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Benefits of using the Airport Lounge

Call them the Travel industry’s best kept secret- Airport Lounges are, more often than not, considered to be a rich-guy thing. And that’s nothing beyond a myth. Airport lounges are a common integrant among the popular airports across the globe. The couth plaques reading ‘Sky Club’ or ‘Admirals Club’ may appear baroque to you, but don’t judge a book by its cover.

So if you are all red-eyed with a long flight, have a long halt before your next boarding or unfortunately need to wait due to a canceled flight, airport lounges are nothing less than a boon. Here are all the perks and benefits of using the airport lounge:

1. Shush the Chaos

Airport Lounges are an oasis of leisure and luxury when you wish to mute the hustle. Often free for the elite and frequent flyers, they are equally accessible to the other travelers too. Getting in may be a bit pricey, but not really bank breaking.

Airport lounges offer you the best space to stretch and relax. Enjoy a comfortable seat instead of long hours on the airport benches. You can pamper yourself with good food, a few drinks and maybe some TV shows.

2. Utilize your Spare Hours

Airport lounges offer you excellent connectivity services. There’s fast Wi-Fi, commendable internet speed, even pay telephones (if you still love these old-school devices). The most you may have to do is ask for a Wi-Fi password.

For the avid readers, there are a number of local and international newspapers and magazines. Then there are desks where you can charge your gadgets easily.

3. Live to Eat (and Drink)

How can we forget the booze and noshes these lounges offer! There’s an elaborate supply of nuts, pretzels and crackers almost all day long. Then there’s an open bar where you can enjoy soft drinks, wines, beers and a few other liquors.

Some of the offbeat airport lounges even supply hot snacks. You can visit their site online to know what’s coming!

4. Bye Bye Jet Lag!

Your backside could be sore, almost numb from that hard plane-chair. Feeling drowsy is also inevitable. In such a situation, a nice, hot shower or a spa is heavenly!

Some blissful airports lounges offer these opulent services to help you with arrival recovery. For instance, the one at Heathrow features cloth-pressing services, a juice bar and shower facilities among many other benefits.

5. Wait! That’s not all

The Airline employees taking the helm here at the lounges are fully equipped with the reservation system and flight details. So you don’t need to keep gawking at the clock to keep a track of time. These people would even call you when it’s time to board, on personal request.

So basically, the lounge agents are a great alternative to the bustling ‘Customer Service’ counters to help you fly.

If you are a frequent flyer and more often, travel first class or business, Airport lounges offer excellent annual membership programs for you. The prices of such memberships usually come around $450-500. You can even go for Independent Lounge Programs such as a Priority Pass. These are more economic surrogates to the elite lounges and save you a couple of hundred bucks.

However, if you fly once in a blue moon and not enough to justify this $500 expense, then you can even buy yourself One-day passes. These usually cost around $30-40 but you could save a few bucks by being an early bird. You can even touch base with your credit card authorities and know if they have tie-ups with any such getaway.

Well, that’s all about the perks of airport lounges. Make sure you explore the whereabouts of the lounge you plan to visit. Have a safe flight and a wonderful sojourn!

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