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7 Best islands in Greece by Taxidio

Islands are for solace. And no other archipelago stands up to the amount of peace and beauty offered by the Cyclades. Greece’s 230 inhabited isles out of a ravishing number of 1400 let you indulge in every experience possible, from the Ionian to the Albanian and the Dodecanese near Turkey! With each atoll exhibiting its own allure, the sheer variety of cultures in such a small radius is downright astonishing. You may have imagined all of Greece to be about cobblestone streets, white houses with blue domes and a simmering sea! But wait on, there is a lot more than just Santorini to this divine beauty.

So if you are all set to unwind the unmatched isles of Greece, begin with creating an itinerary with the best of the lot! Here are some of the best islands in Greece:

1. Santorini

This beautiful archipelago consisting of seven islands is full of surprises on every step you take! Beginning with a fun fact- It is said that the enigmatic sunk city of Atlantis was near these islands! The area itself has an adventurous aura, as it is an active volcano with its crater at sea. Known for its amazing sunset, the island of Santorni is a famous tourist attraction and a  major wedding destination for couples from around the world (celebrities included)! Your photographs will be as romantic as your stay at this beautiful location. In that context, the picturesque village of Oia is nothing less than angelic. The picture perfect whitewashed houses, several of which are little boutique hotels with infinity pools serve as a canvas for those candid shots. It also has a row of stalls serving seafood; nothing less than time well spent on this island. If you have a craving of seafood, Perissa is the most famous part of Santorini, featuring countless taverns and restaurant serving seafood. You can easily spend a day here as you can get sunbeds and umbrellas on rent. This place is also known for its good water sport activities.

2. Mykonos

A spellbinding attraction for tourists, it is known for the unequalled Cycladic architecture. Serving the best getaway places to look for, stroll in the narrow marble streets admiring the postcard-perfect, charming whitewashed houses and hidden churches. An informal tour to the Archaeological, Folklore and Maritime Museums will surely give your trip a historical turn. Wandering around the always colourful and busy shopping streets of the Hora and Matoyanni Street, lined with all those big brand honchos, charming cafés and stylish restaurants will make you realise the beauty of the modern world. Do visit the lively waterfront and admire fleets of fishing boats casting colourful reflections in the blue waters. Known as the “Island of the Winds”, it attracts water sport enthusiasts for wind surfing and sailing. Other than all this, the atoll is a paradise for all kinds of easy to difficult water activities.

3. Corfu

The idyllic island of Corfu is a mesmerizing destination comprising of clear waters, excellent weather all year long and stunning natural landscape. Known for its powerful cultural background as the first Greek University, the Ionian Academy, the first Philharmonic Orchestra and the First School of Fine Arts were founded here. It wields strong artistic influence, as the beautiful old town of Corfu is an amalgamation ofRenaissance, Baroque and Classical “repertoire” with local artistic traditions. The grandiose of French architecture,Spianáda is the largest square in the Balkans and is also the centre of the city. It is a fun place to hang out. You can watch cricket matches and attend musical concerts organised throughout the year.

4. Rhodes

The largest of Greece’s Islands, Rhodes is known for its ancient ruins, beach resorts and remnants of the crusades. It has an old town featuring the medieval street of the Knights, to plunge you into the history of Medieval Kings. Also, home to the Palace of Grand Masters, it is now a stunning Museum worth many visits. Truly a gifted place with lush green valleys and golden sand beaches to suck out any weariness from your mind and body, the New city is a magnificent picture of Venetian architecture and modern buildings. Enjoy the sun and the sea at the famous beaches of Rhodes for a memorable getaway.

5. Naxos

Naxos is the largest island in the Aegean Sea that surprisingly remains sparsely populated even in peak tourist season. This island has a variety of activities to do mainly because of its size. Hosting a variety of beaches of different features including rocky, sandy, full of sports, small coves or large resorts, it has picturesque villages for the shutterbug enthusiasts. Seaside fishing, traditional and agricultural villages, hiking, mountain biking and what not, this place is an activity paradise! Sailing is also a popular sport. You can even join a group of people and book the whole yacht all for yourself. Oh and let’s not forget about wind surfing and kite surfing! While there, do visit the venetian towers, and traditional windmills and several Byzantine churches, to sum up your exquisite journey.

6. Paros

A relatively affordable island, you will be able to have as much fun as other islands and still bring home souvenirs for your loved ones. It is on the same ferry route as Santorini and Naxos, so there’s no reason at all to not visit this amazing island. People having love for exercise will find paradise here as this place offers a unique space for yoga classes at the Okreblue Seaside Retreat Centre. Also learn the ancient art of meditation and tai-chi at Tao’s Centre. This place also has the very best Asian Cuisine and a Lounge Café with musical events on the roll. Speaking of music, the island is home to The Aegean Centre for the Fine Arts established over 40 years ago. This institute continues its tradition in offering small-group intensive study in the fine arts. Ever went sea kayaking? If not, you won’t be disappointed with your first every kayaking experience in Paros. Explore sea caves, impressive geology and secluded beaches, it is the best way to discover the natural beauty of the coastline.

7. Milos

Rumoured to be the next luxury destination in Greek tourism, Milos has outstanding beaches, gorgeous sunsets and crystal-clear water. The island offers over 70 beaches ideal for swimming! Whether searching for fun with family or secluded beaches for a romantic getaway, Milos has beaches suiting all kinds of interests and travel plans. Other than beaches, the isle has the magnificent rainbow coloured Klima village, one that has two-storeyed houses, a sight to behold! People live on the first floor while the ground floor is for fishing boats and equipment. Boasting an unusual architecture and colourful doors, each house has a different coloured door. Fishing is a popular recreation around these isles. Visit milos when looking for solace away from the world!

Every Greek vacation is dreamt to begin with Santorini….and that’s all! But hey, the land of 1,400 isles has a whole world to be unravelled beyond the white houses and blue domes! So, prepare a bucket list with the 7 best islands in Greece!

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