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Biceps By The Beach

6 Best Beach Gyms in the World

The onset of summer pushes you out of the gym and into the parks, simply because the weather makes you outdoorsy and close to nature. The newfangled concepts introduced in the fitness world help you experience both at the same time. Check out these offbeat beach gyms that let you enjoy the perfect combination of an intense physical workout with breathtaking natural vistas.

1. Parque do Arpoador, Rio de Janeiro

You have heard of Rio as Brazil’s heartbeat; jazzed up with its boho vibe and sprightly lifestyle. But very few know about the unconventional open air gyms that pull the masses nowadays. The one we are talking about here is this crude beach gym, right on the shore, sandwiched between the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana in Rio. The equipment may seem old school, but it’s the view spread out in front of you that matters.

2. North Bondi Outdoor Gym, Sydney

Bondi is Sydney’s most iconic beach, with the North Bondi Gym making it all the more wanton. Hit the gym anytime of the day and you will find handsome hunks showing off their biceps. From bodybuilders to acrobats and yoga buffs, there’s a lot happening here simultaneously. Fitness freaks love to showcase their caliber here while at the same time, inviting people to participate. Bondi Beach Bar Brutes hold various crowd pleasing competitions here every month.

3. Muscle Beach, Venice Beach, California

Unarguably the most popular beach gym across the planet, Muscle Beach is merely a few footsteps away from the Venice Beach. Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger owe a lot to this gym for their perfectly sculpted and laureate bodies. The equipment is contempo as are the trainers. Besides for Hulk-like men training for competitions, you will find a lot of routine fitness lovers burning the cals here.

4. Kachalka Outdoor Gym, Kiev, Ukraine

Stationed on the riverbank of Dnieper, this three-decade old gym is probably the most eccentric and creative gym in the world. It is built out of car and machinery scrap! Tourists and locals workout in this bizarre-looking gym, which would otherwise easily pass off as a junkyard.

5. Crossfit Gym, San Francisco

You must be familiar with this popular chain of gyms across the US. But the one below the Golden Gate Bridge outstands them all. This 12-year-old gymnasium offers you countless workout options for Cardio, Weightlifting and Gymnastics. Besides the gym buffs, you will find kids and teens exercising here. In addition to getting in shape and burning the extra fat, Crossfit also caters to human performance by working on injuries and movement dysfunction.

6. Bliss Paddle Yoga, Newport Beach, CA

Well, not so much of a hardcore, weight training gym, Bliss Paddle Yoga is way more than that. This yogic experience is not only outdoors, it’s right on the water. First you are made to learn paddle boarding, and then balance your ways through yoga poses atop your paddle board as it floats. Imagine the restorative and therapeutic properties of yoga combined with the tranquility of the sea – priceless!

Gasping your way through the rigorous exercises on the gym machines was never so unwinding. These beach gyms give you a complete experience of losing fat and gaining peace.

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