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7 Best islands in Hawaii

Being a popular tropical getaway for decades, Hawaii is famous around the globe for its typical yet renewing tropical experience. Offering everything from world-class surfing to snorkelling, to the impressive luxury hotels and the best dynamic gastronomical experience, each trip will give you a fresh perspective to look at this heavenly archipelago. However, while planning a visit to Hawaii, one of the most integral parts of your trip is choosing the islands to visit. From the fantastic beaches to the emerald waters, planning your Hawaii holiday can be daunting task. Though, a very subjective choice, there is an undeniable charm in some that distinguishes them from the others.

So to help you choose the best out of the best, here is an index of the top 7 islands in Hawaii, you just can’t afford to miss:

1. Oahu

The island of Oahu is one of the best places for the people who enjoy the charm of the big cities, complete with the finest of accommodations and diners, and just the standard hustle bustle of normal life in the atmosphere. Being the perfect combination of culture, history and the beauty of nature in Oahu, there is no doubt that the place has made to the top of the list. Along with that, the island will be a paradise for the people who love outdoor sports and open spaces, with a specific list of some of the best water sports including paragliding, kayaking, motor biking and many others of the best options you can expect. If, however you want to spend some quiet time in the island, trying doing that on some of the best beaches you have ever witnessed. The island itself is one of the greatest tropical experiences you can think of, making it an indelible choice in the list of the best islands.

Oahu one best island and place to visit in Hawaii
Maui, the best island in Hawaii

2. Maui

You know an island is good when the local folk refer to the island as ‘Maui no ka oi’, which roughly translates to “Maui is the best”. No matter if you have the island on your list or not, Maui is one place that can never be denied of the beauty it holds almost permanently. Just the perfect balance of the big city charm of Oahu and the basic country life of a country side of Kauai and the big island, making it perfect according to the fabled middle path of Buddha. A sight for sore eyes, there is not much surprise in the fact that many people choose this as their honeymoon destination, thanks to the large selection of the various condos. Along with this, you will witness the world’s premier driving attractions and Hawaii’s national park, Haleakala, one of the most incredible places to be. The best place to be for the golfers, you will find yourself surrounded by golf courses. Nicknamed as the ‘Valley Isle’, the words in the dictionary fall short of describing the beauty of the place. Overall, Maui is a place that you would regret not visiting, if ever you find yourself in the vicinity.

3. Big Island

If you find yourself fascinated by the Big Island, trust us, you are not alone. Counted as one of the most diverse of all the Hawaiian Islands, the size of the island is almost bigger than the size of all of the other islands combined. A perfect getaway to indulge and find yourself amidst beautiful, lush jungles and barren grassland to lava fields and snow-tipped mountains, this is one of the only places where you will get a chance to walk on land that is younger than you are, thanks to the present eruptions putting on quite a show for the visitors, thus giving them an opportunity to witness the lava entering the ocean. Along with that, you will find a diverse collection of world-class resorts on the Gold coast and brilliant B&BS located on the Kona and volcanic area, making it one of the best places to search for accommodation.

Big Island, counted as most diverse of all the Hawaiian Islands
Kauai, a must visit island in Hawaii.

4. Kauai

This is one place you should visit if you want to ditch the crowd and enjoy yourself in the lap of nature. Kauai can play the pure paradise to anyone who loves the great outdoors, offering you a wide setting that is complete with the beautiful ocean in front of your eyes, and the cold salty wind running through your hair, you will witness one of the most beautiful places in your life. Earning its name as “Garden Isle”, the flora and fauna abound around the island is one of its kinds in the area. Along with this you will come across some of the world’s best beaches, making it an experience worth the travels!

5. Lanai

Counted as the smallest inhabited island in Hawaii, Lanai does offer some of the greatest enticements to its visitors. Located around nine miles from Maui yet stepping into Lanai will be a new experience altogether. Come here to witness some of the most luxurious resorts, where you can indulge in championship-level golf and other world-class amenities. Some popular, touristy things that you can expect out of Lanai include adventure, privacy and serenity, making it one of the premier choices for the travellers.

Lanai is smallest inhabited island in Hawaii worth visiting
Molokai, on of the best islands in Hawaii

6. Molokai

A true face of the Hawaiian nature, the island itself is barely 38miles long and 10 miles wide. However, the size cannot undermine its wide collection of the continuous fringing reef in the world. Remaining true to its island roots, the majority of the population are the native Hawaiians, who stick to maintaining their rural lifestyle, thanks to their exquisite love for their land. The best way to explore the lands and make sure that you don’t miss out on any beauty is by hiring yourself a guide along the length of the island.

7. Niihau

A private island with no roads, no cars, no stores and no internet but with a substantial human population, Niihau does earn its title as the Forbidden Island of Hawaii. The long sandy beaches in the region have seen more wildlife than human presence! Though counted among the best island in Hawaii, the access to the island is very selective; you should be ready to wait for long while in order to get permissions.

Niihau is counted as the best island in Hawaii

Luxury, romance, sports, gastronomy- all at one sun-kissed archipelago; Hawaii is a dream destination for every beach person. So, if your Hawaiian dream is finally coming true, here are the top 7 isles you must, must include in your itinerary!

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