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7 Most beautiful and underrated spots in South America

Treasure, they say, is something that you have to cross hurdles to find. Well, the story of these spots is somewhat the same. When people come to visit the continent of South America, the obvious choices are the ones most commercialized and popular cities. In a rush to visit the wide known places, what the tourists miss out on is the beauty that lies unknown. However, for a true traveller, these are the places to count. 

Now to answers the question of what and where, we have compiled for you a list that will take you on across all the underrated but equally, if not more, spectacular tourist spots. So check out the 7 most beautiful and underrated spots in South America:

1. Fort Zeelandia, Paramaribo

For most of the foreign travellers, the city itself is a new addition in their travel dictionary, where Fort Zeelandia almost exists in a different dimension as no one seems to be aware of its existence. A culmination of nations, the place was discovered by the Dutch, settled by the English and the wooden fortress was a gift of the French. Existing in the region since 1644, this fort is the house of the remnants of the lost glory of the colonial powers in the region.

2. Iwokrama Forest Reserve, Guyana

If you are a nature enthusiast and your idea of a vacation is to experience nature in its unsullied, brazen form, then Iwokrama Forest Reserve situated in Guyana is just the place to be. This 1430-square mile is one area that houses some of the very few swaths of pious unadulterated rainforests in the world today. You can simply spend your day breathing the fresh air and witnessing the diversity of nature. A paradise for the bird watchers, Iwokrama is one of those regions you’d want to carry your camera to, as the number of birds here cannot be matched by many. With the pace the world is advancing, the virgin jungles may not maintain their sanctity, so a visit is advised ASAP!

3. Quilotoa, Ecuador

What if you looked down a water body and could see no bottom? According to the local fables in the place, this volcanic cauldron in the Andes is bottomless. When you take a gaze into the crystalline beauty, its gemstone blue perfection will have you believing in the legend, leaving all the common sense behind. A beautiful sight with stunning hiking and driving opportunities, Quilotoa can cater to a wide collection of tourists. One of the best ways to witness this place is by taking a road trip around the water body, trying to get peeks into the lives of a number of indigenous communities.

4. Las Lajas Sanctuary, Colombia

Consider Europe to be the sole destination of elegant and graceful churches? Here is Las Lajas Sanctuary, giving that thought some serious competition. This Gothic revival-style basilica was originally built inside a verdant canyon, which gives it so much depth that the church almost looks underground. The spire was built in the honor of the miraculous appearance of Virgin Mary heeding to the cries of a deaf-mute girl. The image of this blessed appearance is still housed by the church which appeals to the eyes of spiritual and theist visitors. 

5. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

How can something hold a record for being the largest salt flat in the world and still be anonymous to the majority of travellers? In your quest to the place, one of the major attractions includes the perfect perspective-bending photo that you see flooding the internet. Another gem in this uncharted territory is the blood red lake located on the Bolivian altiplano, making us ask the question, do the wonders of this place ever cease. For the bird enthusiasts, the place is sort of a homeland for the flamingos, so they can be found in abundance. 

6. Baia do Sancho, Brazil

Consistently ranked as the best beach in the world and still underrated, how? The simple answer to this question is this principal beach on the 21st island Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is UNESCO-protected and the number of tourists on the beach each year is picked by the Brazilian government. To witness this place you may have to stand in long lines and wait for a while, but they do say that the harsh walk to heaven is worth the troubles.

7. Archipelago Los Roques National Park, Venezuela

Though there is no question about the beauty of the Caribbean islands, but Archipelago Los Roques National Park is something beyond beauty. What sets it apart is that it is the residing point of the largest marine park in the Caribbean Sea. For people who enjoy basking in the beach sun, just the thought of the untouched coral reefs and beautiful white sand beaches are enough to drive them to the place. Though the region is facing some economic and political crisis, this National Park is like an oasis of peace in the chaos. 

To discover the treasure of South America, here we hand you the map with the ‘X’ marked at seven places.

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