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7 Fascinating Tattoo Ideas for the Globe Trotter in You

Whether you are a traveler or you want to be one, these 7 tattoo ideas will definitely spark your love for travel

Adventures and stories are always around the corner. All you have to do is find them. And what better way to remind you to keep looking than a tattoo that summates your love for travelling through an inked imprint?

1. The little airplane:

Whether it is you remembering your first flight or that feeling of your stomach churning right before take off or just the excitement of starting a new trip, airplanes nudge so many memories.

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2. Magic of maps:

Traced pieces of land scattered on our planet is both classy and creative. And of course, a subtle prod of how many destinations you are yet to visit.

Add a little twist to it by colouring the countries you go to. Quite a unique checklist, no?

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3. Marking the landmark:

Have you ever visited a new place and instantly felt like you belong there? Turn it into a small drawing, so that even when you’re miles away, you’ll always feel at home.

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4. Write it down:

Wanderlust, Vagabond, Globetrotter, Trailblazer, or any word that describes the type of traveler you are in any any language – just scribble it on your body and let the typography take over.

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5. Longitudes and latitudes:

That one spot where you were standing when your world suddenly changed. A proposal, an observation, a new story or a moment of self-discovery, note down the coordinates and ink it on you. That way, it will be your own little secret.

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6. The compass:

Sailors often tattooed a compass with a belief that it would help them get through the turbulences of the sea. The compass symbolises faith, guidance and courage to get through tough times.

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7. Nature doodles:

Mountains, stars, leaves, flowers, sun, moon, feathers or shells – any speck of nature you associate with the most. Add a tinge of colour or outline them on your skin. It’s quite a perfect gift you can give yourself.

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