. If one wants to enjoy a retro environment, the Sugar Maple is a name not to be missed. Catering about 60 beers to sample along with tasty soups, it’s truly remarkable place to spend some beer time.

4. Dublin, Ireland – Who else loves Irish beer?

Ireland is hands-down one of the best beer destinations in the world. The legendary Guinness Storehouse, a tourist site which holds the history of Irish beer hosts the largest pint glass of the world and is the pride of Dublin beer heritage. As you plan a vacay in the north and seek a sun-kissed beer garden, try The Living Room and enjoy loads of beer as you gawk at their large screen. Then there is The Church, a massive beer garden located on the grounds of a 300-year-old church. For some budgeted booze, try Diceys, a place offering dirt cheap beer plus many BBQ options.

Explore the famous Guinness Brewery in Dublin

5. Denver, USA – Land of the best Beer Festival in the world

The place to find the most eclectic beers till date, Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival, where hundreds of brewers compete in 84 different categories including best coffee beer and best gluten free beer. It is also the home to biggest brewery in the world, The Coors. A tour in the big brewery will make your day. Get lost in Denver’s famous “Beer Triangle”, an area between Denver and Ft. Collins to Boulder, which is nicknamed the “Napa Valley of Beer” which hosts many exquisite microbreweries and beer gardens.

Try the best local beers in Denver

6. Boston, USA – Lagers and Ales, this city is famous for all types of beer

Boston’s Harpoon Octoberfest is a famous festival held in the city, organised by Harpoon brewery along with some fantastic tours. Battling against Boston University students for a seat at Deep Ellum or Sunset Grill & Tap. Pitchers of amazing beers and sommelier like skilled servers are the specialities of this amazing Pub. While in Boston, do avail a chance to taste the Bunker Hill Blueberry Ale and Fenway American Pale Ale, seasonal selection of homebrewed drafts of the famous Boston Beer Works.

Don’t miss Boston’s famous Pub Crawl

7. Prague, Czech Republic – Best city to celebrate International Beer Day

Pilsen, near Prague is the place where world’s most popular beer, Budweiser was first brewed. U Fleku, the heart of night life of Prague, is a sprawling tavern that serves its own dark, hoppy lagers. Visit during Prague’s 17-day Czech Beer Festival, to taste beer better than the most famous export of Prague, for traditional fare, live music, and costumed servers. Letna Beer garden offers the best location for beerilicious travellers, offering vistas of Stare Mesto and most of the city. Riegrovy Sady is another gigantic spot that offers an extensive variety to choose from. If you seek more locals than hordes of tourists, try Hospudka Na Hradbach, the one located inside the castle gates!

Visit the best microbreweries in Prague

8. Brussels, Belgium – Find the best breweries in the world

Be it Trappists, Dubbels or Lambicsor Flemish reds, Belgium has been churning out beer since the Crusades! Known as the capital of Belgian beer culture, it has a whole history dedicated to beer. Cantilllon Brewery is the oldest brewery in Brussels where they still use the original equipment to craft worthy beer for weary travellers. Places like La Becasse, Belgian Beer Weekend and Brewdog Brussels offer flights of brews to pick from.

Dive into the exciting world of Belgian Beer

9. Portland, USA – The ultimate Beer Garden experience

This city has the most unique culture to be found. With beer festivals all year round, it has plenty of tours and tastings. But there’s a place called Brewvana which offers a little bit of everything like transportation to and from Portland’s breweries and even a sit-down lunch with beer pairings, with a tasting lesson. A peculiar beer garden, Hopworks Urban Brewery serves organic beer and delicious dishes in an old tractor showroom.

Taste a variety of beers in Portland’s Pub Crawl

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands – All about Breweries, Beer Tours and Beer Gardens

Amsterdam has a history rich in the production and export of beer. Ever wondered where your favourites Heineken and Amstel brand where first crafted, it was here in Amsterdam. Being in close proximity to Belgium, it also has a strong beer culture and background.  Heineken Experience, a self-guided tour that includes interactive displays and a peek at the old brewing stills. The city is also famous for its bruin cafes, or “brown bars,” traditional Dutch beer pub that is best when dark, carpeted, candlelit, and crowd-free. Slow-paced drinking and relaxation is appreciated at this place, thus turning out to be the best stress buster.

You can’t afford to miss the Heineken Experience

If you love beer as much as we think you do, a visit to at least one of these best beer destinations is a must! You have our word, it will be an experience of a lifetime! Not looking for beer? Check out some other cool destinations to get drunk in.

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